Hunter x Hunter

Tserriednich is pure! Pure!

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Pitou is my boyfriend.

Can sickies be cute?

What the hell is a sicky?

Its going to be annoying when they make Kurapika who was also a talented nen user that has been at it for years have a very difficult time dealing with this guy thats getting a quick nen tutorial.



I need more lewds from Theta

Well somebody told me you had a boyfriend
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That I had in February of last year
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Ready let's roll onto something new
Takin' it's toll then I'm leaving without you
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Never thought I'd let a rumor ruin my moonlight

My moe psychopath

Only two years have passed since Pika became a Hunter.

Karma. Pika haxxed on Uvo and now Tse will hax on him.
But, what if Tse and Pika don't actually fight? What if Tse takes a liking to Pika and decides to just give him the eyes?

Theta is gonna teach him right?

Tse is going to be messing around with nen on his spooky throne and is going to notice the Kurta eyes having a powerful response to his usage of nen, he'll replace his eyes with a pair of them with a hatsu he'll make up on the spot and then he'll gain emperor time abilities as well and master them immediately to become a total monster.
Is this retarded enough?

Togashi, is that you?

But why is Pitou so perfect?

Well, Tserriednich has a nen beast. That ought to make things difficult for Kurapika, even if Tse's nen proficiency isn't up to the mark.

He's gonna bribe pika with the scarlet eyes to give over woble
Screencap this

Kurta eyes are for admiring, not touching.
The collection would be ruined if one pair was taken out and tarnished like that.

Then Pika will see the crown jewel of the collection, realize what he's doing, and strike at Tse instead.

That sounds like Naruto. Personally, I think the Kurata's red eyes are more of a symptom than the cause of their superpowers.

It sounds like Naruto because it IS like Naruto.
I don't care if you give me shit for it, but I know exactly what nonsense he's referencing.

Tserriednich never killed those women.
Infact that time he was naked with "blood "was him accidentally spilling his wine collection as he was showing it off to some hoes. He got mad so he sent them out in barely hidden anger as not only did they laugh at him but also failed to appreciate the fine tastes in his collection.

>there are soycuckafags lurking in these threads

He's gonna raise Woble as his own and compel tel cut off Oito form the kid

What killed the hype?

Don’t forget the spaghetti he spilled in the drain while showering.

t. cucksoyo
for real though at least try with the insults I can barely tell you're talking about Hisoka


Pitou is female and she is my wife

Tse is just a clumsy boy.

Quickly, post Theta.

Are you being unironic or is this just your idea of friendly banter?
Honest question.

cute face, cute haircut, cute outfit, catgirl silhouette, unprecedentedly talented, varied and useful powers, unshakably loyal, strong as fuck, thick thighs, died with love in her heart, Togashi gave her nice color schemes, etc.
The best part is she's 2D and can never be tainted due to that

No, but I will say HxHfags and Berserkfags are kindred spirits.
I bet the Godhand's causality is actually a massive pseudo-coercive Manipulation hatsu, and the Holy See's dominance is the restriction it must fulfill to function.

How silly of him! He only got the Kurta eyes because he confused them for another huge rarity called the Kurda eyes which are crystalline sculptures in the shape of an eye which are a national treasure of Kakin's distant trading partner and ally on another continent which he would then donate to them in a gesture of good will. He attended the underground auction at the wrong so when they started the bidding he jumped sky high to get them and didn't notice until it was too late.

ITT: We create a Hatsu based on our fetishes. It must be very autistic. At least three conditions.

Kurapika rushed his training and made retarded restrictions on nearly all his abilities that both limit the number of people he can use them on (litterally 12 right now), and a powerup that rapidly drains stamina and life time.

What exactly do you plan on Kurapika doing in a fight against a non spider? Healing chain and Dousing Chain only go so far. Gon or a non spider Uvo or Phinks would whoop his ass

Kurapika has 100% in enhancing though during emperor time, he was able to take some hits from Uvo despite the massive gap between them in experience, overall strength, and nen training for that purpose

>implying queef will ever look that manly or intimidating in the manga
Togashi will draw him as a pretty boy til the day he dies.

>He attended the underground auction
I just realized it's possible Tse narrowly avoided death. Given his heavy mafia connections and fondness for scarlet eyes, he might have considered participating in the York New underground auction for the pair that appeared there.
Wouldn't it be something if he actually DID intend to, but he or an associate of his was one of the people Neon foretold death for at the auction?

Tdzxherryiednmyish will win the succesion war!

Well, it's not quite the same as an enhancer though. For example, as a level 10 conjuror, hes still only at the maximum level as a level 6 enhancer, just with the efficiency of a level 10 enhancer.

Or at least I think that's how it works. I know it's not exactly 100% in every category

That's cute.

Killua has done worse things and killed more innocent people than Tse.

I never thought Togashi would know about Sup Forums.

So now it's basically confirmed that Tserriednich > Meruem right?

Is Ging really more powerful then Netero? I find that hard to believe


>Not the first post from this IP.

Since the Kakin mafias were introduced I’ve been expecting some sort of tie back to Yorknew. Maybe one of the Ten Dons Chrollo ordered the death of was a Kakin don?

He's a better nen user.

Dude, Tserriednich probably kills around 10 people weekly, and i'm being generous at not saying daily, I doubt Killua have even kill half of the people Tserriednich did, plus Killua always do a clean and fast job, so I doubt even more that he have done worse things than Tse.

Ponytail Netero, maybe.
Kokoro Netero, no.

There’s no reason to think that. Only reason Netero was as powerful as he was is because his hatsu was purely combat focused. Guys like Ging have probably surpassed Netero in terms of aura strength due to his age but their abilities are probably not as strong since they have uses for them beyond just martial arts.

>threads don't even got to the 3 digit IP
Makes you think.

Could he kill Chrollo?

>Tserriednich probably kills around 10 people weekly
What are you basing this on? Tse wouldn't have time fo study and art if this was the case

wouldn't his nen beast have defended him?
how would the spiders have dealt with a nen beast?

probably the same dude that posted the Chrollo bait earlier in the thread

Can Meruem-san defeat Meruem?

He didn't have one until the jar ceremony.

Nah. Quwrof handled Zeno and Silva at the same time, Ging would be chump change for him.

Depends, how much is the prep time

But that's his study of art, don't be silly user.

He only got the beast just before the boat trip silly, go reread Volume 33

yes, as the top 5 nen user in the world he can defeat both chrollo and silva in combat

>ging being weaker than zoldycks

>Rooting for ANYONE but /OurGuy/ Chad-Chad.

How embarassing.

man, i wish i can read as fast as you

What are the odds of Biscuit dying this arc? Someone's going to die.

Why does Hisoka want to kill the spider again, even the defenseless one?

Is it out of spite for his loss, or does he hates the spiders for some reason?

>Look sensei
>I really did it

He comes off as pretty happy go lucky for someone who bathes in the blood of virgins.



killing those "defenseless ones" took their abilities away from Chrollo.


They're in the way

He doesn't want Chrollo to cheat in future fights like he did in HA.

Wants to weaken Chrollo. Togashi explained this in the volume.

How did Togashi know?

Zeno is weaker than Netero by a lot and Netero respected Gings power

his hatsu is literally using other people's abilities. it's not cheating if he's using his friend's nen


What are the odds still that Tse knew nen already and is playing games with Theta?

He just had his fun and now there's nowhere else to go, Hisoka preys(the spider) are at their top condition already and everything left to do is hunt them.

Don't argue with Hisocucks, they'll never admit their pedoclown got humiliated in the worst way possible.
The fight drove them insane

Like 0%.

He can't be Chrollo in a fair fight so he wants to make him miserable instead.

Is it possible Silent Majority is actually being used by someone in another room? The room next to them is empty now and one of the maids who quit didn't get questioned about the succession war. I know it'd be kinda' lame if it wasn't someone in the room at the moment, but I mean they would be someone who wasn't in the room before, as well.

If he really knew nen would he be fucking around with her and his guards that he was sending to the lessons? I feel like he'd be a bit more proactive if he could

lmao so he was being butthurt about getting rekt in combat

He's still a hyper-sadist.

>There are people on this board right now that aren't on the side of CHAD-CHAD
Absolutly disgusting. I can't wait to see him change the world

Didn't Togashi say he'd been planning to kill a Spider for a long time, and that he let Machi live only at the last minute?
Why do people still say that there's something between Hisoka and Machi?

>4 votes

I'm more of a Bvhenxjyiamyingth guy myself.

Kachou is stronger than Camilla!

>Zang gets more votes then Fuu, Cammie, and Kacho combined
You honestly expect anyone to take your poll seriously when it's obviously bullshitted?

He wants to have Chrollo cornered in the next match.
You have to look at it from Hisoka's perspective. He spent four or three YEARS looking for an opportunity to get Chrollo alone, constantly being cockblocked.
Him disappearing without a trace.
Other members constantly hovering around him when he's present.
Pika screwing him over.
Him bolting after the exorcism.
Then when he finally got the match, Chrollo was packing their abilities and a coldly calculated scenario that resembled an assassination plan more than a fight.

Hisoka finally snapped and realized he's never going to get the battle he truly desires unless he tears apart the entire Spider and utterly enrages Chrollo.

Why is Hisoka so infactuated with wanting to fight Chrollo, there are heaps of other characters much stronger than him.

Is he a secret coward?