How would you introduce Shinka to your parents?

How would you introduce Shinka to your parents?

Why would I have to introduce myself to my parents?

How would you introduce yourself to user's parents?

>your son calls me mommy too

As Mori Summer


I would introduce her to my penis.

>"Shinka, meet dog"

You guys have unusual parents.

> No, Dad, she's not Chinese. No Japan is not in China, we've been over this before.

I want to rape Shinka and then kill myself and her so that my ghost can keep raping her ghost

But she would still be alive?

Order of operations is important user.

I would introduce her as our new dog watcher.

My parents respect Shinka.

i dont know OP i dont even know who she is

This mah bitch Shinkuh.

She looks a bit Russian, so I'd say that she's moved to here (Varkaus) all the way from Vladivostok. Why does she talk Japanese? Her adoptive parents were Japanese.
I wouldn't have to explain myself too much, they'd understand.

> "Mom, Dad, I'm not gay."

Dearest Mume and Dad,

This is Shinka, mai waifu.

Dear Son,

Go kill yourself, we disowned already

I don't think he cares about being disowned now that he has Shinka.

Mom and dad this is Shinka,
Shinka this is my mom and dad.
Now show em them tiddies.

This is mori summer, writer of the chunninomicon, the fabled book of embarrassment.

How would your parents introduce you to Shinka?

Hello this is my girlfriend Shinka

i want to kill and then rape your gf


you will see, stupid bitch, i will kill so hard that i cum and i cum again when i thrust on your lifeless cold body

He thinks he can kill Shinka lmao


She would talk to them, as she sits on my penis.

oh ya, you tough bitch will faint seeing my enormous dick


show me your cunt

Yeah mom I'm going out with a fucking Japanese highschooler and yes I'm a sick fuck. Anyway me and my girl are going to Mt. Whitney so she can fuck a dog on my dad's grave while I piss on her face. Cya!

How would Shinka introduce you to her parents?

i want to kill her and rape her in front of her parent in her house and toss the meat to her dog


Yeah. This is the kid I have to babysit sometimes. She's a bit "special" so don't be too hard on her.



Not the time or place, boys.

Have them smell her butt and have her smell theirs, Woof.

"She's Shinka my girlfriend, we plan for 5 children"

will Sup Forums ever forget shinka?

Would she get upset if you pinched her cheeks?

I hope not, I hope there's a Shinka thread up on the last day of Sup Forums.

She would get embarrassed and angry.

i want to abduct a cute jk, make her wear like Shinka, rape her, strangle her and put her in fridge, i will continue to her till all of her four holes break apart

But she has such a cute babyface.

She has the more mature looking face in the show.

no more baby face once dehydrated from extended refrigeration


what is her full name?

Nibutani "Mori Summer" Shinka

Shinka is a short name. what is her full name?

I don't know where you're going with this.



Yes, but it's still a babyface that contrasts with the rest of her body.