Why do they shill cheap food in anime so hard?

Why do they shill cheap food in anime so hard?

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>Why do they shill cheap food in anime so hard?
Because that's what the animators live off of, so those are the kinds of things they know how to draw well. Food manga about expensive food tend to have the creator going on food trips for scouting, while the assistants being green with envy for not getting to eat.

Because not all Japanese food can be found in izakaya and family restaurants.

Yeah and what's with clothes? They should stop shilling them.

what would you prefer they shill instead?

toilet paper and hygenic products?

Their fucking expensive fruits. We haven't seen a series that focuses on the industry of gift-tier fruits and the culture of gift-giving in Japan.

>makes a ramen show
>never even mentioned it once that it is from China

nips and their rice they about it

>go out eating in Japan
>they are selling raw chicken sashimi called torisashi

when you leave your office at 23:00, more than likely you are going to stop by a convenience store and pick up couple of shit for dinner on your way home. no shill or hardness involved. btw why are you butt hurt? would you like wasabi for your sore anus?

7-11 manager detected

>and it's actually pretty good
>also there's raw horse sashimi called basashi
>and some japanese people don't even know about both of those anyway because it's a very regional thing

Isn't cheap shit what most Japs eat anyway?

People getting sick from torisashi all the time in Japan.

It's bad.

There are only three good things you can get from a konbini.

>their fried chicken stuff
>microwave gyoza

Yep, but the ones promoted in anime like noodle dishes are several times more expensive than the common dishes eaten by the average Japanese folk. Hell, it's one reason why people are so excited about a supermarket saleā€”it's the only way to get fresh produce without being fucked in the ass.

And another thing: people like mochi that is shaped like seasonal fruits because some fruits can be a bit too expensive. That's not to say all fruits are expensive, however; only notable tropical fruits like pineapples, bananas and mangoes are considerably more expensive than others.


>hitting Japan for a somewhat longer business trip
>suddenly get the carving for some fresh apples
>went to the Super Tamade in Namba
>get some apples without thinking
>cashier tells me price


Found a picture of supermarket-tier apples. 198 fucking yen each. Holy shit Japan.

That are the cheap ones.

Somehow I got the expensive one for like 400 each.
So I paid 1600 yen for four apples.

Nigga I bought expensive gift apples and they cost an arm and a leg

This shit is supposed to be common

has anyone here been to japan and tried melon bread or whatever you call it? I see it in so many shows, it must be good

It's kind of nothing.

really? like nothing as in flavourless?

It's just very sugary bread.

Imagine eating toast with a somehow but not really sweet crust.

It's called melonpan not because it has melons in it, it only got the name from the shape. Melons are fucking expensive.

>that one melonpan store in Asakusa with the big melonpan

well, my life is a complete and utter fucking lie

So, why is it that tropical fruits are so expensive? Is it sellers exploiting the gift giving culture by price fixing, or is it a lack of local grown/imported produce?


>bananas pricy in Japan
wtf are you saying its like the only affordable fruits beside kiwi here. I just bought 4 of them for 88yens at a mega don quijote
>those fucking strawberry and melon tho only shit I swear to god its like 14$ us for 5 fucking strawberry

Japanese convenience store food is top tier

It's mostly due to the gift culture. They treat their gifts seriously.

>a lack of local grown/imported produce?
In the case of that Melon, it's a lack of anything but local grown, as it's only grown in a certain area. It's a very specific cultivar of the melon, that the producers have a monopoly on.

like cow you can eat horsemeat raw. chicken meat not so much

>taste like shit
>it's also not even cheap

I'm argentinian and i have tried it
It's pretty good, but not that "WOOOW" as they show on animes

Normally an advanced economy is trying to push down the share of money people spend on basics stuff like food, they could just mass import stuff from the USA and everything would be cheap and people could spend money on more important things.

But Japan eh

Have you ever been to Japan?

It's sellers and farmers exploiting the gift culture. There's super high tariffs on imported fruit and veggies to protect the farmers. Most of the stuff sold is local grown and fruit grown in Japan is bred to be as perfect as possible since it's not really considered an everyday necessity.

Several times even. Konbini food isn't great once you went over the "oh wow Japan so crazy" thing

I plan on visiting Japan eventually, but I guess I'll starve to death. I love my meat.

You can eat raw chicken in Japan, they have actual standards for food safety.

I'm moving in a few months. I'll probably starve to death.

you can live on chicken innards and dried sardines with rice.

>Their fucking expensive fruits.
Those are South East Asian fruits though.
Few are from Japan.

>$260+ for a fucking melon

Chicken and goat innards are so delicious it is unfair.

chicken innards and strong zeros


Because it's some fancy gift shop, let's stop acting like it's from normal combini.


>giga puddi

I wish my local place had onigiri for that cheap. It's almost 2 dollars at my local Korean grocery store.

They are going to air one such show for those that are from Fukushima
The production of that ramen show is lead by a Chinese company from what I heard

it's just yeast-raised dough wrapped in shortcrust pastry and sprinkled with some sugar.

Wouldn't horse be tough as fuck especially raw?

Because of agricultural protectionism plus the fact that there aren't that much farmland in Japan. The price could be lowered after CPTPP get passed

Just make one by yourself. They're one of those simplest food that you can make


I don't believe this one bit.

Japan isn't like american so im gonna be a whiny bitch, the thread.


It's the pizza of japan.

Not at all, it's tender parts.

like said some people get sick, but if you buy it from good places you'll never have a problem.

It would be like saying oysters are bad because some retards get sick from buying bad ones.

t.user who lives in japan and had this several times

7-eleven wakame onigiri, aww yeahh

I'm by no means picky with food, I love trying new things. I just don't think I could ever bring myself to try torisashi.

umeboshi desu

Could've fooled me. It's more of a problem with time I think.

It's all about the chefs and the chickens, really. A chicken is a pretty small animal and care must be taken during slughter so that the gut bacteria doesn't spill onto the parts that you actually want to eat.

my izakaya can't be this cute


>another lost billy
oh no