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Dead thread because nobody remembers Yotsuba

That's good.
I mean, A sicko could come and say disgusting sexual things.
We don't want that



nice death flag. she wont survive this ride
thats what u get for killing aniki. fuck u japan



Now that it is canon what do you think of Yotsuba being related to Osaka?.



Oh my god, her face in lower left panel


I think Azuma has a goal of at least one unique face for each chapter.







I hope this thread reaches at least 100 posts.

>Yotsuba will die in your lifetime

What a cute chapter

As long as we read Yotsuba&, she is alive

Please stop it, I don't want to get sad anymore. Aniki's death hit me hard enough, I don't want to see a sad Yotsuba today as well.

I feel like crying.

Here's one for free.

>Next chapter: Yotsuba & Traffic Jams
The entire chapter is just Yotsuba and Koiwai in the car and Yotsuba realising traffic jams suck

Thanks for posting the chapter user

REM - Everybody Hurts

Someone made a manga about the 404 Girl?
Does Hiro know?

>On March 4, 2018, Yousuke Koiwai and Yotsuba Koiwai died from injuries sustained in a car accident. The news of their death was first reported by Takashi Takeda through Twitter, and confirmed shortly thereafter by Yousuke Koiwai's mother in a written letter.

These last pages feel like an end to the manga. Good thing it says next chapter is in April.

I imagine something like this is going to be how Yotsuba ultimately ends. No huge buildup or story climax, just a casual sayonara and life will move on

Yotsuba is not only the best manga ever written but the best thing in any medium


They did, i felt like i've seen it before many times, it was kinda scary desu.
Yeah, i agree but it'll probably more bittersweet. Azuma knows his way.

It'll probably end on Koiwai sending Yotsuba off to her first day at school


I remember a few people thinking that this was going to be the end.



I've stopped posting in Yotsuba threads because it's full of little newfags like you who cry when no one reply.

Go to reddit if you want to be an attention whore.

Last two panels

No problem.

>"yotsuba and lunch"
>cover is an oriental girl looking at a dog

Thanks for the dump user



This would honestly be a perfect ending for it. Though I'm glad it's still going.

To be fair, we don't know her origins besides being not japanese.
No problem, it was a nice chapter.
Yeah, this coincidence opens some space for homages using this chapter. Maybe someone will make a nice doujinshi.

Thanks for the dump!

Yanda's sister

>those last panels
Yotsuba is too cute.

The fact that people occasionally think she's a "foreigner" but don't comment on it *all* the time leads me to assume she looks ethnically East Asian, just not Japanese.

My guesses lean towards either vietnamese, malayasian, or filipino.

Did Yotsuba ever use an elevator?
It was necessary.
Yeah, probably but there is this manga world vs real world thing with her hair and eye color. She is the only charcter with non-human (that i remember) hair color, to remind us she is a foreigner, but nobody in the manga mentions it so while they notice small differences the biggest ones are ignored.

It's possible Azuma intended "an island to the left" to be a fictional country. The only one that literally fits the description is South Korea's Jeju Island, but that seems very unlikely.
On the other hand she's five, so she could be wrong about it being an island, or being to the left. Or she's right, but was looking at a map aligned on the east-west axis, in which case your guesses are all plausible.
I kind prefer to assume she's half-Japanese and was adopted from Hawaii.

>but that seems very unlikely.
Why's it unlikely?

If we ever find out what language Kowai works with as a translator, we might be able narrow it down.

This feels like a good spot for "The End" if you ask me. I obviously don't want it to end but it could've been ended here and it would've been okay.

>last 2 panels

I always assumed she was a hapa from Hawaii.

When Yotsuba grows up, will she be athletic?