Please love Sakura

Please love Sakura

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she is canon whoreslut

If Nasu wanted me to love her, he wouldn't have made her so shitty and boring.

I'd rather love Kohaku, Fujino and Caren over Sakura.





>used goods

hahahahahahahaha good one op

I will always love you Sakura, no matter what.

fuck this bitch, she doesn't even have a fish

>Please love Sakura
Jokes are not as good as they used to be.

>Futacock and threesome
>Raped and wormed
>Old men and raped by Basakah
>/ss/ with Shiro
>Basakash 50cm meatstick
>Fucked first man she met
>Fucked first man she met
Kireis kid
>Fucked every man she met
>Fucked first heroic spirit she met
Archery club and Luvia
>Would fuck Shiro if possible

Not a single canonically pure girl exists in FSN

>Archer is more pure than all of the girls
Why is he so perfect lads

Rin are the purest user. Old men is just a doujin.

>Rin are the purest
Why are Fatefags so delusional?

>Rin are the purest
Not only delusional, most are also ESLfags.

Because Nasu knows the majority of us are homos.

>Delusional ESL homos.
The Fate fandom in a nutshell.

>Archer is more pure than all of the girls
>was a part of Kiara's sex cult

>Cant accept the fact that Rin is the most purest of All Main fate girls
>Everyone i hate is ESL
Pic Related

Fatefags are the cancer of this board.

>Fate is cancer now
Neo Sup Forums please

Not Fate, Fatefags.
Learn to read, you fucking brainlette.

Get the worms off her first

Dumb male master
Dewormer only costs 6 dollars at the vet. Not sure why Kariya didnt just go get her some.

>Rin are the purest user
>are the purest
Somebody post the semen screencap from the VN for ESL-kun

Bazsakah is her daddyfu you retarded redmanfag

Thats just Mind of Steel



We all do.


>Trying to misrepresented Rin's FHA scene.
Nice try user
Comparing to Sakura & Saber, she is the purest.

Sakura is the purest, that's why she becomes Parvati while Rin becomes the prostitute goddess Ishtar.



Nasu compared Sakura to her even before FGO, though.

>Sakura is the purest
>P U R E S T

>Inb4 some sakurafag goes image search on archive.

Nobody cares about FGO here user.
Go to or

Rin = semen demon

Why is it that Rinfags have 0 reading comprehension?

Don't worry, we can all tell you're a crossboarder from your posting style alone.

Oh look it's another Fatefag thread that no one cares about other than the same Fatefags having their same shitty waifu arguments.

This is what you're looking for.

Its the same thing anyway. Shes always a rape victim.

>so shitty and boring.
secondary begone
>still waiting on a good quality raw scan
There's no love for her.

It amazes me that we have such advanced technology. I don't even know how it would begin to work. How can you take a worm's thoughts, put them into text, find an image that represents the worm's thoughts, and post them on a Japanese cartoon forum? Humanity is really something

>i only browse Sup Forums & only Sup Forums !!!

Describe her personality beyond "I want senpai." And I mean personality, not backstory.

can't you tell by reading? is it that difficult to you?

Of course.

>Rinfags so mad at Sakura's popularity that they have to make a thread wanking over themselves with repetitive posts.
Oh boy. All you're doing is making Sakura more popular. Keep going.

Who deserves a happy ending more: Sakura, or Illya?

This is an an obvious bait post, but the answer is both.

>Thinking we care about any Popularity polls at all

>Thinking user was talking about popularity polls.
Sakura's popularity on Sup Forums is unmistakable right now. Nice try though.

But only one of them can get a happy ending at once

Sakura will always be my waifu, no contest.

Illya never gets a happy end because she's destined to die within the next year at the start of FSN.
I wonder if they'd have come up with a solution for that in her route or if even the good end was going to be bittersweet.

They both deserve to die. Sakura is threat to humanity and Ilya is Zouken tier evil.

Sakura can't be even considered a sloppy seconds. She was fucked more than any whore in existence ever could be.
If you say that Sakura is your waifu, you may as well admit that you eat from a dumpster.

if she brings all her victims back to life, I'll consider it
oh wait, she can't

But I don't want her to infect me with her parasites!


FSN Illya route would probably have ended with Shirou doing something similar to what Prillya Shirou did with Miyu

Secondary confirmed.

You've not even read the VN at all have you? You can't have even watched Zero by that logic. Why are you here?

My fucking sides

Why would Illya die though if she's not killed in the war? If she lives then she isn't going to die

>If she lives then she isn't going to die.
True Fate pottery right here

I am the bone of my bait
Shitposting is my body, and pretending to be retarded is my blood
I have filled out over a thousand captchas
Not known to the mods,
Nor known to the janitors,
Have withstood bans to create many shitposts.
Yet, these posts will never get (you)s
So, as I pray: unlimited bait works!

>Ilya is Zouken tier evil.
What did he mean by this?

Realta Nua removes the Shinji rape and just makes her a victim of horrifying bodily experiments involving worms.

Can I hate her instead?

UBW incantation parodies are cancer. They're never funny

We don't? Good!

>kills Shirou ten times and more
>Puppets him with other forms of eternal suffering
>Orders rape and more killing
Ilya a shit

>wanting Shinji, Zouken, Kotomine and True Assassin to come back to life

Sakura is pure at heart when she's not being controlled by literally magic dicks.
Rin is literally a virgin at the outset of the VN and has sex with only Shirou but enjoys the shit out of it and wants to jump his cock non-stop on top of being just as if not more perverted.
Seibaa is a battle hardened warrior who just wants to live a peaceful life as a normal girl, also Merlin used Baby Creation rank EX to give her a dick so she could fuck mordred into existence.
Iliya is literally a golem made to be a grail vessel.
Medea is a thousands year old turboslut mage.
Medusa is a cake.

Purity is about both intentions and experience.

Sakura is purest of intentions
Rin is purest of experience

This is not difficult to grasp.

If people still don't get it after it's been written out in a way that even retards would understand, then there is no hope for you faggots.

Unrelatedly, my personal opinion is that Rin is clearly best girl. Feel free to disagree, but there's literally nothing that can be said that will change this opinion.

That's not what a crossboarder means, you retard.

>tfw even with no competition, Sakura loses hard in Miyuverse

Sakura having big tiddies seems to be a turn off for Shirou. It takes so long for him notice her.

>Merlin used Baby Creation rank EX to give her a dick
Wait, he was being serious?

He's literally so turned on by her from the very start that he actively tries to repress it and go into denial, though.

That's fine, people are allowed to have favourites. It's pretty normal.

How the fuck do you think Mordred was born?

>anime original content

I mean, you'd know it's canon if you even read the very first day of the VN. Sudo just went for the "show, not tell" method that people keep craving for.

>Sakura loses hard in Miyuverse
>being this wrong

He literally almost gives up on his sister for her sake. Him prioritizing family over love doesn't mean he doesn't love her.


>Medea is a thousands year old turboslut mage.

>Medea is a thousands year old turboslut mage.
Based Jason

>190cm long hair
>Canon virgin
Best girl, enjoy your turboslut

I dunno, Medusa got repeatedly fucked by her sisters pretty hard.

>canon virgin

cm long hair
>>Canon virgin
*laughs in Poseidon*

Learn how to greentext.