Just finished the first episode. I know, I'm supposed to wait till 3 to pass judgements...

Just finished the first episode. I know, I'm supposed to wait till 3 to pass judgements, but this show seems really poorly edited.

Does it get better later on?

No. Although the editing is not the problem. The writing is beyond retarded.

Just finished ep 3.
I can confirm it's shit

Keep in mind it is thought for americans, primarily

I'm on ep 7 and it's still shit.

So is it worth a try or are you nerds overreacting as usual?

I watched ep 1 and I feel really dumb because I couldn't understand what the fuck was going on. In the end I thought that I was watching Tokyo Ghoul or some shit.

Anti-Netflick on full force
Probably hired by Hulu or something

Felt like a mediocre 00s seinen anime. But with good production value.


They tried to cram 2 vastly different shows into one. Just watch it for the eye candy and nice OST.

In episode 3 one of the villains skateboards down a skyscraper. That's when I definitely knew I was done. I gave it another episode just to be sure, and then dropped it.
I'm good.

it's a downgraded version of terror in resonance + darker than black

I watched all of the episodes yesterday all the while keeping an open mind and not looking for something to hate on just for the sake of it. The skateboard scene and Koku's flight up to the Moby Dick were ridiculous and the final episode dragged for far too long but overall it was able to keep me interested. I enjoyed it for what it was and would love to see a second season. It's no materpiece and will probably be forgotten by most weeks or even months from now but it's not terrible.

If you've watched enough anime you've seen worse.

It's shit, user. Deal with it.

If you've really watched enough anime then you'd know that there are only "shit" and "good" shows. There is no middle ground.

It's pretty entertaining, and it's got one of the best villains I've seen recently.

It's not gonna be winning AOTY anytime soon but I liked it enough to give a potential season 2 a watch.

watched ep 4... dont tell me this is a PP's rip off

Only for the visuals really. Probably the prettiest IG show you'll see in recent years.

It doesn’t get better but it was fun to watch it with Sup Forums, if you hurry you can still make a thread that gets some attention and talk about it. Is the type of bad anime that is made to be mocked on a board.

Take a guess.