Just watched this. It was okay. Did anyone else like it?

Just watched this. It was okay. Did anyone else like it?

Watched it weeks ago. It was a masterpiece
The political instability
The military response
The international concern
The social collapse

Everything was so damn realistic I can't believe that it was possible to do on film in such a short amount of time.

In terms of storyline and cinematics, it's barely barebones in worth but film makers must take note of this film because of its realism for a topic that was marred with countless fanfictions and other magical bullshittery

I thought it was kind of boring but when "real" godzilla was revealed that was hype as fuck

It was okay.

I think you got the wrong film mate. That's not Shin Gojira.


I can't differ the two without the anime characters

Yeah, this one was ok

Of course. Urobuchi has nothing on Anno.

>Liked Godzilla
>Liked Sidonia no Kishi
obviously I liked it

>Japanese appreciating Fatzilla
not bad at all

That was the only hype moment in the entire film and it was kind of obvious Urobuchi was banking on that reveal to carry the entire film because the rest of it was nothing but boring technobabble and an Eren tier MC going on about how he's going to kill them all. Godzilla Earth was cool though. Pretty much ended the debate about who can make the biggest Godzilla. Any bigger and he'll be literally planet Earth itself.

Yeah. The last five minutes save it. Without it people would have been far less forgiving.

whose bright fucking idea was it to have those religious ayylmaos in the movie? dumb, dumb idea

Should have a better soundtrack

The aliens ruined it

The CGI was pretty shit. Also I was disappointed that they didn't get Sidonia sound design man.

Can't wait for moth pussy next movie.

Makishima .. I mean Mephiles did nothing wrong!


>an Eren tier MC going on about how he's going to kill them all
You get a touch more enjoyment out of the film when you pretend its a retelling of Moby Dick.

so much moth pussy these days

Humans are a bit too generic animu tropes, but I liked it.

How? I thought not-Kaworu was a neat character and it's obvious there is some trickery happening behind the scenes that will come to light later.

Asides from plantzilla and the video game fights it was almost bearable at points, 90% looked so fucking awful (that CGI, what the fuck) and was so generic I had to skip it. All in all about 5% was watchable by my calculations.

>Attack on Gojira
No thanks.