Koneko and Asia look splendid in this new art style

Koneko and Asia look splendid in this new art style.

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Why the FUCK does Asia have cow tits
One of her character traits was literally supposed to be that she did NOT have cowgtits, just normal BOOBIES.

In the LN it's been stated loads of times that her tits have been growing,

Fuck I’m exposed now

>just normal BOOBIES.
That's compact titty nuggets to you sir.

Delicious neko loli butt.

that butt looks super soft, RELEASE WHEN?

Right now.....uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Why is the new artstyle trying to turn me into a lolicon?


Why you aren't one already?

Why would i be a lolicon when there's beauties like rias and akeno in the same show?

>old artstyle


>New artstyle

No they don't. The old art style was excellent. The face shape in these is weird.

Threadly reminder best girl comes next season

She better be good.

Having a varied taste only makes your life more enjoyable.

Asia basically looks the same.
Koneko somehow looks less moe now.


Rose looks moe now instead of mature.

you must be really dedicated


Someone has not been reading the LN. Her boobs have been growing for at least 6 volumes.


I disliked the early 2000s character designs and these look much better. Although Rias and Akeno may be slightly worse.

Best pussy.

is the youkai image from volume 9 the closest to pussy we see?

Still looks weird to me.

Guess what!

Ravel in new art style when? I cant wait for my bird to shine


I'm dreading it. I'm so scared they will fuck up my fav character like they've already done with Xenovia my second favorite.

Asia always looked amazing.

Didn't her breasts grow??



Asia is perfect combination of cute, sexy and innocent.

this looks like shit

>ireland tier ass


God's word

Koneko always looked good

But God knows Asia is all you need!

More Asia please. Koneko is ok too.

post rias


Don't post Rias.

Anyone else hope Ise can gets get his hands on the best tits in Heaven?

is this eris

oi i cant see the balls with that fog

The more I see of this new artstyle, the more I like it.
Post more Asia.

why? they just turned it into moeshit

While the old artstyle was more unique, I thought it looked cheap at times. I'm not saying I think the new artstyle is better, it's just growing on me.


I legitimately hate Koneko's face in this image.

they ruined the eyes




That's not how you use a phone stupid

based spurdo



Koneko is cute


Rewatching this again and I forgot how great the first season was, when does the anime go to shit again? Mid-way through Born?

>Koneko was* cute.

They look like adults now....are they finally 18??


Say what you want but i like this design more. Japan likes it more too.

I hope the nipples are rendered better in this new style.

wasn't a fan of the blurry, photoshop-airbrush-tool nips in the original series.

Saggy tits.

I still hope we still get erect nipples showing through the clothes.

Weak Bait. Also not a Riasfag.

Rias looks better with old art style. Old style was like softly drawn for the perfect mommy waifu she is. No wonder 99% of her shit on Manda is now sold out

A little more basic and modern but hopefully the streamlining is for animation's sake? DxD has never been the most extravagantly animated show.

New Rias's head looks too small compared to her body.

Nah, this is just how he draws. He's popular because he draws thick futa, not because hes an amazing artist.


The fight that Issei and Sairaorg had in pv looked smooth so i'm actually looking foward to the animation this season. I'm hyped for the actual fight.

xebec studios? so fucking fluid and they look cute.

Looks pretty good. The chins and blushes are a bit weird.

Newish studio called Passione.

Pretty easy to look smooth when a solid chunk of the fight is close ups and still art sliding across the screen.

damn. theyve only done 5 series, one of which is airing now. Might have to check out citrus

Looking over their history I'm expecting random spikes of QUALITY and other animation budget saving measures.

Hey but Issei getting into Balance Breaker is good too.

For now we can't know how they will handle DxD. I'm with good expectations since i know Ishibumi won't allow the studio to fuck it storywise because BorN was a trainwreck. They adapt good the rating game between Rias and Sairaorg and we are fine.

If DxD wasn't a harem, who would you pick to be the main heroine, and would you pair off anyone else? I wonder how the DxD prototype would've gone with the Kiba/Asia pairing

This is animated nicely, but is probably from episode 1. And probably like most series the first ep is always the best animated.


You do know that her whole mature thing was just from hre cloths right? she is only a year older than Rias and Akeno, she was never all that "mature".

the harem is still lacking a true mature DxD/cake DxD Grayfia is not a full time member of the harem, she is just on loan till Sirzechs come back...eventually

it went to shit in the last 3 episodes of BorN which is when it went full on anime original retarded.

It is. Though last chapters also tend to have the best animation. And you what is coming in the last chapter? Issei vs Sairaorg



>passed out standing hug
>Thank you!

also Akeno and Asia HEALING issei and proposal to Rias will be great momments.

Wasn't Koneko there too? i mean when they are healing him.

Sairaorg is perfection.

I agree

Oh yeah you are right she was... wait shouldnt she also be giving Issei naked "therapy" to recover from Juggernaut mode...or was that after he gets his new body?
jesus its been a long fucking time.

I want to have sex with Xenovia