Boku no Hero Academia

Last thread got deleted so here we go again

what d you fuckers did this time?


Did /MHA/ general get banned? What happened in the last thread?

You're my sunshine

The OP got deleted because it was "what is this expression trying to convey?"

I think OP was a shit post

>Another bnha thread deleted
What the fuck is wrong with you guys? And why is it always a weekend thread that gets deleted? Last Sunday a thread got deleted for excessive piss posting.

Gotta love these misfits.

Somehow it didn´t want to show the picture.

didn't know dabi is a nazi

Will BnHA ever get power creep like this?

Kurapika is a cuter girl than anyone in My Hero Academia.
I didn't know Anime was off topic on an anime board.


meme OP + mods are fags

i want them to be happy but i know they are gonna get btfo

It was pretty obvious, if you think about it.

>mfw MODS

Post boipussy.

Best Gyaru. Best girl. Best bike. Gigantomacho will squash her like the bug she is

You're walking on a dangerously thin ice there, user.

They have the bad luck of being the bad guys of the story.


But they have the power of their nakama on their side. They can't possibly lose!

everyone is the good guy on their own story

Nejire is for deku

Tell that the Yakuza that went up against Amajiki, didn´t help them much either.

I agree.

Nejire is for Ryukyu and Yuyu yuri threesome.

Unfortunately this story is about Deku becoming the greatest hero, which might aswell mean they all are going to die/get locked away forever.

>uncharacteristically slender body
>misplaced scar
THIS is how you draw Kirishima.

I want all of them to be BLACKED





Nejire is a lesbian and Deku is gay so no.

They're all gonna be red and whited.

I don't think any series will get power creep as bad as DBZ. Goku nearly destroyed the entire universe by accident and that was 3 transformations ago. The characters have long since reached a point where their power levels are so high that the only point of reference that can make sense is other characters.
I can at least say with confidence that BNHA will never introduce a character with more destructive power than a nuke, whereas DBZ passed that point all the way back in early Dragonball.
Although I wouldn't be surprised if Deku managed to defeat a time stopping villain by being "stronger than time" just like Jiren. He's already stronger than mind control and causality.

Tokoyami is an underrated dude
Not best boy status like Todoroki or Deku but still

Deku is only gay for like, one boy. He gets flustered as hell when girls go after him. So he's *slightly* bi to the degree where you might as well call him straight.

what if deku is the type of hero who save everyone including the "bad guys"

W-which one?

There is something that needs to be said though.

>Implying Shiggy wouldn´t off himself, flipping the bird at Deku for thinking of saving him.
Really most of the League come off as the guys that more likely choose death over redemption.

Saves them with the power of friendship?

Please put your trip back on, so I can filter you again.

This one, who is basically like a girl anyway, so how can it really count

Post more VA

well if that's the case at least they should go down in a blaze of glory


Fully agreeing on that. The only proper way to go down afterall in their position.

But last chapter confirmed Nejire's girlfriend is Yuyu, silly

Do you really have to ask?

Hori is a westaboo through and through.
The VA is going to succeed.

But what about Icy Hot? He literally threw the competition of his life just to see Thermometer Lord smile.

You can't escape my love user! Nahaha!

Reminder that Deku has a monster cock

Oh, they are likely bound to succeed to some degree.
That is before they will come crashing down in a blaze of glory as the heroes rise back up.

ITT: characters who will destroy this series beyond repair

That's just because Deku is Deku. It's in his character to save someone he sees in distress. He's been obsessed with Bakugo for his whole life.

I want izuku go into a coma or something so he can talk to the previous one for all users


You were bullying fujos despite them having done nothing to you, I see through your lies hypocrite

Back to shitposting, I see?

i would destroy that ass

>the heroes rise back up
Deku is going to lead the resurgence of true heroes. And Deku saves everyone.

Everyone is gay for Zuko, that doesn't count

I want to see that visions subplot happen so much. This is a very formulaic shonen sometimes, but what Hori's going to do with that aspect of OFA is just a total mystery to me. I have no guess.


He doesn't need to go into a coma to do that.
He's going to meet Nana when he surpasses All Might.

Cause even the mods even though there fags still sympathise with us on how shit my hero academia fags are and are willing to help Sup Forums not through the kindness of their hearts but to keep themselves from going insane from the level of shit in these threads.

Pretty much, meanwhile Shiggy will have to see all he build up himself at that point getting torn to pieces, every one of his lackeys/comrades getting beaten and or dying in attempts to stop it.

Being Shiggy is going to be SUFFERING.

Bakugo. He already did.


At least Nighteye was killed off. If we're lucky pic related will happen to Eri.


That doesn't make my statement false though, user. Bullying is a form of love too.

>responded to my own post by accident
Am I insane wth

That's a cute wife for Mirio

I don´t know Twice, are you?

Shiggy and Deku are both the synthesis of All Might and AfO.
They're going to end up fighting on the same side.

>pic related was all good
>reddit is still sperging over Mineta saying hi

Nope. Thankfully, I don't have a habit of avatarfagging unlike (You), just a mere reaction pick.

>Implying Horis beloved parallels for this won´t be Shiggy being all "One for All" by the end with his buddies, while Deku will go "All for One (Goal)"


when's the saitaro arc Hori

Now in english please

Hey, Goku also beat that time stopping villain by being stronger than time. It didn't last long though because Hit had stamina left, so he had time to improve.

>sassing fujos for being fujos when you literally think bullying is a form of love
>in this thread about a bullying story
So basically you're a fujo

What do you think of Mirio's mirios?

This is consensual, Mineta is more " rapey" and perverted, not that I care, it's just how he is

Twice is more attractive than Mineta

Even Reddit/Tumblr knows they can´t dislike this ship.

What the fuck is rapey? I don't speak tumblr

>still spergs about reddit as if it hasn't been established already that they are bunch of degenerate hypocrites

>liked season 1 of the anime
>pick up manga
>nothing happens

Thanks for lying to me again Sup Forums

I will always wait for you to comeback minanon, if you aren't ready it's okay. Take your time.

I like them as friends.
Same as Deku and Uraraka.

Wait, so Deku becomes the bad guy at the end while Shiggy becomes the good guy?


Toriko has a bigger power creep. Time, space, infinite luck, mini super novas being eaten. I think most of it was covered