Who in their right mind would want to be dominated by a cute anime girl?

Who in their right mind would want to be dominated by a cute anime girl?

Me but I'm probably mentally ill

The more dominant she is, the more satisfying it would be to rape her


>cute anime girl

Ew. Sexy anime girls are way better for domination. This is coming from a femdom connoisseur.

Exactly. Why the fuck do you want a cute girl to shit on you? Not good.

>Why do you keep staring at me, user? Do little girls turn you on or something? What a pervert.

That doesn't look structurally sound.

It's only as sound as the chair is good at holding its shape. Better be a good chair.


Me, it's my biggest fetish.

This series is so boring now.


Anime soon friend

A lot of degenerates in this thread I see

Submissive dudes who don't believe in their own ability to attract women, cucks, closet cases, gay chicks, creepy thirsty straight chicks that want to be dominated and fucked by anything.

we're hitting CIS SCUM levels that shouldnt be possible

You forgot nice people like me

Is it just me or its way hotter when the girl dominates with affection rather than just straight up abuse?

Literally me.

Is this a serious question. I feel like most anons like both dom and sub from their animu girls.

wait what?

It's a good thing that show is a lighthearted SOL and the guy's such an incompetent beta. Otherwise, the idea of a 26-year-old foreigner hiring a 16-year-old girl to be his café maid so he could hit on her would be so creepy.

Is it going to be a actual series or just some short animations?

He's living the dream man

>ara ara
everything else is trash

I'm not in my right mind I'm in my left mind

I'm just waiting for a plane to land on your stupid ugly gigantic 7head.

Cold and smug best types.

What's wrong with cool?


nothing I just read those three first
great tier
>sleepy, ara ara, tomboy
solid mid tier
>disdain, smug, cool
shit tier
>bratty, cold, bully

Each time I see this posted I can never deduce why Sleepy is even on the list.

Is this gook shit? It looks like gook shit.

Same, then again mental health is in short supply nowadays, and there are worse things to have than a lolidom fetish.

She's the kind of girl that would probably ride you hard and aggresively just to sleep better.
The image and text don't do the type justice.


Its gook but not shit

Oxymoron. Post gookshit elsewhere.


is Moka right about men?


Nobody in their right mind would want that. This man, on the other hand, is the prime example of mature and healthy masculinity.

Sounds like something a virgin would say.

I would never allowed some puny girl dominate me. I do have some pride.

Im surprised at how few femdom manga and anime there are considering japan is full of subs.

I would love it but I'm not into that bdsm shit I just want my girl just to take charge is all, in a rough sex kind of way

This is for the best. The only people creating femdom manga or anime are the people that are passionate about it. It's not a fad to be pandered to, it's a community, a lifestyle.

You sound like the ultimate fucko
I bet you are into pegging

Why can't I be a cute high school girl with an 11yo JS mistress?

Dino isn't incompetent. The guy owns a pretty successful business at 26 and spends his days goofing off with his buddy and a bunch of cute girls.


Patrician thing to do is self inserting as the girl.

It is.

No u.

1. Install 4chanX
2. Hover mouse pointer over the "title" link
3. ...
4. PROFIT!!!


I don't know why, but getting scolded by a qt 2d girl always makes me dimonds.

Everyone. Duh.

women being dominant is ok. Women that enjoy humiliation deserve to be mindbroken and turned completely submissive

Anyone that likes anything here except sleepy is a faggot

Just because I want a smug dom gf doesn't make me a faggot. I'd also take bratty.

There are people on this thread right now that gets off from being degraded and abused by anime girls.

That's my waifu.

My only hope is to live long enough to get my own abusive vr waifu.

I wish I was owned by Katja-sama.

>mfw I've actually translated this chapter three years ago but I've fucked up by publishing it privately
I can't even publish it publicly now because I'd have to recheck the translation, spend time proofreading and re-typesetting it when I'm already busy working on a million things.

Source? Google and Yandex didn't help.

I love femdom but I can't stand this character. She just comes off as a cunt instead of dominating.

Use the other ones, it works.

>talking shit about my goddess


I'm stuck in a weird spot, I like some light/heavy physical abuse coupled with some loving aftercare, blood and violence turn me on like nothing else, sometimes I think the daily beatings I got as a kid messed up my ability to understand affection.

Verbal or emotional abuse does little for me.


I want to be verbally abused by a little girl.

Only if it's Maika


What about lolidom though?

the perfect relationship

No. All women eventually lose to the cock. Even the dykes.

Who in their right mind WOULDN'T?

>Spit in your mouth
why is this so hot

I like prefer that also.
Ara ara is the best followed by Cool and Sleepy

>implying cute and sexy are mutually exclusive

I have no idea why but it makes me cum harder every time.

I see you are a man of taste as well.

I was about to read that but then I saw that it has ntr shit, sadly.


What's it called, if you don't mind?

Affection and femdom are two of my top 3 fetishes.

>not spitting on the ground and tell you to lick it up

>they weren't here during the 3000+ posts thread
>they weren't here during the stickies
How new, fags?

dear lord i've been running 4chanX all this time and didnt even know about this
thanks user

Today is literally my first time on Sup Forums in probably 6 years. I just came because I found out there was a new Cardcaptor Sakura series and wanted to know where to download it.

Where the fuck have you been?

On Sup Forums. I don't watch much anime these days.

1st post was Qwaser. Good!

I can do a statics analysis tomorrow



No, fuck you, leatherhead.