>weekly thread died at 30 replies

Is this the deadest anime of the season?

Nah that's Billy Herrington

Fuck you, piece of shit

When are they going to do an episode about the best beer, Rolling Rock?

How dare you make a post like this

I will mock Wakamoto death too


Everything peaked with the thread a few weeks ago that hit the bump limit.

Stupid Sexy Dynamite Kae

Looks like only naked Kae can keep the threads alive

I want to get invited to Makoto's room, furiously bang her, and get off to the idea that Kae is crying and masturbating over the fact that no one loves her in the next room over while I partake in JD delight.

That would be kaijuu girls 2, so dead it doesn't even get threads.


She's really something.

>you will never marry her and make her happy
Why can't 2D be real

Hanamori is super cute

Fucking dropped.

>boobs so big you can see them from the back
I need this

It's a short right? People rarely care about shorts here.

15 minutes just like pop team epic and galko

Yeah, the best.

>Kae will never fondle your meat

Picked the fuck up

>Michiru gets to have this all for herself.

Sup Forums keeps posting this chick and I thought it was that dyke from the stupid ramen show. There's like three instances of girls that look identical this season, this that ramen one and the camping one, they look identical.

Pop Team Epic is technically 30 minutes long though, they just repeat the episode twice with different VAs and slight changes.

Kae is great and all but Makoto is my type of girl

Would they fuck without being drunk though?

They look clearly distinct to me.

You don't know what it's like to be retarded.

>15 minutes
it's actually 12 mins desu

her dynamite vs. my dynamaite

Have you thanked a cake today for bringing joy into your life?

How should I thank them?


I'm sure you'll come up with something.