Boku No Hero Academia

What songs do you all would think fit a Character? Here's one for Deku.

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PV, just because
Does any of you fags ever liked UVER? How does it sound from the excerpt? Par for the course? I personally never really cared for UVER, but the song excerpt sound mellow

The only BnHA OP I like is the first one. I don't expect anything from the OP this time either, but I'm curious about the visuals.

tfw no nejire gf

I do like UVER. Don't think the song fits with BnHA tho. Here's another from them.

Bakugo is any eminem song

You're my sunshine my only sunshine


Bakugo is infinite’s theme

I'd never heard an UVER song before I read they were doing the OP, and when I checked out their stuff I fucking hated it. That being said, I'm pleasently surprised with the bit of the OP we got.

Not going to say that UVER is greatness but at least their songs that were used in anime were pretty good in general, especially the ones in Bleach and D.Gray Man, I guess the visuals of the opening can also make a song better if it fits well.


Linkin Park for every character obviously

nigga what is this


That would be Tokoyami

>not no more sorrow
Did you only watch two amvs back in the day?

Twinkling intensifies

I can't wait for Aoyama to helicopter shit on the audience during the festival

How was this the ending to Yakitake Japan? Isn't that the bread anime?

Hori sure loves pandering to the scatfags

True theme

The manga ended like shit with a long ass tournament arc with endless kawachi gags.

It should have ended with Monaco.


Fuck yeah


nigga, what?


Aoyama is any Katy Perry song

>tfw you find out the thumbs-up in "All Might" was anime filler

Sorry user Nejire is only into girls

Anyone got a link to the last thread?

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Can we talk about the blantant sexism in bnha? It's 2018 and I can't believe shounens treat their female counterparts like trash.

Have something completely unrelated.

this is now your quirk
how well do you do?

Google Sabu's theme

We already went over this.
Also can I be a girl now?

new thread new IPs fuckboy

I already did this. I am the famous thief, Pocket Pussy.

It's not as bad as its contemporaries, so calm your ovaries.

Is it confirmed S3 will be 2 cours?
Seems useful if I could actually draw.

I’m literally WD40

Ghost here

Not officially yet, but it will be

You asked for it.
I could help Deku or Amajiki out. It would help Endeavor be accepted as number 1 but I would have to get to talk to me first and that's highly unlikely

None of the females characters are regarded as being strong. And if they are they're sexualized to the point of disrespect.

Quick Fix here

What is there to talk about? Everyone is aware females in BnHA are useless and the pro heroines are walking jokes. It's a shame, but the series is still enjoyable.

holy shit it's been forever since I saw Gunnerkrigg Court

Who's the guy that looks like Aoyama?

This is where your mentailty is wrong. We can't just ignore obvious injustices in the series. We have to fight back.

His name is Ladros, he's a villain from Black Clover. Both him and Aoyama use lasers as well.

And how can we fight back exactly?

No we don't.

>None of the females characters are regarded as being strong.
Depend on what you mean by strong. If you mean physical strength, well no shit, they're women. If you mean their capabilities, the 9th strongest hero and one of the Big 3 are women.
>And if they are they're sexualized to the point of disrespect.
There's nothing disrespectful about being sexualized, women do it themselves.

Can Momo, Jirou and Kaminari have a murderous spirit?

Nice I can be memes.

He also uses lasers? What the shit that's strange.
Does he also have a handicap like Aoyama?

Start a movement. Make your voice heard.

Aoyama and his mannerism is literally based on Folgore, don’t be a fag

He absorbs magical attacks people use on him and then releases it back out in the form of lasers, but there is a limit to the amount of mana he can contain within his body.

Something weird.

>they're sexualized to the point of disrespect.
I know this is bait, but at least make it a good bait and don’t just spout shit

I get the impression this series is Fairy Tail without the Nami clones.

Wasn't saying one char is based off another, just pointing out how similar they look

I still describe it as Naruto and Fairy Tail’s bastard son

>Contortive Ingestion

Fairy Tail except not hot garbage. Just don't watch the anime. Also has females that are actually useful

Thanks for spoonfeeding me. At least this Ladros guy is sexy as fuck. He'll be my next victim of lewdness.

Think about it? Has there ever been a female equivlent of all might? Endeavor? Hell even Aizawa? No because women are treated as a joke compared to their male counterparts. They're not getting the same shine as the men are.

Behold, the power of autism.



Todoroki(IcyHot lol)





Kirishima(Red Riot)



Ashido(Alien Queen!)


Ojiro(Tail dude)





Sero(Friendly neighborhood Tapist)

Tokoyami(Darkest Birb)


>Speedreading this hard to shitpost
*Puches you*
>Paper Clones
Everyone's getting a paper cut

All Might's mentor was a woman.

Why is Jirou so happy at being yelled by Bakugou?

>Cyclone spinning
So I'm a nerfed Inasa? Still sounds fun

Kaminari ignored her so she's lusting after Baku now.

literally shit unless you compensate by training your body.
>mutant quirks

agree and disagree

Nigga no one wants to see ochako vs momo.

Why not?

That sounds fucking atrocious.

Maybe I'll read it. The main character looks really fucking ugly, though, and his "completely original goal" is really hard for me to get past.

Yeah, that's Horikoshi being realistic. Women aren't as competent as men in physical endeavors, which being a hero is for the most part, and they're more compassionate and neurotic, which makes them fairly unfit for a job where you have to beat the shit out of dangerous people, don't you think? Running around trying to save people by accosting villains is just not really a feminine domain, nor would it be: men sexually select women for their breeding capabilities, not how strong or smart they are or whatever; it's the opposite for women selecting men, because men aren't burdened by childbirth and won't ever have an excuse for not wrestling a bear if need be.

Also, I'm pretty sure the 9th ranked hero is comparable to a school teacher.

It would be gay as fuck

Well that's just rude, just because it sounds lame on paper doesn't mean it's useless. You just got to come up with
creative and stupid ways to use it.

I'd say at least finish the 3rd arc of BC (capital invasion) and drop it if you still aren't convinced at that point. I'm a fan but I'm shounen trash so obviously I'll eat that shit up.
come up with something right now you retard

Hori decides to be realistic in the weirdest aspects, huh. And people rely on their quirks here, so the excuse of "men are physically stronger than women" doesn't make sense.


why does someone always have to ruin these threads


I really REALLY hate ochako

Have we figured out what her “empty mind and disappear” technique really was? I still think it’s the same technique she used against Lock, that was not a twice clone

What type of emotional and mental damage must befall a person to sit down with a clear vision in mind, and dedicate time to creating things like these? Who hurt these people so that they feel compelled to bring such things into this world?

Why? Is it because she's fat?

>turn my paper clones into living weapons, at least to be used on flesh
>have them fold into themselves repeatedly for some armor
>They're paper so have them fold into themselves and hide themselves on someone for stealth
>Hey guys, fold yourselves around me in mass quantities
As I said you just need to be creative, jsut look at Jojo's or One Piece

All she's good for is breeding