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What color would have Complete Ultra Instinct Super Saiyan?

Link to episode 129

h-hey wait a second, where's Frieza?

OHOHOHOHO just wait

"ends you"

Esto es el fin, senior Jiren

Reminder that Frieza is gonna win

its not over yet and the lizard its going to attempt a doctor doom on the zenos.

>Goku literally snatches his attack and turns it into dust

No, te voy a terminastar, Son Goku!!!!!!

At this point Gokuck can stomp on an overwhelming majority of Supes' incarnations... You need to specify, user.


"Ends both of you"

That moment was 11/10

Good. Frieza is overdue for a win. He couldn't even kill goku's father. Give the guy a break. He just wanted his own little corner of the universe.

he did though finally reach Saitama's semi serious level of a punch destroying an entire area with wind pressure alone

You can say the same for Superman. But the point is, no version of Goku can beat the top 3-5 strongest versions of Superman.

Bro that's the Superman Thought Robot, it is the power of fiction incarnate

Link to dbs episode 129

Dead to YouTube and his copyright.

Yeah ill have to agree

Pffftttt HAHAHAHAHAHA. Any version of Super man gets rekt against current Goku.

That was terrible


Do you think anyone at Toei is embarrassed by what they have spawned?

I'm an engineer and really care about the quality of my work. Whenever I've felt me or my team haven't delivered the best possible result I've felt REALLY bad, even if objectively the quality was good enough. It could really make me depressed.

I feel that if I were an animator/director/otherwise associated with the making of Super I would unironically be contemplating suicide right now.

Dont forget
>Naked Jiren

>tfw you figure out you're just another final baddie for gokek to asspull and defeat

all their top talent are probably working on other stuff. Super was probably regulated to the B team

>being so far up your own ass.

Take your own advice

It was wrong deathbattlefag

Not the first time that Toei recycle animation scenes, specially from DB
Now calm you tits and enjoy the final episodes or fuck out

But is Goku angel tier now?

this series just keeps getting worse. Goku has absolutely no energy left, enablign him to get 1000x more of it back instantly

>Goku with white hair
So, that meme became real huh? But wasn't the meme Vegeta Blanco or Gohan Blanco instead of Goku, I can't remember.

Seriously where the fuck is he?
Why is he even still in the match?

There’s a big gap between any GoD & an angel. Beerus wouldn’t stand a chance against Whis in a 1vs1.

they figure they don't have to put in any effort since people are gonna tune in anyway, why bother making it good?

I don't know about that. At the very least I think even the strongest version of Superman wouldn't be able to beat Goku in a 'MARTIAL ARTS' fight. He'd have to rely on one of his broken powers.

people have been memeing about who the strongest human on earth is, being between Krillin and Tien
but how come no ever mentioned 17 and 18 being the strongest humans after being wished into humans?
According to Super, 17 is the strongest human that can hold his own against the fucking Gods
why have the androids, now human, gone unnoticed as the strongest humans for so long?


The real final battle is a nearly dead Goku vs a nearly dead Frieza.

comedy relief

Is Super kino?

what a thrill

I know most of people wont like this but i actually quite enjoyed DBS.

This episode was fun to watch and they got i good with the delayed hype.

I actually enjoy DBS and you people should shut your braind and just enjoy it too

>one of his broken powers

>people watch this shit
Fucking why.

Why is Goku's hair covered in cum?



Vegeta. Gohan has never ben mentioned on this threads, he's irrelevant.

>broken powers

Great, can I kill myself now?

>people not watching this


Launch in 10 minutes!!

Buy Dragon Ball Super characters and win Ethereum!

Nope, Goku is GoD tier now, if he actually beat Jiren then he will be above a GoD.

referring to thought robot.
the (you) is yours


>not putting Super in the subject line
What the actual fuck is wrong with you

It's fun.


>Goku screams a literal Galaxy into existence
what in the fuck

Yeah, I think Goku is going to be nearly knocked out by Jiren and Freeza will catch Jiren off guard, eliminating him

uh what. Freeza doesn't stand a chance, and it'd make no sense for them to fight

gonna be so dope boi




What level is Goku on now?
Jiren is stronger than a GoD..and Goku is obviously going beyond Jiren.

His hair is white, like all the angels, and he's mastered UI, which not even some GoD's have done.

Is he near Whis's level?

>if Goku turns off Ultra Instinct Blanco he'll drop dead

He's becoming a Zeno or some shit making universes


Goku is Zeno level

Sentimentally attached to it as the end of a good series. Scaling seems to be the death of every show in this genre. That and the fact that they don't allow blood, gore, or middle fingers in super.

he is the embodiment of all fiction, he exists to counteract plot devices, he's a 4th dimensional being that exists outside the realm of normal fiction.

Start reading at #4 or #3 and it sounds like the fucking Madara meme. I can't stand superhero comics when they pull such stupid shit like this. Normies think anime and manga storytelling is autistic, when this shit is magnitudes worse and is a lot closer to home. That's why for western superheroes I stick to the DCAU from the 90s and the occasional decent animated movie.

It's pottery

Frieza has to be the last man standing to wish himself back to life, no one is going to make a wish on his behalf. He has to be the last man standing.

Why don't you just watch fanfic dragonball shit on youtube? It's the same as super.

Someone post a buff image of jiren with his shirt off so I can make jojo references

that's a different Goku

Not, video.


Take a look at the angels. They have silver hair and eyes 24/7, and they're not even powered up. Goku just managed to tap into UI, there's still a long way to go.

Why Goku has to steal all the cool transformations? I meant, yeah he's the MC and all, but fuck, it was Gohan's turn. I'm legit mad so I guess I'll be leaving now. See you faggots in 2 weeks.

>Frieza has to be the last man standing to wish himself back to life, no one is going to make a wish on his behalf
Frieza made a deal with Goku that if they win, Goku must bring him back to life. That was the condition Frieza gave to Goku in order for him to consider fighting.

Goku is most likely going to wish everyone that ever died back to life

I enjoy it ironically just like I did with Bleach up to the end of Aizen and the final Naruto battle even though I stopped following the story up to that years before it finally happened. Also nostalgia.


That's Mr. Bigger than all the infinite multiverse and more powerful than the literal plot Superman. He could literally flick away all of limbo and was the living representation of all of heroism and manged to defeat the very plot itself.

Never doubt Supermanwank my man.

They're not HUMANS you retard, Krillin asked Shenron to turn 18 into a human, and he said he couldn't because that would make her weaker and that's not allowed.
So Krillin turned the wish into "just remove the bomb then".

Otherwise you would just gather the dragon balls and turn Cell, Buu and Jiren into Earthlings and steamroll them.

>OMG look how stronk he is!

It gets boring after a while

>Do you think anyone at Toei is embarrassed by what they have spawned?

lol no they're proud

>Classification: Higher-Dimensional Machine of The Monitors, Literal Plot-Device
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 3), Regeneration (Mid-Godly), Non-Corporeal, Flight / Levitation, Energy Manipulation, Heat Vision, Reactive Evolution, Reality Warping, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Quantum Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Plot Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, 4th Wall Awareness
Attack Potency: High Hyperverse level (Exists in the Monitor-Sphere, the highest, most primal and fundamental Dimension of Grant Morrison's DC Cosmology, where everything is more profound and absolute, as a body of pure thought in a realm of nothingness. Being a"Self-Assembling Hyper Story" beyond the Story of DC Comics. Likely an Infinite-Dimensional being, as the Monitor-Sphere is the highest dimension of creation / the multiverse, which has been repeatedly written as an Infinite-Dimensional structure)
Speed: Immeasurable (Above and beyond multiversal time and space)
Lifting Strength: Immeasurable
Striking Strength: High Hyperversal
Durability: High Hyperverse level
Stamina: Infinite
Range: High Hyperversal
Standard Equipment: Inapplicable
Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient (Exists in Monitor-Sphere, the highest and most primal level of existence, and holds a cosmic awareness regarding the nature of the Story of all reality.)
Weaknesses: None Notable
Notable Attacks/Techniques:
Adaptation: The Thought Robot is capable of adapting instantly to counter any future threat.
Heat Vision: Fires beams of heat from the eyes at his enemies.
basically a 4D superman that can adapt to anything. only downside is that it has to be a fusion of two alternate supermen

because it's official fanfic shit, now if you're done please contribute to the topic of Goku Vs Supes

>Yeah, I think Goku is going to be nearly knocked out by Jiren and Freeza will catch Jiren off guard, eliminating him
I hope so. I really like Frieza

Is this what you wanted?

Best moment of the ToP so far, almost makes up for how much shit we've sat through (almost).



How does it feel that kids wearing makeshift capes aren't trying to fly anymore and they'll just be grunting as loud as they can while they collect energy for a kamehameha?

>03. Kal Kent Superman One Million
>Due to other alien/extra dimensional admixtures in the Superman Dynasty bloodline, he also has additional powers such as super ESP, force vision, telepathy, electromagnetic manipulation and an additional 10 senses. Kal gets the energy for his main powers from the original Kal-El and Earth's Super-Sun. This future descendant of Superman has stated that he himself is "Faster than a speeding tachyon, more powerful than a collapsing star, and able to leap between planets in a single bound". When trapped in the 20th century, he displayed the ability to punch his way through time, although this was exhausting. Finally his agility, reflexes, extrasensory and visionary power are nearly incalculable. He is also immune to Kryptonite, Red sun light/radiation,and possibly psionics.

why do people like superman

This is now a #cutegang thread.

with darkness and silence through the night~

>why bother making it good?
Because they take pride in their work? Surely that's quite common among people engaged in creative endeavours? It's not like they're working at McDonald's.