I used to be one of the people that thought Super would continue after the movie is finished...

I used to be one of the people that thought Super would continue after the movie is finished, that the show is stopping just to give them a break. But I honestly can't imagine anything beating Mastered UI Goku. Sure, Vegeta still has the chance to train for it, Uub still has to appear, but any threat that comes through is just gonna get raped by UI Goku. My thoughts for the ToP was that UI would be like a preview for Goku, a taste of the power he could have. But he can't unlock it, then ultimately ends up fusing with Vegeta to take down Jiren, with future arcs having this power come back in clutch situations like it has done. But now unless they bring in a villain who's just like "oh yeah I also have mastered ultra instinct so fuck you" there's no where they can go from here. He's ascended past the level of god's, only the angels are above him now.

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Wait until next episode, MUI goku is a jobber form.
It's a common staple of super to hype up new transformations only to have them underperform in the next episode.

So what you’re saying is, DBS is a shit

Not even the memes can save this trainwreck

Have you not seen the preview? He beat Jirens shirt off, Jiren is trembling trying to push Goku back while he's just holding his punch like nothing. He's absolutely raping Jiren and there's nothing he can do about it

They're just going to retcon it so that Beerus suddenly gets mastered UI and along with all the GoD so Goku will still be below them.

OST where?

Goku and Jiren both die next episode, leaving Frieza is left and Universe 7 is the winner. Frieza tries to wish to become the new omni-king, but they blink him out of existence before the wish is granted (he doesn't know the dragons language).

Vegeta is given the wish and mistakenly wishes for everyone who had their universe erased to return. 17, Goku, and Jiren are still gone, since they died.

Like in Z, we follow some of Goku's afterlife training. He fights Jiren again in otherworld. He gets wished back in time for End of Z.

More likely things to happen:
We get background about other universes. Vegeta visits the U6 saiyan planet. Uub is introduced. Beerus is fought in full power form and defeated. More battles with Gods who also have mastered UI forms. One of the Gods think Goku/Vegeta/Saiyans are dangerous and attempt to wipe them all out. The Zenos mature somehow or are replaced to make everything more balanced. Something something Goku ascends to a level beyond the Angels.


There's only three possible endings now:

>Ordinary Toeifaggotry:
-Goku and Jiren fight until time runs out
-U7 wins since they have more people left
-Revives universes

>True Toeifaggotry:
-Goku BTFOs Jiren hard
-Revives universes
-Becomes Angel tier and Beerus fucks off from earth cause he's scared or something
-Show ends with Goku literally being the strongest being in all multiverses outside of Zeno and his crew

>MAXIMUM Toeifaggotry:
-Goku and Jiren get double-KO'd
-Frieza left in the arena because, literally, they "forgot" about him
-Frieza wishes to revive all the universe because he's a good guy now but he'll totally pretend he did it for selfish reasons like wanting to piss of El Grande Padre

Is that a lie?

the next arc won't be about Goku

You know that it's going to be the first one.

I posted this before but:
1. Cell could master UI faster than Frieza got Golden form
2. The whole Majin thing. Given next arcs will have Uub this is likely possible plot.
3. Whoever used time travel in U12
4. Creator of super dragon balls Zalama

GT was better

It's basically Star Wars Prequels vs the new trilogy

both are garbage but the prequels stayed truer to the originals

What's happening here?

>-Goku and Jiren get double-KO'd
You mean double ringed out.

Reference to this.

It's the first one, but for this reason:
El Grande Padre and Goku will convince zeno to allow the ressurection of universes, that would allow us to keep Jiren for the next series.
They will convince zeno by telling him how the 2nd weakest universe managed to fuck everyother universe, how vegeta overpowered a GoD and Goku obtained UI, thus proving they're not that "low" or worthless

El Grande padre knew goku would achieve UI in the tournament, that's why he stopped the fight with toppo.

The great priest just want his kids far away from him, he doesn't like being reminded he's a manlet

What if the wish is for ToP never happen and they do some bullshit for none of the universes to get deleted?

The only thing I can see them doing is make Demons relevant. I don't fucking know.

>Goku wins
>Wishes for everybody's levels, including his own, to be reset so the fun can continue
>Training starts from scratch

Only way I see it working is:
>"Goku has used that form yes, but he can't activate it willy-nilly. Only under insane circumstances will he reach it again."
>"Okay but why say he master-"
>"Shhhhhh- ut the fuck up and enjoy SSB2 next arc."

A moment of silence for Captain Ayy.

His design may have been bland, but at least he wasn't Gokuck.
His backstory may have been shit, but at least he wasn't Gokuck.

The next step is to visit the universes that didn't participate in the ToP that have higher powerlevels than the rest.
Mark my words.

nothing to mark here, that's just logical next step

>"Bring back Cabba and the rest of the Saiyans."
>both U6 and U7 Saiyans are revived
>Next arc is U6 Saiyans vs U7 Saiyans
Makes sense given the plot of the next movie.

>>Next arc is U6 Saiyans vs U7 Saiyans

Man, this is all I want. Imagine Raditz and Nappa getting redemption.


This. After tourny it will be discovered that everyone has already known/mastered UI.


You can't get redemption when you're weaker than a Saibaman. Just look at Yamcha.

>Beerus fucks off from earth cause he's scared or something
Beerus is likely stronger than Goku still.

>They will convince zeno by telling him how the 2nd weakest universe managed to fuck everyother universe, how vegeta overpowered a GoD and Goku obtained UI, thus proving they're not that "low" or worthless
This. Jap media (mostly anime) seems to be perpetuating the whole "no one is trash" idea. Suppose it's for anime/manga creators to justify their vocation to the Japs that look at them so lowly. Of course, it's different now and anime/manga is almost completely accepted by the Japs, save for some of the more self-important old folks that's pretty much like the boomers of America. But they'll be dead soon, so it doesn't matter what they think. Anyways, in both GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) anime and live action, Onizuka and his students seem to be perceived by the other teachers in the show in what old Japs call trash--a term essentially saying that a person is irredeemable human garbage that cannot be salvaged and only disposed of--and Onizuka always defends his students (sometimes with violence) and proves them wrong in the end. In a way, the other teachers are also trash that they required Onizuka's "rehabilitating" ways. For instance, the Vice Principal is a pervert and has forgotten how it is to be a teacher and is only concerned about power (obtaining and maintaining) over students and other teachers. By the end of the series, the VP and other teachers remember how to become teachers again and restore the "sacred institution of education" (or something like that) to what it was/should be. But I digress. U7, the second lowest, proves to El Grande Padre and both Zenos that each universe has potential (even the lowest one that is just fucking scummy) and shouldn't be so easily dismissed and discarded like trash. That they be allowed to improve and reach a certain threshold. And after a period of time, they'd be evaluated and those who remain unchanged will have to go through another Tournament of Power. Hopefully by then, U7 would get its shit together.

Well I mean, they are SSJ in Heroes.

Nah, it'll be a "UI can only be activated in truly dire situations." Sort of deal.
"Only the planet is potentially fucked? SSB2 can handle that."
"Only the galaxy is potentially fucked? SSB3 can handle that."

That's why you just train him. I just want a one, big family of Saiyans.

>Goku, Vegeta, Raditz, Nappa


>Caulifla, Kale, Cabba, ???


plz god no

I think Vegeta Calvo (inteligente) can easily destroy MUI Goku

I'll admit Raditz is an interesting character. We found out Goku had a brother just for him to die 2 episodes later and never get talked about again. Goku's dad even got a damn movie.

You're getting at least 3 more shades of blue and you're going to like it.


Too late senpai, it's happening.

This. Raditz seem to deserve a redemption arc. All he ever wanted was to bring in his brother and his nephew into the fold so they could become a family again, what with his mother and father dead. If Vegeta got redemption, why not Raditz?


He was weaker than a Saibaman and still a

I really doubt that.

Esto es el fin

spic are you stupid or just pretending to be?

His power is retconned like every arc.
Expect Whis to make a shitty comment like "so Jiren wasnt actually stronger than the GoDs huh" at the last minute, followed by everyone gasping and Beerus smirking.

Seems like the natural progression. If SSB is kind of like the equivalent to SSJ (as in it's the base form of SSB), and there's SSJ2 (and so on), then it wouldn't be too farfetched if the form Vegeta achieved is essentially SSB2. And he could "go even further beyond." Might be cool too. Goku attained SSJ3 and Vegeta attained SSB3. Now if Vegeta were to get something similar to MUI. Was hoping that the final episodes would have Goku develop the "defensive" form of UI and Vegeta gets the "offensive" form and they'd fuse to form the MUI as Gogeta. But with MUI being both defensive and offensive (as well as Vegeta getting ringed out), that ain't gonna happen now. If they make another series, maybe Vegeta could learn from Beerus and attain GoD power.

I like to think that the form Vegeta uses is something more akin to Trunk's form.

Maybe Jiren was just stronger than their universe's GoD and perhaps the strongest in their entire universe, but he's not stronger than other universe's GoDs.

Beerus is the strongest GoD shown and we don't even know how big is a power gap between god aprentice like Toppo and UI.

Manga went as far as making Beerus being able to fend off every GoD at the same time.

>Your name is Belmod
>You’re a decent GoD who’s still in the upper half, Mortal Level-wise
>You’re a reasonable GoD who works well and is on good terms with your angel and kaoishin
>You’re a benevolent leader who proudly supports the efforts of the Pride Troopers to bring peace and justice to your universe
>Ever the pragmatist, you sneak a GoD, as well as a mortal beyond a GoD onto your team
>You are aware that everybody else is cannon fodder and that your two trump cards could destroy everyone in minutes if they so desired
>Go to the ToP, confident that you have the superior hand, and that things will work out as planned
>The cannon fodder goes out and tries to get eliminations, while your trump cards sit back idly and watch Beerus’ monkey men have GoD-tier powerups handed to them
>Toppo, your friend and chosen successor, is getting smacked around by a blue kawaii monkeylet. Not wanting your successor to be eliminated without knocking off a single person, you desperately scream at him to stop messing around and to finish it… but alas, Toppo’s time is over
>Jiren, your trump card, your salvation, does everything in his power NOT to eliminate the one person you explicitly told him to eliminate. Knowing all too well the bullshittery and black magic that Beerus’ orange hobo monkey is capable of pulling off, you make it a point to remind Jiren to KNOCK HIM OFF AT ALL COSTS. Yet every time Jiren gains the upper hand, he relents and allows the monkey to keep getting stronger.
>After being eliminated, the blue kawaii monkeylet even tells you to your face that your planning and superior fighter mean absolutely nothing since the monkeys have the power of plot armor and asspulls on their side
>Taking these words in, your eyes widen. The cold hand of despair clutches you as you realize the reason for your imminent loss: that orange hobo monkey is the main character, not Jiren.

t. lesser saiyanfag

They can always asspull an evil son of El Grande Padre that wasn't working for any GoD (what do the angels do if their universe gets erased)
Also they could build up stuff from the universes that didn't participate in the ToP or the fact that GoDs aren't eternal entities and any mortal can become one if they try hard enough


La creatura...

>GoD-tier powerups handed to them
jiren is literally inexplicably stronger than the gods because uhh... his parents were killed by an evil-doer?

I would have preferred if Vegetto blue had been used here, instead of Zamasu, without the UI thing, but it was a good episode.

None of this matters anymore now that Goku has completed UI (which Beerus hasn't), and making Jiren his bitch (who is stronger than at least the average GoD).

So even if Beerus is stronger than Jiren, the fact that Blanco Goku is shitting on Jiren so hard indicates he's probably stronger than Beerus now.

This is with taking his manga incarnation that is actually proven to be strong. Anime Beerus has no feats at this point, he might be barely stronger than Kawaii Blue Vegeta for all we know.

he's just strong man
he trained like REALLY hard
turn your brain off

>who is stronger than at least the average GoD
Define average relative to Beerus who is clearly pretty bullshit (at least in manga).

It's going to be form vs raw power if they ever fight again. Which is questionable since there's no story setup for it unless Beerus actually wants to fight Goku now that he stoped being inferior.

>oh i've been too lazy and this saiyans caught up to me
>trains half an hour with whiss
>ah back to being stronger than mortals and already got UI

Did Jiren master a technique in 25 minutes that GoDs couldn't master in millions of years? I'm not even saying Jiren is justified, but Goku MASTERING UI is absolutely ridiculous.

ok but what if Freeza trained for two days in the hyperbolic time chamber

>mastering Angel tier technique through an asspull transformation

Defend this.

Whis back in RoF, when talking about moving without thinking, said that Beerus hadn't "completely mastered it", so Beerus having some incomplete form of UI does seem straight from Toriyama's script.

Freeza will totally win and revive all the universes to sell galactic shit to them and to conquer some new planets.

>25 minutes
goku was already in the midst of learning UI prior to the tournament and it isn't illogical that an extreme situation such as this forced it out of him

It's not really "Mastering" it. What Goku is getting isn't the Cell Games version of SSJ for UI, it's the Namek version of SSJ for UI. It's just that beforehand we were seeing the Lord Slug version of SSJ for UI. Note that officially the new form is just "UI", the mastered/perfected/completed thing only comes up as a description to differentiate it from UI Omen (which was just called UI too in the anime).

there is no fucking way that'd be Freeza's wish

he'd wish himself back to life

>goku was already in the midst of learning UI prior to the tournament


imagine being on U11's Sup Forums, i bet the pride troopers show is way better than DBS
but they are probably complaing about it just as much as us

no but jiren just powers up and is somehow on the same level as someone who has mastered an angel tier transformation

yes, yes you are

>Jiren was holding back all allong.

It's not that hard is it?
>Goku wins ToP
>wants to wish everyone back
>whishes everyone into U7
>Goku and Vegeta fuck off along with all the Jiren, GoDs, Angels, Zeno and El Grande Padre to 'train' or some shit
>new universe 7 brings a ton of problems with tons of races going to war, there suddenly being tons of saiyans, robots etc
>Dragon Ball Ultra focuses on how the remaining cast fights for fun and peace in the universe
>villains like Frost or some other universe's Buu are actual threats, but the number of threats mean that the full cast can't always be there, so the writers have to use characters seen in the ToP
>whip out Goku, Vegeta or Jiren for finale and/or SoL segments

Is the lack of nipples in Jiren because the animators chose to not draw them or he REALLY has no nipples?

Jiren will turn UI and will become slightly more powerful than Goku, in the inevitable beam struggle Freeza will distract Jiren with his full power attack and Goku will win a la Gohan vs Cell

Screencap this

muy goku = very goku
you cant escape the blanco memes

I really wish that version stayed for a little bit longer.

They had better stories how to end the tournament and they choose this worst possible way by making goku pulling power ups from nothing giving him a different hair color (stupid) making him overpowered fighting an overpowered character non villain with little to no background story or interest

Every time I see this image I feel like throwing ones at the screen

Jiren is going to beat him still. Barely, but he will.

>vegeta lost his father (and nearly his entire race for that matter) to an evil doer
>vegeta has also trained his entire life
why isn't he stronger than all of the gods wtf

Dabura was the demon king, just introduce his replacement and some GoD tier demons. Give Piccolo a demon power up.

Because speedwatcher (You damn sure don't read), Whis stated Vegeta doesn't let his body rest and as a result, he isn't able to gain any long-term strength.

imagine one ep of that were its like the sea king vs mumen rider scene but with DB characters

>he isn't able to gain any long-term strength.
then why isn't vegeta still saiyan saga level wtf

This and the other Dragonball thread only goes to show Dragonball fans are retarded. Yes, that's right, RETARDED. Do you idiots not remember 30 years ago when Goku reached a legendary state, defeated the tyrant of space, then the good ol' Red Ribbon Army developed robots even stronger than Goku? My point is if they want to they can always create some excuse for stronger foes easily. And will because Dragonball makes too much money not to.

Link to episode 129

Its just an censorship choice just like the pants, he is going to look like this in the manga

Jiren fucks em both up :>)
Overpowers goku and Frieza gets cought the the destruction

In terms of surpassing Goku, it'll never happen. No rest for his body is holding him back. He got the strength from sheer will and pride, but that's not enough if he wants to go further.

His parents were killed by his brother.

El Hermano is going to come true, just like blanco.

selective resting ;)

Alien Raoh knows musou tensei now...

I hope poever posted this shit originally is fucking suffering