Girl und Panzer

Your favorite GuP just became a gyaru.
How do you respond?

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With a dicking. That artstyle is ugly as shit though.

Kay arguably already is lowkey gyaru

Boys can be gyaru too?

Gyaru is objectively patrician. Gyaru is actually one of the best things to come out of Japan in recent times.

It's an effect of the pleb-filter that people at first look at gyaru and go 'eww! that looks weird/trashy,' a keener trained eye can appreciate the style.

Absolutely fucking disgusting. Gyaru is hot as fuck though, but I don't think I'd like to imagine my favourite GuP as one, it just isn't their character at all.

Why are gyarus so great, anons.
Now post more OP, you can't just start a gyaru thread with a single pic

Dubs confirms.

There isn't much GuP gyaru that is Sup Forumspropriate.


And that is all?

This is against school regulation.

You think gyarus care about school regulations?

What if being Gyaru is in the school regulation.




How a Gyaru team would work in the Gupverse?
what tank would they use? How they looks like?

>what tank would they use?
Open top for sure.
Very little armor but big gun.

Also, Also desert camo , maybe Afrika corps themed.


In a hard manner.

>Afrika corps themed.
>Erwin was a former member and gyaru , rival to its captain who also impersonate Rommel
That would make for a great twist

I can't even imagine Yukari as a gyaru
>Touch my fluff, cherryboy
Or something?

I think I missed a train or two, because I was under the impression the word for this was ganguro.

>tfw no tank gf

The fluff is tough.

Panzer III is cutest tank

I find Shermans to be pretty coot at times myself.

Op, kill yourself for your shit taste in a god awful artstyle

We need more lewd Yukari


Cute fast baka

worst commander and tank in that game.

Her extra mission where you are supposed to catch up on Miho and kill her is so fucking frustating. She is fast on the straight but oh boy if you want to turn.

>and kill her
But can you actually kill guppies in this? I might play it then.

>Gyaru Katyusha

m-my dick

Das Finale subs on my bday on 1st april would be nice...

Delicious cured sausage



My dick




Fuck her right there and then.

Hell there isn't much GuP gyaru stuff in general.