We Can't Study ch.53 Jaimini's Box

Kinda late but its here.


I mean, I know but I'm sure some didn't.


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A sudden ship emerged.









>pic related losers of narubowl



And Done

>It's a worst girl chapter.

I'm not even going to read it. Thanks anyways.

>not reading it for Kobayashi

>inb4 Oomori ended up with Kawase too

I loathe Uruka, not even Kobayashi can save her chapters.

He might get with one of /lit/'s friends instead.

Well what a waste. Uruka is basically dead even she's trying to get the fuck up in the game.

Still a nice chapter.

here we see the Manlyuki transform into the Moeyuki

Or the maids. Actually, the maids seem like a better choice.

How long ago was the tournament?
Isn't it t too fast for Kobayashi and swimming girl?

Thank God it wasn't another /lit/ chapter, I would've killed myself.
/lit/is one of the most boring and stupid characters on this anime with her stupid ambition of star gazing at her mom. What the fuck is up with that??? LMAO.
Also she is flat as fuck. Hell even yuiga has bigger pecs than her flat screen TV esque body of an eleven year old boy.
Also she is the only character to show violent tendencies towards yuiga for her petty feeling of jealous. She comes across as bad as chitoge. Yet won't accept it and continues to deny it for no particular reason. Tsundere much?
She's a crappy friend who pretends to give a shit about midget girl and uruka but is selfish as fuck. But then giggles like a dumb cunt everytime sci or sp make a move, mocking them in secret after sharing the night with poor yuiga.
Seriously, fuck /lit/and her stupid mosquito bites titties. She clearly is mentally unstable by having Daddy and abandonment issues, yuiga should know better than sticking his dick in crazy.
She can't cook even if her life depended on it, at least sensei has breeding body so that makes up for her lack of kitchen skills. And just to jog everyone's memory you must recall the time she tripped on her own feet. Like seriously, what is wrong with her? Did she suddenly lose sense of gravity or is she just pretending to be a klutz before she goes full serial killer mode? Retarded as fuck
Ururaka is best girl even though she shot herself.

Yuuna >>> Nisekoi >>> Shit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bokuben

c'mon girl you're not going to win shit if you're happy with just that

>Your opinion

Jesus christ how much money do these dumbasses spend on studying.

Meant for

Is the driver calling them out?

So next chapter is Nariyuki cross dressing?

>people hate this cutie

>>It's a worst girl chapter.
But sensei does not even appear in this chapter. Unless I'm missing something in the background?

>he then skyrockets into first on the popularity poll
Only in my dreams. If I could I would have voted for him.

Sup Forums /senpai/ or /sensei/ ends are all acceptable /lit/ and /sci/ can disappear

>Sup Forums acting like faggots

I like that Nariyuki is the shy blushing girl in this.

>he got first place
>most of the votes are actually from Y-san

Yes please

Wait, is this the first time these two were introduced or did I miss it?

Been too long since the last Uruka chapter.

Speed reader pls go

Well somebody has to get stomach cancer...


How to get tan swimmer gf?

Is it wrong to miss manlyuki after so many chapters of moeyuki? What scenarios would he have to get into to tap into his MAN form?

First you need to become the human embodiment of moe.
Once you've done that, I'll tell you the next step.

>What scenarios would he have to get into
They refuse to study.

Another /lit/ chapter? We get one like every 10 chapters, it's not often at all.

>chapter 1
>"/lit/ roflmaololol isnt she basically onedera2.0"
>chapter 53
>"/lit/ as bad as chitoge"

Consider suicide

Mizuki chapter when?

Go Toubun >>>>>>>> your list

That was a nice manga.

Uruka has the most chapters.
And I hate that.

The fuck? I was sure he was gay.

You mean you were hoping, fag.

World End Harem >>> All ongoing romcom

>isnt she basically onedera2.0
Who would've thought that it'll be Sup Forums instead who become onodera2.0

Haha just as expected. The guy swooped in when the girl was in a vulnerable form. I bet there's a guy kouhai in the swimming club that likes the girl and supports her earnestly, but did not expect an outsider to swoop in and teach her about the physics behind the pneumatic piston and how much energy is needed to push the tube into the hole.

Are they seven years old? What a ridiculous reaction.

Unintended comedy best comedy.

This isn't a /lit/ chapter.


>I would've killed myself
Please do.

Any girl besides sensei/senpai is shit.

But sensei is shit too

I doubt that's even true at this point

Thanks for the new pasta

I hate wars between fans of different girls. All the girls in this manga are enjoyable. People angry and shitposting just makes people like their girl worse.

>Sup Forums
Yeah, if you have shit tastes

Progress? what's progress?

>All the girls in this manga are enjoyable
Except Mizuki. Mizuki a shit.

>tfw no gamedev gf

Hey!!! Fun fact!!
Do you know what rhymes with shit??

I just want some actual NTR in this. is that too much to ask?

Yuiga is now on a first name basis with uruka without her having to remind him about it. He's using it naturally

You'll get one with Kobayashi/Umihara later.

Is this /u/?

>All the girls in this manga are enjoyable.
Except /lit/
She can fuck right off

>Oomori realising Yuiga's aim
>best bud Kobayahsi doesn't

Well, that's a change.

>MOEyuki in a maid costume

So wait, did she actually kiss him then?


>Sup Forumsfags have gone from insisting /lit/ isn't love with Moeyuki to outright calling her shit

Lesbian friend or just jealous?

Al dente.

>Sup Forumsfags got extra butthurt at /lit/fags after realizing Uruka didn't actually kiss him

You should kill yourself /lit/ hater.

I suppose it was only a matter of time. Especially considering /lit/fags have been calling Sup Forums shit for months

I thought Koba-sama was going for imouto. Umicchi is fucking cute though, reminds me of cat.