You know what to do!

You know what to do!

I wanna pat Haruhi on her head.

Whip her ass? She had it coming.

We've entered an endless recursion of time.

Do my summer homework?


They killed millions...

Hope for LN12 as always

Caress her cheek. Looks so tempting on that pic.

I like how Haruhi's main worry was Kyon not doing his fucking homework.

She wanted him to propose something instead of just blindly following, I think anything at all would have worked. That's what the epilogue implies with the poker symbolism


Never stop believing

Why does she sit like that?

Mayhaps her buttock are sore.

Hold on to the feeling.

The numbers of the holocaust pale in comparison to the non-believers killed by Haruhi and Kyon.

What could possibly be the reason?



Maybe they will want to look natural. Because some people sit in this position.

What would Haruhi and Kyon's wedding be like?

Kyon would be 20 minutes late


If anyone deserves Haruhi, it's Haruhisky.

Kyon is sleeping!

Where is she going with an outfit like that?

To Kyon's



Save Kyoanillions

My house

to be whorshipped?

Knock her teeth out?



Ridiculous, Haruhi doesn't need to undress to make people hard as diamonds

She doesn't deserve that.

slavic ancestry

All she needs now is some canned lager and cigarettes.

You're right, she deserves a lot of hugs and cuddles from me, her husband.

If only, if only

but i'm her husband


10/10 episode.

Please stop trying to impersonate me, it's creepy.

What are you doing here user? How many years has it been? Are you really going to keep waiting?

I see a nipple.

Surprising how she never gets raped in that.



I'm surprised haruhisky still hasn't done a Haruhi gangbang

As long as it takes.

Bah, I was too late


Poor Yuki. She's so cute though.


>ywn look down and see this

Someone seriously needed to beat the shit out of Haruhi. Never got it, so this doujin will do.



Oh god

Well if I would right now, I'd piss all over her face because I really need to pee.


I remember there being an edit of the scene where Gilgamesh steals Illya's heart with kyon's and Nagato's faces, do you happen to have it?

Kyon did not have to do this.

Yes, it's very sad for poor Yuki, but who would choose that world?

I know exactly what to do. Just gonna open up one of Haruhisky's doujins.

why was the dub surprisingly good?

I would literally LOVE to spend my sundays going to church to worship Haruhi. I suppose that feeling is as close i'd get to understanding religion.

Crispin Freeman's snark is what made it for me.

Yes, I do. I hope you aren't going to use it to break some poor anons feel bad.

Haruhiist reformation when? Kyon can be Martin Luther.

>And here are 95 reasons why pachinko machines are a scam and not a proper way to revere the Goddess

Reminder that Haruhi and KyoAnus ruined anime forever.

I'd like to think after WW3 or some shit people will uncover some Haruhi stuff and start actually worshiping her. Attending mass which is just everyone fapping in the temple to the haughty statue.

Unfortunately that future is just as likely for an anime character you don't like
>First Church of Kirino


>tfw there is a crusade by the church of Haruhi to purge the churches of Yuki and Mikuru for heresy.

>Literal waifu wars

Put the glasses back on, Yuki, I am megane man!

Not if I start the Lain cult first.

Is Nishinomiya-Kita High School the next St Peter's Basilica?

Humanity hasn't changed much has it?

P-p-please join the Church of Mikuru!

Or you could pull a Pandava Bros. and marry the same woman.

While we're talking about weddings here's a pic of my wife I snapped on our special day.

>history comes full circle and we have a second trojan war

What would the second Thirty Years War look like?

Just think about it, there's probably an actual Haruhi out there who is unknowingly steering our world to ruin. Never for there to be another anime adaptation of Haruhi ever again.
I hope she's happy ;_;

Mikuru a cute!

Why does she drink fizzy drinks so angrily?

Because it's angry water


What is she singing?


S3 will come!

It's been nearly 10 years user, I don't think it's coming.

Haruhisky is a god.

Thank the heavens that he found a dank way to "sell" uncensored shit

It will come, after Chinese investors acquire the rights and put a cheap, random chink studio to work to get some last money out of the bit of brand recognition this series has left.