Was Mitsuha bisexual?

Was Mitsuha bisexual?



Taki's friend was.

I just saw it as her just playing "match maker" with Taki's love life. Boy did that backfire on her.

my impression was she wanted to go on the date to make sure things didn't progress too far
she wanted to get him into the game but still claim him in the end

Shinkai implied that there are behaviors and mannerisms inherently associated with gender
what a bigot

He's able to spot cuteness across time and space, a true patrician.

Did anyone else cry at this scene?

yeah but only cause of the music

Yes but because of the quality you were watching at.

It's called penis envy.

That was a random screenshot I found online.

>suki da
>I love you
How can you be a translator and not realise how nuanced the word 'suki' is? Or is this just being lazy?

How would you have translated it then?

>translate it
>not just leaving it untranslated with a tn saying "if you know japanese you should understand this"

What does "suki da" mean then, Daniel-san?

>Kept thinking who Mitsuha is
>Can't remember who it is, but the name seems familiar
>It's so close to my heart, but can't remember who that is
>thread opens
>Ohh! she is my waifu from last year

This shit has some 4th wall breaking abilities.

How many times has Sup Forums watched this masterpiece? I watched it for the first time last week and I'm gonna watch it again today

I went to see it six times in cinemas.

I'm jealous. I didn't even find out about this movie till last week and after watching it I regret that I was unable to see it in an actual theater.

The art was truly awesome on the big screen. Also the music worked really well in surround. Probably the best example is the piano where Mitsuha is up on the hill at the autumn festival when the comet hits. It legitimately made me shiver.

Is there any chance it'll come back to US theaters? Is there any chance it'll come back to Japanese theaters (with eng subs)? I'm planning a trip to Japan in December and would totally love to see it there (if there were eng subs)

Highly doubt it's coming back to US, there's been a few sporadic events where bigger theaters showed it but outside of that it's out of rotation. Consider checking around though, you never know.