Ichigo appreciation thread/Darling in the Franxx

Feels good to be an Ichigofag right now

Ichigo sucks

Ichigo is still the second worst girl, pal.

What, you enjoy losing.
You faggots would be wetting yourselves now if anybody gave a shit about your awful girl.

>delusional normalfags itt

Ichigo is good because after being mind broken by finally learning that Hiro has no interest in her I can swoop and take advantage of her weekended judgement and marry her.

did she break Sup Forums?

Fuck off, faggots.

report the posts

mods are currently managing to absorb the pressure but we'll see once the trend picks up

Yeah, telling off a shitposter who's trying to make a big deal out of means you're the problem.

Totally makes logical sense.

Fucking retard.

I hope she'll give up someday and fall in love with Goro who is a way better boy than shitty MC.

Nice ass

Yeah, but why in the anime is it flat? That goes for all girls.

Budget cuts? Poor nutrition? OPs pic is perfect.

Ichigo a BEST!

>Ichigo thread is the deadest Franxx thread
You'll always be on suicide watch.


Ichigo? More like Bitchigo


Well, now I hate the show.

>Feels good to be an Ichigofag right now
>After Ichigofags got BFTO with an overdose of 02 and Hiro being cute together in this episode
It seems that Ichigofags enjoy being bulied as much as Ichigo.

I refuse to believe kim actually watches anime. She's just hopping on a bandwagon. Onifags are safe.

>She's just hopping on a bandwagon
What bandwagon?

Michael Jordan told people he liked anime and it was good publicity for him. They're just trying to look hip and cool for the young kids who watch a lot more anime than the older generations.


She's with Kanye, and he's a weeb, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that she watches anime

only retarded people love otaku pandering and waifushit like 02

MJ did Spacejam do not even fucking compare the two


But she also swallows

I... I wrote a song for Ichigo.

You are my Ichigo
My only Ichigo
You make me happy
When the skies are gray
You'll never know, dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my Ichigo away

I hope she'll like it.

>it's real
I'm fucking shocked

I honestly can't name one good thing about Ichigo.

Ichigo never disappoints

I honestly don't understand the obsession for 02. What makes her different from other manic pixie dream girls?

Michael B Jordan not Michael Jordan

The only pure maiden not being favored by instagram thots.

Congratulations, you avoided falling for the Lum meme unlike most of Sup Forums.

Michael B Jordan is Michael Jordan.

literally worst girl

What exactly is an Ichigofag? Someone who thinks Ichigo is best girl or someone who wants Ichigo to win Hiro?

>Someone who thinks Ichigo is best girl
This. Most of us think she'd be better off with Goro.

Her ass wasn't that big in the anime

It's great to know that there are still Sup Forumsnons with good taste around.

No way, Goro is a fag.
I hope he dies in the next few episodes.

What did he mean by this?

What a cute boy.

She's in desperate need of some KAIHOUU!!

>Those filters in episode 6 ED
We should've known

Ichigo is lost the triangle!!

He is a devote follower of APE.

Why would it feel good to be one at this moment?

Beach episode was a mistake.



Nah it was fun.


Not even an Ichigofag but this is one of the cutest moments in recent anime history

She deserves better than MC but Goro just doesn't seem right.

He's too much of a big brother type figure for the ship to work properly, him falling for her felt extremely forced.

At the risk of spamming.


You didn't write that song. My girlfriend sings that to her daughter every night, except "sunshine" instead of "ichigo".

Do you think 02 actually cares for Hiro?

Really? It suits Ichigo really well.
I might ask my wife if I can sing it to her son when I put him to bed after doing the chores for her.

Goro is alright. He just always has to think about Hiro too much so he never gets his own personality


I agree but he hasn't shown any interest in other girls. Who would be a perfect match for him?

As much as a 30 year old former slut cares for her new beta provider.

>t. strawberry


Also who gives a flying fuck?

What did they mean by this?

Something about power of friendship or love

Hiro will die.
Like in Gurren Laggan where Kamina died.
02 will be shown to be the real MC

My little strawberry can't be this cute

I actually like her design. Too bad she was pitted against 02.


The main problem is that the shitposting will drastically increase with all this new material. Like the situation in these threads wasn't bad already. Fucking hell this is going be a very long week

Why is Futoshi such shit character?

Yeah, it's not like this isn't one of the most popular boards on the internet or anything.

Because his job is to make Kokoro look bad when she breaks his heart.

>Miku reads through the diaries
>flashbacks to original P13
>Miku remarking how similar they are to them
>their fights, their crushes, their first experiences with love
>then people started dying

No, a Goro is a fag. He can go suck Fatoshi's dick or something.

Why would they leave that there?

Ikuno? Glasses ship


The Doc wants them to know the truth

Do you not?

I know user, but my point was that her post is going to be used to derail more and more threads and discussions. I doubt any of her fans will ever find out about Darling, probably just a few of them who already do watch anime

Not one bit, no.
He is just her current plaything.

That could work in theory, but nothing we've seen in the show supports it


Hm, so what's it like having autism?

The janitors seem to be on top of the little shit spamming it.

Are you sure?

She's pretty affectionate to him.

Ichigo will win. God (and Trigger) wills it.
The beach ep was a death flag for Oni. Ichigo's death flag pales in comparison. Let me elaborate.

Oni's death flag was "We'll always be together, right?", and those words are the MOST CONCLUSIVE DEATH FLAG known to anime. There are almost nil chance of her living by the end.

As I've stated, Ichigo's death flag pales in comparison. It is just a presumptive death flag, and many parts of it is proof that it is NOT a death flag. For example, Ichigo was cut off before she said he wanted to be with him forever; and that they were cut off with some awesome scene like stars and shit; for all intents and purposes it did not look like a death flag at all.

Holy shit the new ED is so pretty

Alright Strawberry calm down.

I know you're trying to justify whatever, but why?