Slow start

I am actually amazed by how rich the characterization in this has become. They literally feel like real people.

I thought this was trash during the first couple episodes but now I realize that the writing is actually excellent. I think I understand why this got such a decent budget. This is far better than your average SOL.

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Are you telling me that a silver hair loli that acts like a pet or 6 years old feels like a real person to you?

>tfw Hana cries again
Thank god for based Tamate keep protecting her smile

>tfw you're a 120kg fatty.

Enjoy dying of beetus and heart failure

>They literally feel like real people
I like this show, but they really don't

Hana is the only one close
>Kanmuri is so high on the autistic spectrum that she needs to babied by Eiko at all times that she isn't at home
>Tamate acts like the male otaku who watch this type of show
>By coincidence they all seem gay (especially Eiko)

Will I meet a cute Tamate in the afterlife?

>muh realism
go back to watching western media please

No, cute Tamales go to heaven.

>They literally feel like real people.
I know what you're trying to say but that is literally not true.
They feel like actual characters that somebody put some thought behind and heart into while writing them and not like walking cardboard cutouts acting out more or less generic tropes.

What's your problem?
The user simply refuted the OP's statement.

You articulated it better than I. The complexity of the characters is what makes them feel 'real'. Richness of characterization.

People are interpreting me far too literally. I mean real within my autistic headcanon lucid delusion.

That’s because it had a slow start.

I mean it's only natural for a character to showcase their depth the longer a series goes on. Of course, one would expect that you could see some semblance of nuance to them during the very first episode/first appearance but that's not really much of a problem.

Only the blandest of SoLs have their main cast remain static and stagnant.

Made for anal and cumming on her flat chest

Best fanservice episode in years.

Everyone keeps saying shows are having a "fanservice episode" but I feel like this is the first one in a while that was actually dedicated to it's craft. It literally just made up contrived situations for it.

What's better, is it still broke the mold of a "typical" beach episode.

Hinako Note's and Pan de Peace's biggest problem was this.

I can't believe Hana is fucking dead!

>comparisons in the OP
There's a chance that you might have written this with pure intentions, but because of the mini-review and saying this is better than something, I can see this thread turning into the average opinions shitposting festival. It would have been better to just say something about Hana's cuteness in the OP and then use the second post for that.
Well, hopefully because this show is rather unpopular you won't attract all the aspiring youtube anime reviewers who love posting in AOTS threads.


does somebody have a link to the scene where hana screams like an autist when tomato touches her?

Pretty much this.

No but I have yesterday's screams.

Episode 3, 12:37


I want to massage Shion bosom!

So when would we expect the "I'm older then my friends" drama comes in?

Tama is so hot

I bet Hana will accidentally let it slip at the end of episode 11, then they'll quickly deal with it on episode 12 and have lots of gay sex.

Eiko's nipples!

What would she be like in bed?



Dom with cuddling

She wouldn't stop moving for a second until both of you were exhausted.

Sad to see your chest is bigger than hers

It was everything Franxx beach episode wanted to be

>Good morning, Shion

>implying Hanna says it first
>implying Shion didn't kidnap Hanna from her apartment after a night of drinks
>implying Hanna doesn't take responsibility

I want to spread it

>They literally feel like real people.
>People are interpreting me far too literally. I mean real within my autistic headcanon lucid delusion.

I don't know how to tell you this, but I think you may have the dumbs.



Retracting all my previous negative statements about the show after having watched last nights episode. Tama is best gorilla.

This show doesn't have nearly enough lewd art.

of shion

Of Tamate.

At least it's fappable enough on its own.

This show is doing incredible things to my dick.

>I thought this was trash during the first couple episodes
Nothing has changed you faggot. The show is as excellent right now as it was during the first couple episodes. I'll tell you what changed though - you saw persistent threads and thought "whoa I'd better start liking this show soon", and here we are.

All things considered, this show is probably the second best in its genre.

Quads of truth.

My guess is that he got over his shit taste and realized that he actually likes this show, treads about it are only really alive during the weekend because of its low popularity so there's nothing persistent about them.
If only everyone who complains about anime being shit in here dedicated some time to checking what they really think about a show before deeming it as shit. But I guess that liking things is still seen as evil in the current internet.

>second best in its genre
what's the first?







>generic yuribait CGDCT
>best in anything



The only generic anything is you.

Me on the right.



Those enormous Shions didn't disappoint.


Actually, it's gotten worse as it's gone on. With all interactions basically being 'haha lesbians.' Hana is a great MC and is the odd one out. it's still cute though


Is Hinako bigger than Shion?



I don't think so. She seems a bit bigger than Hannen, but Shion is close to Nodotits levels.

Afther the last episode I don't think this show should be called Slow Sart animore. We should change the title.

I wonder when will Tama get an upgrade.

>referencing a 2009 anime

pretty oldschool desu

Wait what.



And I thought the Ritz effect was overblown.

>Uh, no they don't.
Shit Start fans are the worst.


What about
>Fast Abandoned Plotline

If you paid attention to the show you'd notice that there's a small reference or note regarding feeling left out, or being slightly different but still making friends every episode. It's pretty obvious that being one year older is not something that can easily be brought up as often as working in a cafe or playing a sport.

>he doesn't know

Another faggot unable to appreciate the artform. I'll enlighten you but you'd better be writing this down.

When God created the world, he made an ideal for every single thing in it. All things are reflections of their respective ideals. Somewhere in God's mind (in a very special place, no doubt) there exists an ideal yuribait CGDCT. It is by definition perfect - the yuri is undeniable, but not blatant, the bait is irresistible, but natural, the cute is the celestial cute that can melt the hearts of mortals, the girls are forever at their peak beauty, and the things they do are mundane, but captivating. Making things as close to the ideal as possible is the purpose of mankind in this world and is the way we can communicate with God and his Divine Plan. Yuribait CGDCT's that men make are therefore never generic - only that they approach the ideal to a varying degree of intimacy. If the ideal yuribait CGDCT is a symphony carefully composed by the Maker, then each separate yuribait CGDCT is a performance following His score, and it is to be judged only at how precisely it evokes the ideal in the viewer's mind.

I am actually amazed by how bad the taste of Sup Forums has become. They literally eat shit series.

I thought this was trash during the first couple of episodes but now I realize that it’s even worse. I think I understand why this has such a following. This is far worse than your average SOL because it relies on yuri baiting and having an MC so retarded that only the otaku that eat this up can relate to her.

Except for the Sensei showing Hana a bit more interest than the rest of the class, every episode so far would have worked in any CGDCT show. Hana being 1 year older had no bearing on the plot at all, she made friends in 5 minutes, and except for Hannen episode her insecurities have never appeared seriously. Not even in the Eiko x Sensei episode ending. They are even played for laughs more often than not.

I sincerely hope you didn’t actually type that all out because you sound worse than a fedora tipper.

Exactly, because it's not something that can be dealt with as what I said unless you want to turn the show into some sort of psychological drama. It gets hinted at every so often and that's it, and that's how it should be.

Ok thank you for the opinion. I hope there are other shows capable of satisfying your refined tastes this season.

So you admit it's just your everyday CGDCT 99% of the time, with a quirk that nobody would remember were it not for the title appearing once every 5 episodes for one minute.

Yes and I love it because of that.

>some sort of psychological drama
I just want the thing that is supposed to differentiate this show from the millions like it to actually matter. If it has to go on a dark note then let it happen.

Best quote

>the thing that is supposed to differentiate this show from the millions like it
It has a orange-haired main character, a brown-haired flat genki character, a silver-haired shy loli character, and an orange-haired onee-san-ish character.
SoLs are about their characters and how they interact, not about plot.