Why does anime keep doing this?
>Inb4 loanwords
You're aware Japanese has words for all of these things, right?

>Muh cultural appropriation


Pretty sure it is up to japanese people who speak Japanese to decide what words they want to use? They just like the way they sound, so they use them, and over time, it became a more common thing. Not very confusing.

Imagine someone randomly using Japanese words while speaking English, because it makes them look kawaii and it sounds totemo kakoii. That's how cringeworthy it would sound, desu ne?

My favorite is "kissu". Did the Japs have no concept of kissing before Western contact?

Given that holding hands is treated like the lewdest shit ever, I wouldn't even be surprised.

It sounds stupid in english because that's not a thing people really do. Japanese people do that naturally. It's not rocket science.

You mean Japanimation?

I don't think its all that natural.

We borrow phrases and exclamations from different languages all the time, most often said the wrong way too.

We do the same shit with French words though

What you think about the dynamics of language change in Japan doesn't really matter.


Take a history class

>Complaining about other languages loaning words
Imagine being this retarded. Try speaking English without French or German loan words, then complain about others.

What a fucking stupid thread. You should feel bad, OP.

I bet OP thought this thread would go very differently.

mfw Japs call a fist pump a "Guts pose"
mfw Japs call an hourglass figure "style"
mfw Japs call an apartment a "mansion"
mfw Japs call Salisbury steak a "hamburg"
mfw Japs call a buffet a "viking"
mfw Japs call bike shorts "spats"
mfw Japs call Special Education "My pace"

Leaving aside that they're not nearly as common, English uses loanwords for things that it doesn't already have a word for. Every one of the things in OP's list could be said with a Japanese word instead.

>Thinks English took only loan words from French and Dutch
It's not even the same language before it whole sale assimilated those 2 languages.