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EPIC thread, EPIC double dubs, and BASED froposter

Nice double dubs

Nice dubs

Weren't we supposed to get a triple feature this week? I want the liar to come forward so I can spank his bottom.



>mfw Toriyama literally forgot our Emperor is still in tournament.

He didn't. It'll be a draw and U7 will only win because Frieza is laying under a rock somewhere

getting 404'd

This episode (129) was orgasmic.

I'm still speechless. I was glued into my seat the whole time with eyes fixated on the screen. You could just lose yourself in the epicness. At the end of the day, if you enjoy something thats what matters. And this episode had me feeling like no other. Son Goku baby !

Episode 129 has now become my greatest episode in Super - and one of my greatest episodes in Dragon Ball history. Goku's transoformation scene especially was one of the greatest moments in anime, ever. I will go into greater detail in upcoming posts. I still want to rewatch 129 a few more times.

The last 3 episodes of Super have all been 10s (127 & 128 prior). What a great run. I always knew Toriyama/Toei were going to hit the ending out of the ballpark. Thank you Toriyama/Toei.

Even though I'm so happy we got another AMAZING episode in 129, its settling in again that there will be another 2 week wait for the next episide. I will be sad that we will have another week with no Super. But if its like 129, then the wait will be more then worth it, again. On to 130 and Son Goku baby ! So hyped. The legend of prodigious Son Goku RISES !

Why do a child anime triggers so many people?

Blanco is super super super amazing.
Jiren would have to go super super super super amazing to compete with that.

you'll understand when you're older

is this a reddit post?

Link to dbs episode 129

Any Doujins like this? I want Frieza to be dressed up, used and abused by his father and brother.

Do your fucking jobs mods

Muthafuckin' checked.

They have been pretty active these last few days.

>memefrog op
Guess this thread is dead

Dubs thread? Dubs thread

Look I'm going to keep this shit simple, this episode is fucking beautiful.

Jiren smirking/smiling, the GoDs and Angels finally acknowledging just how different Jiren and Goku are, Vegeta's epic Saiyan Speech only from the Prince of all Saiyans, to the Zeno's fanboying straight up for Goku, the Grand Priest being even slightly shocked at what he is seeing, to all the haters saying this wasn't going to live up to the first UI form.

Goku AGAIN shows us just how fucking epic he is and the music holy shit every time the hype train all aboard bitches for shirtless Goku vs shirtless Jiren because Jiren isn't even touching ya boy, but he sure is a fucking tank because he is taking these blows and dishing back.

129.....holy fuck

Why aren't DBS threads banned yet?

The one time a frogposter wasn't dumb

Time for some fabulous dubs

Sorry to keep you guys waiting. Here

How does Sup Forums do it?

I only have trips though.


Wanna see them again?


I think anime like dragonball super are better with DUBS

It doesn't.

probably, they guys on r/dbz seem to like the episode, even with all the reused animation