Danchigai chapter 56

One of my favorite chapters. If you still don't love Yayoi after this, then there's something wrong with you.



But I only care about Mutsuki neesan

i want to rape Yayoi in front of OP




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Yayoi is that kind of bitch remembering old scores in argument, fuck her

Yayoi is a violent retard. Cute one tho,but still.

>chapter ended with Yayoi being a violent cunt as usual
>so thirsty that she discards other family members and only remembers things about Haruki
Tell me why should I like this little shit again?

her cunt is tight and muscled well


Onee-chan's better

God shes so cute, I want to bully her

Remember to tell your sister you love her.

He needs to fuck them already

i want to rape and kill your sister because i love her so much

Welcome to women

>Welcome to bitches


Shit, I didn't even notice she was angry when I read it.

>more Yayoi belly

>another Yayoi chapter
Thanks anyways OP

The little imoutos are the best and most cute.

Imoutos are for HUG not for FUG


>thought it's pretty amazing
thought it was

>ask Yayoi this?
I'd shorten it to just "ask Yayoi?"

>within 10 minutes after you've finished
within 10 minutes of finishing

>Don't say you have such amazing memory!
Is he trying to say that her memory isn't that much better than his/a normal person's? If so, you might want to use "Don't act like your memory is anything special!" or something.

Already did user.

Good job.

Go take care of the kids while Yayoi wraps her legs her legs around your brother in the other room.

>this fucking retarded cunt is using my haruki as punching bag again even though he's so nice and helps her all of the time. If it weren't for the twins right here I would wreck the shit out of her, better take this two out so they don't start copying her shitty behaviour. I'll give Haruki some bed fanservice as a reward for having to deal with that bitch later.

You faggots couldn't tell a good imouto even if she punched you in the face and called you an idiot.

>a good imouto even if she punched you in the face and called you an idiot
That would be a shit imouto if she did that.

Case in point.

Speaking of good imoutos, it's sunday so that one imouto manga should be getting something new.
Is it an omake or chapter week?

thanks again, looked good except for some phrasing most of which other user got . I think first panel here 'in anything' sounds odd, maybe 'at anything' or 'for anything'?

I was already in love with Yayoi since chapter 1 so this chapter is giving me diabetes right now

Cute that she knows everything about onii-chan. I wanna get wrapped by her legs too.

I like how Mutsuki and Uzuki have just accepted Yayoi's extreme brocon tendencies.

Also, good imouto saving her onii-chan from loli attacks.

Pretty much all women do this.

>remembering things is what studying is all about
>japanese education

Female cousin visiting who ends up falling for Haruki and becomes open about it when?

That'd be a giggle

>If you still don't love Yayoi after this, then there's something wrong with you.
>chapter STILL ends with Yayoi being shit
Something is obviously wrong with you.

>I feel obligated to tell you to please like and subscribe
Fuck off Yayoi.

that image would be 10% cuter if they didn't crop the toes

10% more Yayoi means 10% more cute.

That image would be 1000% cuter if it was Mutsuki and 2000% cuter for the twins.

I wanna see the mom now. Time to appreciate the beauty that gave the girls such great genes.

I'm pretty sure that's true in every country. You can't design standardized tests around whether people have developed any kind of analytical ability.

I'm just tired of this tsundere bullshit.



Can't wait until Haruki makes a hot sweaty dere mess out of her in bed.

Thanks op and cute chapter, but not the best Yayoi chapter.

She was really cute this chapter

If I see that fucking imouto one more time

Needs a spoiler edit.

I want to fuck Yayoi and not take responsibility.

200% jelly
Just rape him already, he's never going to make the first move


How was this supposed to make me like her? Were you joking?

>a cunt who doesn't care about her family
>only lusting for a cock
How did you not like her?

Onee-sans > Imouto

shit > yayoi

Imouto > onee-san

All sisters are great and deserve their brother's love.

imoutos > onee-san > imouto

Mutsuki deserves his seed.
The twins deserve headpats.
Yayoi deserves to be ignored.


Yayoi deserves a ring.

A red ring of death.

Twincest > Onee-san = Imouto

I agree in principle, but in case of Danchigai it's
Imouto 1 > Imouto 3 > Oneesan > Imouto 2

Of anything this shows how creepy yayoi its. Sheis a potential stalker and yandere.

Good taste.


Why doesn't he just marry them all?

because he has a waifu already


I want her to enter high school already. Satomi and Aya must be dying to bully her about her brother complex once they get to the same school as Haruki.

Aneki is probably keeping an eye on those two already.