What is your opinion on this anime?

What is your opinion on this anime?

Dropped halfway through the first episode. Never looked back.

Dumb seasonal trash that will be quickly forgotten after it ends


Yeah, I also couldn't marathon the first episode either.

It's trash, dropped after 2 episodes. Couldn't stand 90% of the characters since they were either boring or annoying

But it actually gets good at the end of that first episode

The first episode sucked and Trigger's terrible so I dropped it.

eva x monogatary

I like it

It's fun. Too many people get mad because it's been shitting up the board, but that's part of its charm.

Very disappointing; ever character is unlikable. I don't know why I'm still watching.

i put up with the shitty rap music for the NTR

>anything involving giant robots is eva

Damn I fucking wish.

I like Hiro and 02.

Kiznaiver + Mechs, so basically is trash

I watched the first four episodes yesterday and so far I'm not impressed. FranXX comes across as Store Brand Evangelion. Pretty much the same plot beats with far shittier execution. I don't know anything about this world, so why should I root for the characters?

I love it.

>Kiznaiver + Mechs
Damn I fucking wish

Meh.Only watching it for 02 at the point

trash which will be forgotten in a few weeks despite newfags forcing it as their first anime

Was just about to post this, she's the only thing I like about the show.

Can anybody deny at this point that Trigger has the worst studio fanbase? No matter what mediocre trash Trigger churns out it's celebrated by hoards of retards. This isn't quite as egregious as KLK, but it's still terrible.

this is worse than aldnoah zero desu

AOTS, haven't been this excited for a series in a long time.

Too bad about the Sup Forums IRC guys having a hate boner for this series though, to the extent they shitpost en masse in threads to try and kill any enthusiasm for the anime.

That makes it sound a lot better than it really is.

Seasonal shit. Pretty much no one will remember in a few years or so.

A kinda wild ride of expectations that btfo's me every time. Right when I start thinking "hey, could it be, dare I say, that this shit is very lame, not deep at all and just for funs" the next moment it proves me completely wrong. And the same goes for the thought "finally we're getting some serius shit and plot progression on a grand scale of things" and it throws me a beach episode and a comedy one right after that (both of them ending up better than I thought though).

This is getting 2 cours. So we're in for 16 more weeks of this shit. 16 weeks of having three FranXX threads with 300 posts each being in the catalog at all times.

It's going to be a shitposting classic and you know it, user.

I don't understand why this bothers people to the extent they shitpost in threads to try and kill peoples enjoyment for the series.

I mean the site has a fucking hide function for a reason. Or maybe they're so jaded and miserable that the enjoyment of others triggers them for some reason.

The problem isn't people having fun, it's the fact they bother other people with their shit as well and can't stay in one fucking thread. There's simply no point of having three threads of same shit.

This happens on every media board, not just Sup Forums.

then eureka x monogatary

Not a masterpiece, but I genuinely enjoy it and that's enough for me.

hope ppl will die soon

Hiro and 002 alone make it worth watching.

Goro is also pretty based.

Mo it doesn't.


No, a sizeable proportion of the shitposts on Sup Forums are "fabricated" in that they're being generated by disingenuous faggots who just want the threads to stop. Pic very related.

That's because 12 year olds on Discord (that sounds cancerous enough in and of itself) have made it their duty to bitch about this anime as much as they can.

Is thrash, nu/a/ loves it because waifu wars and ntr shit.

Stop spelling it as Monogatary you fucking inbred.

Was getting caught part of her plan?

You know, I used to make these same complaints. But it only bothers me on Sup Forums anymore.

Also, at least two of the Franxx threads were started by shitposters, ironically.

Greatest Love Story Ever Told

The writing is pretty good. I was expecting the second arc to be similar to the first arc and that was my mistake, but between the beach episode and the boys x girls episode I'm wondering how they'll wrap up the first half. It went gurren laggan when I was expecting it to go evangelion and that threw me a bit.

They may have over milked the heroic willpower trope in the first two arcs, but that's a pet peeve of mine after dbz, bleach, and naruto.

>pic related
I can't imagine being so sad and petty. And it has affirmed my instant opinion of the concept of an Sup Forums discord in that it's a cancerous clique of underage.

Good OP. Very little else, to be honest, but I liked the last two episodes with them discovering the fate of the previous group and discovering puberty. That was kind of fun.

Crashing this bath with no survivors.

>It went Gurren Laggan
Not until someone kicks the bucket

Something similar happened with the 2016 election on Sup Forums. But it was Hillary Clinton herself paying people to shit up the board. Look up Correct The Record.

Extremely inconsistent quality and tone. Some episodes are great, some are utter garbage.

AOTS, and if it doesn't shit the bed later on AOTY.

pretentious trash, only watching for ichigo desu.

Logo reminds me of manor f1's logo

It's fun.

does someone have 02's horn in png for shopping?

I genuinely love the sexual tyrannosaur.

Imagine having this shitaste

Generic garbage for horny teenagers.

Would this anime be more popular if all the characters were boys?

>I don't understand why this bothers people to the extent they shitpost in threads to try and kill peoples enjoyment for the series.

Didn't you get the memo, heterosexual relationships are bad. They're the devil incarnate. So of course this show having no lesbians, no gays, no yuri, no yaoi is gonna attract shitposters faster than honey is going to attract bears.

It's pretty bad, I'm glad it's flopping

Not sure who gets it yet, but it'll be someone. I'm not sure if it'll be fatoshi or someone with more character development.


>show is nothing but "dahling" with useless side characters, useless MC and zero plot direction
>obvious bait and switch happening with 002
>missed a chance to actually be an original and interesting story to instead pander to self inserting autists

hello t/u/mblr sorry it doesn't have more carpetmunching

actually, no, not sorry. You're a blight. Fuck off and stay off.

>useless MC
get out, negro

>this entire post
>watching it for the shittiest girl in the entire series.


>muh depression, no wings, cant sync
>too pussy to stand up for himself
>gets carried by how overpowered 002 is

tell me again how he isn't a useless MC being obviously led on and carried through the show

Tell me again you watched this show past episode 3?

ok guys: whats your top 3?

1: 02
2: Nana
3: Kokoro

So it is clear you didn't actually watch this, huh.

1. 02
2. Nana
3. Ichigo but she's been falling fast



thats code geass faggot

>heh, he must not have watched if his opinion is different from mine

Summarizing by copy-pasting another post I made in another thread:

It's called "Pistil" because she's a girl, and she stands down like she's getting fucked.

He's called "Stamen" because he's a boy, and he rides the Pistil and puts control inside of her.

The girl makes some moanings sometimes when the Stamen controls her ass.

And there is this technique called "kiss" which is a real kiss and if they feel each other they cum.

What a deep, mature experience created by everyone's favourite meme studio. It will surely not be forgotten in a matter of months if not weeks.

illiterate simpletons don't understand the symbolism in this series
brainlets are just sad

>trigger makes the exact same anime for the 100th time

Yeah, if you're proclaiming stuff that is clearly not in sync with reality, then people are either going to assume you didn't watch it, or that you're delusional.

The Absolute State of Strawfags.
You can keep on with twisting the facts to suit your agenda, you can keep overanalyzing things like the Spider, you can keep claiming one frame where she isn't smiling while going trough a door as a proof that Zero Two is a manipulator. Yes you even can keep doubling down and say what a nice and good girl ichigo is. But we will show you the truth, for we have the Oni. You can keep on saying that she gave Hiro DemonAids, but we know that he is only growing stronger. You can say that Goro will die, that Delphinium is better, but you will never defeat the Strelitzia, the Flower of FAITHFULNESS IN RELATIONSHIPS! You can say that the Jian will die, but you are nothing but fools, for this motive will carry the story like the Winds of Love the Wings of the Honored Couple. Great Shitposters like the Blessed Floweranon, our Sup Forumsngel of love and his tremendous victory with Episode 4, that made his name immortal. Or the Blue Oni Theory, that still is possible and while not winning the war yeat, certainly the possibility of Hiro deeing due to his badge is defeated, you lose again after Episode 6. Yes, even the Prophecy of the Charlemagnefags from /his/ say that the strawberry will fail. You cannot win.

And while your losing and your shitty waifu is bullied, we will remind you of the moment, she showed her true colours.

Fujos would buy the bds like crazy so yes.

AOTY. At this rate AOTD

Is everyone in your little meme discord still assblasted over this show existing?

Pure shit. Only newfags likes this anime.

>being this delusionally in love with 002

you know defending her or this trash anime won't win you anything right?

It's great. Only newfags hate this series.

>niggershit starts playing
Dropped this kuso instantly, fuck trigger

I like 02, and Hiro is okay
That's pretty much it
All the other characters are unlikeable one-dimensional little shits whose deaths can't come any sooner

why is there 3 x in the name?
it makes it so lewd

I'm only on the 3rd episode but I'm not seeing enough to judge one way or the other. Doesn't feel like it's picked up yet.

As I do with most Trigger animes, cool looking concept and promo images. Fucking awful execution.

>Couldn't stand 90% of the characters
How did you get that %?

The 4th episode is the shot in the arm the show needs to get going.