Ok i'll take the bait, is this show worth it for someone that doesn't like mecha?

Ok i'll take the bait, is this show worth it for someone that doesn't like mecha?

there's been like 10 minutes of mecha so far

Yes, it’s the AOTY. It’s undeniable anymore

you watch it for 02

It's better than Evangelion but not as a good as Rahxephon.

It's 90% mecha free

It’s not even a mecha show. It’s teenage and existentialism angst masquerading as mecha show

Don't watch it. There's a scary dinosaur in it and it's not cute at all.

It's not mecha. It's a worse Kiznaiver.

More of a coming of age show than mecha but yes it’s really good, hands down the best of the season

Yes it's excellent but if you're looking for constant fight scenes you might not like it.

The show seems like it’s just going to focus on the relationship between the pilots and them figuring out what shit the “adults” haven’t told them

But DarliFra is AOTY and kiznaiver was smelly shit it's not the same thing.

Everyone dropped kiznaiver after the first ep and everyone is getting on the DarliFra train as eps pass

This show isn't worth it for someone who does like mecha. The mecha are the size of buildings but they look like humans in fight scenes.

Its normalfags garbage.

Especially now that /ourgirl/ Kim has just made it official who best girl is.

It's actually not mecha.

>posts oni
Keep it this way and you are welcome. Remember that no one likes Ichigofags.

It's aimed at teens that don't like mecha, yeah

The year has been short but if something better comes out it'll have to be unbelivable.

Don't go waiting for an Evangelion. But it's better than most of recent mecha anime by far.

It's great, don't expect a mecha show though.

Not even good bait.

It's not worth watching even for people who like mecha.
This is the biggest disappointment of the season.

Keep telling yourself that cuck

>hurr cuck
And this is the kind of retard who likes this show.

it's a character-focused drama, the mecha stuff is just kind of there and doesn't take up much time

Wasn't the selling point of this shit that it would have a lot of important guys from the gainax days? This shit only gets more disappointing by the minute.

As a strong /m/an myself, I'm hoping there will be some more mecha action in the future episodes. It's only been 8 episodes though, so there is still plenty of room for more mechs.

I'm sorry we can't all share the same taste as Kim Kardashian.

It's ultra-normalfag so nope.

Go back to where you came from, normalfag

Yes, I dislike mecha anime for the most part too.

what are you talking ab--


Mecha isn't a genre.

yes for the fucking 10th time in a row, give it a shot the characters are really good. Now stop making this thread you fucking attention whores.

Jesus why must these fucking cunts try to mainstream and ruin everything.
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it wasn't that bad, she just liked 002's hairstyle which doesn't make it pleb tier, she probably just found the picture somehow.

If you are an ironic weeb you will LOVE this show

kanye watches anime iirc. He must have asked her to cosplay as 02

It’s like 5% mech. I mean the final battle is 100% going to be mech in space ala Trigger traditions but everything in between is going to be teen melodrama.

It's as much of a genre as stuff like "romance" or "action" is a genre. There's plenty of common mecha tropes/cliches and plotlines. Teenage melodrama is a mecha staple.

This has mostly been a character-driven show. Even the most important mech battle we've seen so far was actually all about the characters.

>Its real
oh no

>stuff like "romance" or "action" is a genre
No, "action" is a story form. "Giant robot" isn't a story form because you can do whatever you want with a giant robot. /m/ is as much a genre as /k/ is. You can have horror mecha, comedy mecha, action mecha, romance mecha, detective mecha, poltical mecha, fantasy mecha, sci-fi mecha, hard sci-fi mecha; the possibilities are almost endless.

Mechas are story elements, they don't determine at all what the story is about.

This cannot be real

Looking at the feed shes been rocking pink hair recently maybe she thought it was a drawing of herself

Watch it, and decide yourself, i personally loved it.

And how is that a bad thing? It's fucking Kim Kardashian she's a retard.

The mecha is literally the worst part about the show.

02 fags btfo

Why do people care about what normal thinks so much? Is it like salesfaging?

it's real :(


Great, at least now we know what the Shitpost of the Week is going to be...

It's not worth even if you DO like mecha.

So everyone except like 2 discord autists will forget about it in like 8 days.

Just skip episode 6 and you'll be good. It's the worst episode of the bunch so you won't be missing much anyway.

Keep showing off how new you are, faggot.

At this point this is basically a typical SoL, with some robots around, it's like K-On but instead of a guitar the MC have a robot.

>this is basically a typical SoL, with some robots around, it's like K-On
So why isn't Sup Forums eating it the fuck up?

Why is people acting like if this was something new or impactful? Are you people literally 12 and been browsing Sup Forums since 2018? Which would explain why the hell you were browsing Kim Kardashian instagram,

>literally baleeted

Super fun episode this week

Well, it is the most popular show around here by far.

Aww crap what did I miss?

More like infamous.

the thumbnail for that actually looks like some reptilian thing. horns are eyes, her eyes and bangs look like a mouth and her hair are arms.

What's her secret, Sup Forums?

She loves Hiro

No, "mecha" is a story form. "Scary horror" isn't a story form because you can do whatever you want with some spooky shit. /x/ is as much a genre as /u/ is. You can have mecha horror, comedy horror, action horror, romance horror, detective horror, poltical horror, fantasy horror, sci-fi horror, hard sci-fi horror; the possibilities are almost endless.

Spooks are story elements, they don't determine at all what the story is about.

It’s been okay, not really mecha
A lot of people get way to into it, it’s the flavor of the month.
No particularly good giralso contrary to all the threads.

There's barely any mecha in it.

As someone that has watched around 1000 anime titles I can say that its worth giving it a shot, it may not be your cup of tea though.
A popular show can be as good as any other show shitposter-kun and watching it wouldn't make you a normalfag, a normalfag is someone who doesn't even bother to watch at least 3 episodes of every seasonal anime and it doesn't have a good amount of shows watched.

and the mecha are cute girls too

It's pretty good.
Try it for 4 episodes. Out of all the shows airing this season, it's the most interesting and fun to watch.

So... it's a mecha show?

Anything that Sup Forums simultaneously loves or hates is worth watching, either because its actually good or so you can shitpost in related threads.

It’s a teens show that has mechs
I don’t like mech really, what it has is definitely bearable for the sake of the most interesting show this year

Mecha is heavily sidelined. You wont even notice it.

I didn't plan on watching this show because I generally dislike mechas. But I picked it up after 6 episodes because of 02 posting and I don't regret it.
The show has problems. Like shitty animation and a complete lack of subtley, but the characters are good. Especially the mc and Oni.

It's not a masterpiece nor is it trying to be.
It's a fun ride and the characters and the shitposting is entertaining.


Eh. there has been to drama episodes and one of the drama threads, the love triangle, seems to have been dealt with.

Its an OVA, and I always like to watch them since I love surprises. Might be good might be bad. At first it was a 7/10 leaning towards an 8/10. Now its leading towards a 6/10 since it looked like it would be Kinzdiver+mechs, but the last episode was pretty fun/funny and over are enjoyable with little to no love drama bullshit. So hopefully it contuines on this road and stops being Kinzdiver+mechs.

This show's central theme IS love. So keep that in mind during fights. 02 is alot of fun to watch also. as of now

Just fucking ignore it you autist. Sup Forums is really becoming the worst parts of Sup Forums now adays.

Watch it if you like Kim Kardashian.