Netflix is saving anime

And bringing it into the mainstream. Soon everyone will be watching Netflix anime. They don't upload all that weird loli slice of life shit. Finally taking back anime from the weebs and otakus

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>And bringing it into the mainstream
Animé is dead, the normies have won.

I'd prefer if American Jews kept their grubby hands out of anime

ITT paranoid white people

Devilman crybaby is garbage. I'd rather have loli trash then edgy try hard shit

I think Netflix is good for anime, but I don't think anime becoming 'mainstream' is a good thing.
I think what Netflix offers is the same thing we saw when we had that uhhh... That period during the early 90's where Japan could make fucking ANYTHING into an OVA and then ship it to Americas, have it dubbed, and sell it on overpriced VHS and it'd sell- especially if it was gorey or ridiculous.

That's my personal theory at least.

Fuck off.

How is high definition anime released at a low cost in the to massive amounts of people the same as obscure overpriced OVAs on VHS tapes again?

Good good.

I'ts a poison pill, soon Actors Guilds will get involved and mandate a political agenda for every-show. Netflix will lead the vanguard for the Propagandizing of Anime.

could you elaborate on your point

im interested

I'm not a maggotskin lol (for the countless racists on this site, no offense to normal white people)

Finally a man of culture. I'm tired of moeshit.

eh, voice actors are easily replaced so what the actors think are moot.

You're tired? I was never able to stand it.

The n-n-normies have won!! AGHHH!

The film industry will not allow Anime to become mainstream unless the producers agree to enter binding contracts. Essentially handing over IP, writing and talent to Western Public Relations Firms.

Kill yourself faggot, not even china streaming brings in alot of money.
Netflix is secretly funded by the gov, people who've left says their bankrupt but still keep going somehow.

it's a big deal if the said company is contractually obligated to hire a member from that guild for show production. The guild could strike and hold the company hostage until it meets whatever demand is presented.

How come the mods haven't put threads with Netflix on the OP on autosage already?

What the fuck? What was the point of this?

>soon Netflix and Amazon will force studios to stop pandering to pedos
Feels good.

Throwback to the manga.
That girl was another devilman in the manga and had a little bit more focus in the manga istead of just one scene in the anime.

didnt they changed the plot and foced characters to be gay and black, whitout reason?

so less loli bait and more quality anime?

Not weird Sup Forums is screeching about it like it will end anime forever

Stop making these threads, you’re attracting Sup Forumstards and tinfoilers.

The "Focus Groups" decide that. their job is to tear through a script, censor content and twist the plot. So it will fit into whatever politically correct mold that is being presented at the time. They are basically modern day Soviet Censors.

because that works so well in other departments right?

If you seriously think that Netflix is going to cause the death of anime and the elements that make it enjoyable, you’re retarded. It FUNDS the medium and has no involvement behind the actual production. One thing that creators have said about Netflix is that they actually have more freedom than with traditional productions, and are not pushed to censor certain portions. The worst damage they can possibly do is fund a few shows that flop in Japan to appease their fag subscribers. The problem is that usual problems of anime production still persist, even though there's no reason for them to. The schedules are still insane, with some people even worse.
Second, 90% of its fanbase will always be Japan, then China, then the rest of Asia. Even Netflix will never make it to only pander to USA; it simply won't work. If they make shit like a second-rate Space Dandy, it's only going to tank.
Third, Netflix is a relatively new force in the Japanese market. Yes, they're a cash cow - however, they aren't essential to the market. Studios are producing shows perfectly fine relying almost entirely on the domestic Japanese market, and the addition of Netflix isn't going to impact their ability to survive on the it - this just means that there's an alternative for studios who want to produce content for Netflix market. They don't make nearly enough money to fuck with the industry on a grand scale, nor would they be willing to spend that much in the first place. Also, BD sales surpass streaming sales every time.

TL;DR- Nip studios are making more shows just to have a place for these foreign capitals to invest in without letting them take over and directly control some of the production committee.


Gotta catch 'em all!

Their goal is not monetary, It is all political and agenda based. Media does influence people. Men will tend to self insert into a portrayed male lead and same for women in the female lead. they in a sense become role models that the viewer will subconsciously try emulate. How the interpersonal conflict is portrayed and the "Rational" steps a male/female lead takes to resolve it is where the propaganda portion really kicks in.

Why? I hate these racist losers lol, humanity would be better off if all of them died in a fire right now

But yeah, Netflix makes good anime, better than the current trash that is being AMD's produced every season with little girl obsession and shit

You know what would be perfect ? Netflix's Mazinger Zero

>They don't upload all that weird loli slice of life shit.
What is VEG?

Netflix is gay

you sound like an idiot

prolly projecting

I have to disagree, I feel Netflix is going to be the Camels nose for the Anime Industry.

You know what would be perfect?
Mazinger Zero actually getting translated.

Reminder people who make & post in these threads do not watch anime. They are crossboarders likely from Sup Forums who are obsessed with posting, yet have no anime watched so they cannot discuss any anime rather post about stupid shit like Netflix and Traps all day.

>B-But I watched 10 anime in the past 2 years I belong on Sup Forums!

I know, right? Let's all post PTE memes.


Devilman Crybaby is just another shitty adaption of the manga where it removes the humanity of the work just to focus on the violence and teenager shock value.

Right now it's all speculation and uncertainty. Netflix is only funding production companies as of now; if it does anything against their wishes, they will take measure against Netflix in return because it is attempting to push them out of the industry altogether. How Japan will go about this is another matter.

It's an issue only their government can address.

How will they react to a foreign company walking in and trying to Ideologically subvert a portion of the country's population.

Will they even be able to recognize what is happening?

>this thread again

Two next Netflix anime are cute girls idolshit.

Top kek.

>anime becoming mainstream
Fuck off Netflix. TV and capeshit along with the people they appeal to are absolute trash.