I agree

I agree

It's actually kind of hard to argue against it.



and this

thought provoking imagery

>We want the footfag audience

this is the worst anime of this season


Is this bad?


Not with killing bites, VEG, mitsuboshi colors, koiame airing.

I will never undestand this...

I disagree.

as a footfag this isn't even good
the toes are too long


Someone should Photoshop her feet stepping on Ichigo's face.



>ywn worship these
why carry on

it's uncommon to see properly drawn feet in anime and manga


That foot looks weird.

you are shitting me

what the absolute fuck

I'm more about dem heels. I'm gonna miss those red heels.

Please tell me this isn't real life. I might actually neck myself now.

Too soon,man!

My brother.

Does this mean we can’t like it anymore

Were the Netflix doomsayers right all along?

That fucking face

I love how the janitors are on damage control.

That being said, god fucking speed janitors. This information needs to be scrubbed from the face of Sup Forums.

Say, "Ahh."

This is on Netflix?


Youd be surprised by the shit Netlix allows now



Nothing of value was lost

Yes, this show sucks now

I actually think this is kind of sweet.

I mean, I wish I had a wife I could talk about my anime hobby to, and would cosplay for me to spice up the nightly dickings.

>hating on long toes.

Bigger and longer is sexier.

four feet on the front page

wtf i hate oni now

big feet are goat