Two Car



Why does this look like official art?


Despite how shitty the het pair were, their cat fight was still 10/10.

"Shitty" doesn't even begin to describe them. But I will admit this scene gave me a boner.

Just watched last ep, I wish we get a S2.

best couple

ITT wasted potential?
Where is my chunni episode???

Futari no kizuna wa

Chuunis are too busy having a threeway with Shishido for that

Fucking this, wish we got more about Ai too.

No one could handle 24 minutes of continuous smug.

This, the announcer episode, and Misaki's butt were bad for my dick. God I love high speed pole dancing.

Don't worry, we'll have 48 minutes of smug on S2, right?


One of those shows were every girl was best girl.


I'm still amused by how the twins just said fuck it and essentially became one person.

>expect side car racing
>receive a documentary on the deadly psychology of lesbianism

>expect Ange Vierge tier threads
>receive a bombardment from Triggerfag shitposters

the show wasn't as fun as AV with the main characters doing everything within their power to drag the show down

The show was still quite fun overall and I thought the protagonists comedy routine was funny even if they never really changed it up

>to celebrate our anniversary we made this anime that makes fun of yuri fans
what the fuck was their problem?