Oroka na tenshi

Loli angel falls in love with a demon boy. Support my manga please.

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For what it's worth, you're not alone. I love this shit. Wish it'd get translations.

Are you the user who made the last thread a few days back? I think you and I are the only ones in this world who read this manga.

This is rape.

Don't let the loli die Sup Forums.

Dumping chapter 19.

Nah, I've never posted about it. I discovered it some time back through a one-page thread. Been loving it ever since. It's so high quality I'm actually very surprised it isn't more popular.

Off to a good start I guess.

Page 2, reminder that amane is PERFECTION


Okay no one cares about this I guess so here is the link

>no link
Truly devilish satan

Volume 1 raws where? I only have the second one

Yaaa, gomen gomen

I got u user. oldrawmanga(dot)tk/2017/06/oroka-na-tenshi-1.html?m=1

Smug loli angels are great

WHAT THE FUCK Sup Forums!!!!

>femdom bait
My dick is pleased

She likes him, but is too stubborn to admit it.

Don't die

They both like each are, but are too autistic. It's basically gintama as a romcom.

But he recognizes his like of her. He's super autistic tho, you are right. She's just fucking with him, but secretly likes him.

What chapter is this?

The chapter where they tried to make each other fall in love was peak romcom in manga

Gods yes, I loved it. Animoo when?

Love this manga. Shame the translations aren't frequent.

Chapter 13, you can read it here

I love this manga, this needs to be more popular

Based OP

Thanks user this wasn't on nyaa or where I get my raws so I can finally start reading this

Who can I pay to translate this?
I'm serious

This manga is probably close to being axed even in Japan, an anime is as possible as you finding gold in your backyard user.

That's too bad. It's so good.

Literally no one. No one likes to translate lolimanga anymore because anime and manga has become mainstream and traps are what's popular now.

Where did everything go so wrong?

>loli manga

She's a first year highschooler user.

Loli is a body type.

Don't let lolis fool you user.

Loli is an age group. Pettanko is a body type.

I don't believe you. There must be someone

What did he mean by this?

For an angel, she's awfully evil.

Amane is pure, but she does evil things to my dick for sure.

Mine too user, mine too...

The fact that she's an S is hawt

Picked up.

Rip best boy

It has furigana user you should we able to read that, anyway how many chapter are translated? I might translate it over the next couple of weeks since user seem interested in it

>femdom shit
No thanks.

Goddamn it, I said I'd make a thread when I got them, I thought it'd be best if I translated all of volume 3 in one go, that's why is taking me a bit more.
I'm here my brother of another mother.

Where did you get this? The quality is much better than the RAW I got from nyaa.

You have brought light to my life again user

Fuck. From the thumbnail I thought she was tanned but she's just blushing.

>This manga is probably close to being axed even in Japan

Lolidom and femdom are completely different!

Nah you're not alone.

Cropped the manga page

Yes it was.

Is this chapter straight from a battle shounen?
Not even bad.

Oh Shit. You're a lifesaver user. Thanks!

I, too, am busy waiting.

Maybe if you trick Sup Forums into thinking she is illya and this is yet another fate spin off.
The whole incest rouse a coupleof months ago didn't work it seems

Wouldn't demon loli with angel boy be better?

This manga's great, thanks for the heads up OP.
The joke is that she is quite mean while the demon boy is pure and wholesome.

Bokuben is better.

what the shit happened to scanlations? did the group doing this drop it, even though it was fairly popular?

The translator moved it to the lowest priority.

Bokuben is fucking garbage and not better than anything.

Fuck off Azuma, do more H-manga

How did I not know about this? Bless you user, I'll be fapping until nighttime.


Top tier angel.

>Demon boy is pure and wholesome.
>When the guy knows what being backed up is.

This desu

>Characters: marie rose (17)

Yeah right. The characters are basically the MCs of this manga.

Why is the mc so based? He is no unrealistic alpha or pathetic beta, he is literally a chad

>sponsoring the creation of filthy nephilim

Wish the demon ""boy"" was a boy, not a grown ass man

What the hell are you talking about? Men look like THIS, the mc looks like every normal non-soy teenage boy.

user I just saw this thread and I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for translating this.
It's honestly one of my favorite series at the moment and I was so relieved when the last translation came out and you said you hadn't dropped it.
I don't know any Japanese but if you need help proofreading please let me know and I'd be more than willing to help in whatever (limited) capacity I can.

If he looked like the blonde boy you posted. It would've been better

To each his own I guess, I like his unique look. May not appeal to fujos though

but I like this manga, its cute.

>I'm here my brother of another mother
Glad to see you user, can't wait for your translations, I'll always wait for your thread man. Do it for her user!


>The hair horn has veins

Goddamn she hits all my tastes perfectly. Iv been following this from when they translated the first chapter.

This manga really attracts only anons with patrician taste. I can't wait for a beach chapter with sun-oil shenaingans.

The way the author draws lips is great. Other than that is kind of meh

How can someone be so best Grill?

>anons rather spend their time making edits like these rather than translating the real thing

I read chapter 1 ages ago and it didn't seem very good. PTSD to Shana/Zero no Tsukaima and every other tsundere-done-badly anime.

Does it actually get better?

Yes, just don't expect anything great though but it's a fun series.

After the set up, it goes more into flirting battles rather than physical battles, and that's where the series really shines

I don't see how the humor doesn't appeal to you dudes. The gags are great.

I think everyone who knows about this series loves it. It just isn't as well known as something like bokuben for some reason.

page editors and translators are different roles, generally filled by different people.

>mc protects loli with his life

>lolimanga on Sup Forums is officially dead
Why am I still alive