Am i the only one who finds Violet Evergarden really boring?

Am i the only one who finds Violet Evergarden really boring?
The visuals are good but the plot and stuff is so weak and boring, am i the only one who thinks like this?

Yes. AOTS for me.

I agree with you. It's insufferable.

>am i the only one
Almost the entire board hates VEG and anything else Kyoani has made or ever will make. No, you aren't the only one.

Yes, you are the only one. All Sup Forums agrees this is an anime of the decade and constantly discusses how great it is.

First show I've dropped in a long time. Just terribly melodramatic shlock.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

How many anime have you seen

i smell bait from this, but it doesn't matter, i can see why you think that, i myself don't like drama genre, but violet is such interesting and endearing character for me, that's why i can't stop watching it.


Nah in 2 or 3 months you'll see people say it was a masterpiece like hyouka

you aren't but you and everyone like you is incorrect. it's not exactly the second coming of christ, but it's and easy aots.

I'm commander shepherd, and this is the worst thread on the citadel

If you are watching this for any other reason than the cute girls, the amazing landscapes or a few nice animated bits then you are a tasteless retard.

No, it's shit. It's a turd that's been rolled in glitter.

i find it the best anime this season idk how you think its boring
every episode is a feels trip

It's boring af

Pretty boring. Violet is so dull. She still doesn't get basic human humour yet is somehow an accomplished ghost writer, so good that you send her instead of two other more experienced girls to handle a sensitive political issue.

Considering how most people have already dropped it for that exact reason, especially since there are many better shows this season, you're hardly the only one.
Only trolls and unapologetic kyoanifags would call it an AOTS.

DBS is so much better.

I dropped it and I won’t pick it up again until there’s a thread where everybody seems to be amazed.