So now that FRANXX is almost over, when do you think we’ll get more info on pic related?

So now that FRANXX is almost over, when do you think we’ll get more info on pic related?

We have 16 more episodes

Why is there a Kamina/Cloud rip-off holding a Buster Umbrella with an All-Might/Kuro-sensei rip-off in the background?

Damn, is it really?

meant is there really that much left? mb

Yessir, 2cour show

No, and not because of Franxx. Gridman SSSS first.

Is that fucking Kamina

Why is Kamina in this?

damn. I really want more info in Promare. KLK and TTGL were really good and apparently this is going to be similar.

Well, if you fucking Googled you would know that it's going to be similar to TTGL and KLK because it's by the exact same fucking staff. The writer and director team of TTGL and KLK is doing this show.

about time Kamina got his own anime




TTGL and KLK were shite

Who cares if it's good.

its 24 episodes total

Who shit in your cereal? It's easy to assume the guy already knew that info when he said
>apparently this is going to be similar.

Because fun?

TTGL and KLK were very different in style and tone

All Might?

Any idea about the thing he's carrying.

you're mom's dildo

Once there done with Darling and the upcoming Gridman anime's


A shamelessly shallow ripoff of Gurren Lagann.

The show has been described as Trigger as a combination of KLK and Gurren Lagan.

Honestly, I have no fucking idea why this needs to exist. At all.

Because Trigger can only do mediocre self-referential shit. Just look at Luluco.

I'm starting to realize that. I actually enjoyed Space Patrol Luluco for the same reasons I like Smash Brothers - it took all the properties and put them into one universe and it was a lot of fun.

But I already saw TTGL and KLK, I don't need to see a slightly different version of those shows all of a sudden.

> I have no fucking idea why this needs to exist

No anime needs to exist, but who cares if it's just going to be another fun action show by Trigger?

Yeah, we already know it's gonna be absolute tripe.

Here's the plot leaked:
Coming of age story about a teenager that finds a great power and uses it to save the world, becoming more mature in the process.
Three first episodes will be really fun to bait everyone into hyping it as "SAVIOR OF ANIME"(whatever that means), the following nine episodes will be somewhat alright and everything after that won't even be worth watching.
In the end he saves the world at a great cost, when he finally understands how to fully use the power of his mcguffin.
His romantic interest will die in the last 2 minutes of the last episode by the way.

Luluco is the best trigger anime though

That’s not how you spell LWA.

Kiznaiver, this and Mirai Arise are all the same thing