With this season close to ending, which series did you enjoy the most?

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Nothing beats Devilman Crybaby this season for me.

Nothing really. I enjoyed rewatching stuff.

Pic related

I wish ramens had more baseball. baseball uniform Lin is so cute

Been craving for Hosoyan recently so I've cleared some stuff in my backlog. It's literal harem trash but Hosoyan's on it so its bearable.
As for this season, I've had most fun with otome prince (more theo pls), comfy with mummy, durarara-lite with pork ramen, and feels with baby shittas




It is not too early in his young career to say that without a doubt Hosoya is one of the greatest actors of all time.


it habbening
He truly is. There's something in his voice that makes me so hard and wet.
He's on SayoAsa movie and just a single line of his in the pv gives so much impact.
Hatanaka has some potential too but he's not getting roles recently.

No Competition

I actually downloaded that Ito Junji episode with the ancestors twice just to listen to him. He's really good.

>he's not getting roles recently.
Isn't it because of his throat surgery?

This series had some cuties

Same. The greatest love story ever told.

It has the cutest boy.

his blushing butt was the best

I heard the show is a shitshow though, mind telling the eps he's in?
Didn't know about that, hopefully he recovers soon and voice more BLCDs.

He means Hatanaka.

user misread and I agree that Hatanaka needs more roles. Don't know when Kabaneri 2 will be out.


Oops, disregard that then.

So is there anyone else watching second season of this?

Not that user, but yeah. He took a necessary and needed (the guy a lot of intense screaming after all) break. I know his EnStars role was reassigned. At least he’s back and well. I hope he was able to learn about his muscles to protect his instrument for the future. I better prepare my body now for oyaji Hosoya.

What went wrong?


> mind telling the eps he's in?

Copied from the nip wiki - epi 1 No068, epi 2 No041, epi 5 No040 and No049, epi 7 No038, epi8 No088 and No027.

What a ugly bony ass

Based Trigger, he's so cute. Also nice trips Zorome.

Hello Zorome

02 bullying Hiro was amazing

So any cuties in B: The beginning? The characters design looks like my jam

It's funny how after those silly jokes about Goro's worry for Hiro they were making him as straight as possible in the lat two episodes

Psycho Pass manga looks super interesting.

You could say that again.

Thanks senpai.

Did anyone though this was actually going to have any homo?

No idea why homo thread latch into this so much, the boys are cute, but it's the quintessential otaku pandering show, not SSY.

It was fun at first and even made me cry but once we got to the Little Twin Stars boy it went to shit.

Is that before or after the time he spars with Sasayama who throws him his sweaty towel?

I’m still haunted from the homo hype in the threads that never came to be. What a ride.

Deffo Crybaby. Ramens and Babyshitter had good boys too.

Terrible animation, terrible writing, unlikable characters. It just had nothing going for it, except one fujobait shot per episode.

Don't reminder me. SD was the same.

Yeah, I'm surprised how much I don't like the cast. They really come off an unlikable cunts for some reason.

Is there a summary on this?

Not even the boys are cute to be honest. Average at best. The girls have cute design and special EDs for themselves.

>Did anyone though this was actually going to have any homo?
Nah, just fujos having mindless fun.
There are some hopes for Kaworu clone but that's it.

It's getting boring, repetitive and I don't really feel like continuing it. Bad animation, characters are retarded. Make me change my mind.

Saiki Kusuo and Koiame. Low-budget entertainment and moe old men are the best. Devilman also lived up to the hype.

I almost forgot to mention 3-gatsu because of the hiatus.

I salute you, user of good taste.

This one suave gentleman.

There's an official english version of the manga published by Dark Horse, go buy it.
What I really want is his and Sasayama's prequel LN. Would Dark Horse handle that as well?

To be honest, I only remember the Kouichi and Ancestors episodes, so that would be episode 1, 5 and 8. He's probably also showed up in a couple more.

But it was great. This was a rare instance in which we could believe forehand that homo was possible because of Urobuchi’s interview. Then the series itself raised questions. Those rage fueled sweaty work outs, Sasayama past, and don’t forget Choe wearing his boyfriends t-shirt.

Too bad the only confirmed homo was lesbos. Did the movie cover Sasayama at all? I really wanted more back story with him and Kogami.

>But it was great
Not really. The series had very little homo on the top of being really mediocre.

PP0? I loved it. It actually made me like Sasayama, something which the anime completely failed at. I also felt that relationship between him and Kougami, which only got more relaxed during the novel, even though they'd already known each other for quite a few years, was more similar to the later one between Kougami and Akane. Sasayama was a siscon by the way. I read this years ago, so I'm too blurry on details unfortunately, but I remember being creeped out as hell.

Why is this getting posted only on porn sites and not on regular manga sites?

Speaking of old homo series, anyone read/reading Hakkenden?



What's with the recent rise of father/son incest?

What N level do I need in order to read it?

But I'm not complaing. this time

I think I read it before taking the N2, but then again, I took that one late because I was lazy.

The speculation was. The series did let me down in some other areas. I can’t say well since PP was years ago, but I did have my frustrations with it. I still haven’t watched the movie or read any of the side materials.
The TV series failed with Sasayama because they didn’t give us much. We only knew that Kogami was very touchy when he was mentioned and we’d have rare tender moments of reminiscing between angry moments of remembrance.
Did you watch the extended version? It didn’t even know it existed.

I. Sorry.

Has it been updated lately? Haven't kept up with it.

It's BL.
Go ask the scanlator to put it up on dex.
Though it might be better for it to stay ubiquitous as it might offend the author.

I liked it at the beginning, but with the Twin Stars and Cinna drama, it went to shit.

They stopped focusing on the only good part of the show.

I did watch the extended version, but I honestly can't remember anything. I need to rewatch PP one of these days. Even though he only had one episode, he was important enough to Kougami, to be made at least a little sympathetic. I don't know, he just seemed a careless violent asshole, nothing to make us feel even a little bad that he had been murdered in such a violent way.

I didn't care about the movie too much. It had nice visuals, but the only scene that left an impression was Kamiya Hiroshi introducing that foreign city to Akane because I remember it being pretty damn bleak. I also liked it when Gino punched Kougami

>tfw it's already been two years

>Hello Shitty
No thanks

>SekiTomo will never mumble unintelligible engrish into your ear

The moment they pulled out the fatass and paired him with one of the cutest girls it was obvious this show wasn’t going to have anything for people who aren’t the typical otaku.

Kokoro clearly likes Mitsuru though, the fatty is there just for ntr.

Mitsuru is handsome

attempt to save declining birthrate: success
jesus christ this is cute

That cold opening for the first episode, man. I can’t remember thinking negatively of Sasayama, but I wanted to see more of the time when they were a team because of that hard mark he left on Ko.
And I appreciate getting to read your impression on them from the novel. I enjoy crime dramas and knowing that their time as partners was explored is sweet. Cool partner or butting heads, I like exploring the working relationship. But the siscon bit. Was it creepy because you don’t approve of incest or did he get dark with it?

>ahoge turns heart-shaped when he gets excited
Ah, my only weakness.

Psst, hey, become a babysitter so all the OLs and リーマン can go to work AND pop out some babies!

this anime is actually tempting me to

Guys, how is Hourou Musuko/Wandering Son? Is it a good manga? Does it respect the LGBT community?

It's unrelated to homo threads, you should make a thread.

Didn't it win multiple awards?

The one of the far left is the most obnoxious thing this season. The only thing he does is scream, shout and cry. He's the embodiment of the reasons why people don't like/want kids.

>Been craving for Hosoyan recently so I've cleared some stuff in my backlog.
I can't believe he voiced an actual slut in the newest Granblue event. It was glorious. I hope they do OVAs of the anniversary events one day so I can see it in motion.

I'm still waiting for this one

>Does it respect the LGBT community?
They seemed pretty triggered by the ending of the manga, since it ended in the most realistic way possible.

Don't make me pick up another mobage.

No, really, what did he mean by that?

I assume everyone was triggered by it since the manga got boring as fuck after a while. It's like the author didn't care.

Also she made fagboy trans too, disappointing.

I'd want to have a baby if I hadn't seen a baby irl. Abe should try harder.

got a no commentary LP for that scene?

Damn, I forgot to finish reading that manga.

Holy fuck what. Is there an audio rip or video cut of this?


Now, I don't really remember too many details, but it got dark. Sasayama was actually in love with her, but didn't want to cross the line. Their past together was also fucked up because she was raped by their dad, whom Sasayama killed, which in turn fucked up his CC, then she also committed suicide. He also has similar feelings for the heroine of the novel and functions as a parallel/foil to the villain.

The youtube ones I can find right now are in English, so I'd have to use my limited nip skills to search for a japanese playthrough. Might take a while.


Kek, this is great.

My orbital sides.

Season 2 was a mistake. But it also brought him to me. But then it ripped him away from me.
So the net result remains "a mistake."

>Hosoya voicing a slut
muh dick

I am terribly excited. I haven’t heard more than some samples for his adult works. I’ve been listening to CDs for years, but I just couldn’t get bare with him. Thank you.
By the way, with the rise of mobage, have any series released audio collections since events are limited? I picked up a couple of games for Hosoya, but I had to drop them. Not enough time or gacha luck to devote to accessing stories.

Now, kiss.