Dragon Ball Super

This show is almost over. We don't know about the manga, but the anime is almost over.

Do you think that, Toei is gonna ever explain the fuck up with the universes ranking system, or it's gonna be buried forever?

I'm mean, come on!

Everyone saw the last Tournament between U6 and U7. Including Zeno.
That tournament was dominated by U7 fighters, they DID WON.
Not to mention Beerus is way stronger than Champa (may peace be upon him).
So you can't say "ningens lost, but the Hakaishin is stronger".

Now how the fuck is Universe 6 is superior to Universe 7???

> If you would say it's TOei's fault, I 'd believe that!

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t. brainlet who doesn't know how mortal levels work

how can you still be pushing this pasta

Miss me yet?

no, kefla will never show up again.

>gohan the only saiyan in the tournament not to break his limits

pffffftttttt ahahahahah oh no no no

Men like Goku
Women like Vegeta
Faggots like Trunks
No one likes Gohan

Majin Buu and Freeza did job and destroyed many-many planets with some alive begins. It caused to drop mortal level U7.

That's not how averages works, user, U7 mortal level sucks because U7's Kaioshin is a noob and U7's Hakaishin is a lazy incompetent fuck

Gohan broke his limits against the robot gatai, entire episode was about him sorry. The one who didn't break their limits were Kale and Caulifla, because they fused.

>Gohan broke his limits against the robot gatai
nice headcanon

yep he did, I rewatched that episode just to check it and he did when he pushed the robot back and then he also broke his shell again by fighting Dyspo. No need to be mad.

Why is Toei trying to make Goku seem heroic? He only entered the tournament to fight strong guys.


no arguments etc concession etc

DBS and Promised Neverland are the only two anime I watch/read.


>manga:Toppo is a GoD candidate, basically a GoD in all senses, except for the title, he even has god ki
>anime: Toppo is a GoD candidate, basically a GoD in all senses, except for the title, he even has god ki... but only after he uses this new edgy bulky transformation!

>manga: Vegeta is equal to (non UI) Goku, GoD candidate tier too, perfect opponent for Toppo
>anime: Vegeta is equal to (non UI) Goku, GoD candidate tier too, perfect opponent for Toppo... but only after he unlocks this new flashy bluer transformation!

>manga: non UI Goku and current Vegeta are pretty much equals, therefore Goku is GoD candidate tier too
>anime: non UI Goku and current Vegeta are pretty much equals, therefore Goku is GoD candidate tier too... but only after he went able to asspull a higher KK multiplier on top Blue!

Why is Toei so greedy

Kale controlled his LSS form and Caulifla mastered SS2, then Kafla went over the top
Gohan did absolutelly nothing new, at the end of the tournament he's exactly the same guy as before, unlike every other saiyan at the tournament

>Kale controlled his
Broly will never exist in the story.

>on the bench
>still the GOAT
why is vegeta so based? he shut that fucking clown up

>mastered ss2
>breaking limits
lol no, she didn't break any fucking limit. Maybe Kale did break her limits but she could still fight and get stronger shame she fused.

Gohan broke his limit against the robot no matter how much you hate him, watch the episode.

his limit breaking is being a scholar you shitfuck

keep seething cuck

Best chatacter that will never get a credible win because Goku is Toei's John Cena.

Is this the retard containment general?

>#1 in Japan
>#1 in Sup Forums

So why aren't you a vegetafag, user?



wtf delete this...everyone knows muh gokek is most popular

>implying toriyama gives even half a shit about any of this

d-delet.. b-but gokek is the one beating j-jiren..

I love how you have nothing but headcanon to deny Toriyama's involvement in this.

Goku is probably the only character he remembers off the top of his head when no reminded. It's so obvious he doesn't care. He couldn't even remember SS3.

Because I've always been a loyal fan of his son. But Vegeta is cool too.


>vegetakeks still mad that CHADku is going to save the day again while JOBeta warms the benches

>gokek needs asspull after asspull
>still not enough to beat jiren
gokek on suicide watch

>what is OH MY CABBA
>what is ssb kawaii
Keep crying vegetakek CHADku's winning and there's nothing you can do to stop him.

>gokek winning
nice headcanon, dont off yourself when he loses to jiren and then frieza steps in to save the day.

had this thought after waking up in the middle of the night last night:
its possible that Jiren gets completely enraged after everything Goku is doing and kills Goku, and then Frieza gets the wish after U11 gets DQ'ed and erased.

>someone wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about this shit

well thats fucking pathetic

Cabba is an inspiring guy.

OH MAN!!!!!
When Goku mastered Ultra Instinct I was legit happy as a 8 years old me! That was so intense!!! All the GoDs respected goku by standing the moment they saw the mastered ultra instinct, that was so epic to see. Vegeta trusting in Goku, KNOWING he will master Ultra Instinct in the current fight, I had goosebumps the most in this very moment. I am rating this episode for my self 11/10. I LOVED every single second of the episode. Every moment of it was full of excitement for me and I was for 23 minutes long with goosebumps. Best episode up to date!"
I don't care what anyone says. Episode 129 was amazimg. Episode 129 is my all time favorite episode in Super - and easily one of my all time favorite episodes ever in Dragon Ball history. Long live the legendary Son Goku. The greatest character in anime history without doubt. Still so hyped. I've already rewatched episode 129 a few times now. Its still so epic every single time. I freaking love Goku. We are witnessing the rise of the legend of Son Goku!

This is only the beginning. When Super comes back, expect new universes explored. New threats revealed. Enemies with UI themselfes. But Goku will always find a way to overcome the odds: ) He's Son Goku afterall

>GODku literally MASTERED UI
>The form that had auto dodge hax at the beginning
>NOW it has Melee aimbot
>"h-he'll still l-lose"

>forgetting jiren will break his limit

kiss yourself


>breaking his limit

kiss youu

>he didn't see next episode preview

>blue vegetto was stated to be only around beerus by supreme kai
Never happened, Shin said Vegetto was stronger than Beerus

he said he MIGHT be.

manga isnt canon

Post characters that will defeat Goku next episode I'll start.

>Cabba before the ToP: He's at beast a SS
>Cabba after the ToP: He just unlocked SS2, a form twice stronger than before

>Kale before the ToP: She's a pretty strong SS, but she can't even control herself.
>Kale after the ToP: She can control her power as SS and it's even greater than before, even stronger than a SS2.

>Caulifla before the ToP: She's a SS that can't repeat her SS2 transformation (she's not even a SS2 in the manga)
>Caulifla after the ToP: She finally controls SS2, a form twice stronger than her formerself, just like Cabba

>Goku before the ToP: He's GoD candidate tier
>Goku after the ToP: He's angel tier

>Vegeta before the ToP: He's a SSB
>Vegeta after the ToP: He evolved beyond SSB, GoD candidate tier

>Gohan before the ToP: He's the same as he was at Boo arc
>Gohan after the ToP: He's the same as before the tournament

Keep deluding

It's over jiren/jobeta keks.

So? That's still consistent with the scale.



wrong, gohan got stronger, keep denying it.

>that fag that thinks Jiren is getting UI or something like that because Toei uses the same aura they use with UI Goku but red
Are you the same retard that said Jiren used god ki to beat Goku the first time they fought because his aura was similar to SSB's but red?

So if the manga goes pass the anime, does that mean the manga will have one more enemy for Goku to fight before the movie?


>gohan got stronger

>gohan got stronger
Sure thing.

>No Yamcha option
Bad poll

I don't think the manga will pass the ToP (unless the manga has the new movie as an arc)

This is effectively the best fight in anime history. Holy fucking shit, vegetakeks eternally BTFO.

That said I really like Vegeta's character and how he made that clown squirm.

Do you love Vados?

I wouldn't be surprised, the manga was made to promote the anime.

Of course it won't continue past the ToP. The title for 131 is "Farewell... until we meet again". Super is ending. Put two and two together for once.


are you gay?

there is something wrong with you, nothing you have to say is valid toyoshill
I accept your concession

Nice headcanon

>post yfw GODku wins

Here's my theory. Goku/freiza win but before the wish is made freisa kills one of the zeno. If zeno is all powerful then why would he need guards? Its because he is actually weak. Then in rage the other zeno erasers everything and the final scene is zeno drifting alone in nothingness. As the screen fades you hear him start to cry. A melodic remix of head chala plays as the credits role

Yes I love him very much.


Anime came out before the manga also why continue when the show is ending?

>being this mad because halfbreeds didn't became stronger after the ToP
Gohanfags are amazing

don't talk to me or my son ever again

>Anime came out before the manga
Huh but that's wrong, user. Nice headcanon anyway

There's only three possible endings now:

>Ordinary Toeifaggotry:
-Goku and Jiren fight until time runs out
-U7 wins since they have more people left
-Revives universes

>True Toeifaggotry:
-Kakarot BTFOs Jiren hard
-Revives universes
-Becomes Angel tier and Beerus fucks off from earth cause he's scared or something
-Show ends with Kakarot literally being the strongest being in all multiverses outside of Zeno and his crew

>MAXIMUM Toeifaggotry:
-Kakarotto and Jiren get double-KO'd
-Frieza left in the arena because, literally, they "forgot" about him
-Freeza wishes to revive all the universe because he's a good guy now but he'll totally pretend he did it for selfish reasons like wanting to piss off El Grande Padre


The zenkai boosts on Namek was such bullshit.

It's the only way Toriyama could carry the 3 saiyans to the end.

I agree

Dragon Ball will be back, and I'll be laughing when we become the Chads of Sup Forums again

Fuck, meant to say west supreme kai.

>cried like a bitch after getting beat by jiren
What did vegeta mean by this?


>he didn't scream like a retard
>he didn't get stronger


Man I wish they actually would show some fighting, the gimmick of YATATATATA and big explosions doesn't work in super because the detail on auras and beams and shit just is not there. It doesn't show off the power well at all. Super hasn't had a single actual fight scene with choreography.

But I am

this never happened i guess

>Chads of Sup Forums

gotta get them toy and dokkan moneys

>tfw top 3 characters literally not plot relevant, not even EGP

>Toei keeps making shit looking forms to sell toys and make Dokkan money
>never gives Gohan a new form to sell even more toys/dokkan shit
What, why?