Dragon ball

remember the episode where Yamcha was fighting an invisible man and Krillin pulled down Bulma's top so that Roshi would nosebleed all over the ring so that Yamcha could see where he was?

wouldn't the blood just turn invisble too

no because it wasn't in the manga

Why didn't they do something like that in the last tournament?

yes it was


yeah i do

yeah it was

no, why the fuck would it

Bulma was so cute in early Dragonball.

what would the reaction be if something like this happened in Super?

I was expecting to happen something like this with the invisible shitter from universe 2.

It was ketchup in the anime if I remember right.

Could you imagine Kuririn doing that to his wife?

Reminder that Cooler is our savior.
>Be banished to Earth by your evil sister Frieza
>Have severe emotional drama
>Takes out anger on local villains
>Catches attention of Bulma
>Romance begins
>Saves Piccolo from Cell
>Faces Cell single handed
>In final battle, fights beside Vegeta, as they slay Buu
>Cooler makes ultimate sacrifice to protect his loved ones from Frieza
>Gives his life as Bulma and their son Icer look on.
Are there any greater heroes?


Is this a legitimate fanfiction?

early DB's girls were the best.

Loli chichi best girl.

>evil sister Frieza

My favorite arc was when he and Yamcha meditated on Mt. Fujiyama to obtain inner piece. That fight against Raditz was great, even if Yamcha got wreck. Granted, Cooler just used the dragonballz later on to bring him back.

What If Scenario is this, cause I like it.
Cooler is so cool

>Goku says he'll get much stronger to Kid Buu
>Super shows he's gotten stronger
>people think EoZ isn't canon

They should have swapped Sorbet with Cooler in the RoF arc.

>Ywn see Cooler and Yamcha tag team Cell
Why even live.

Even though Uub is flat out mentioned as the reincarnation of Kid Buu in DBS watch them just completely ignore it and move onto more power level asspull faggotry since hes old news to memers.

This Cooler talk makes me wish that the next DB series will just do a bunch of What-If bullshit and fill gaps in the timeline with harmless side stories. It'd be easy and people would eat it up.


Dragon Ball Instinct(Real of angels or smt idk)
Dragon Ball Ultra(even more fanfic tier)
Dragon Ball Makai(Demon real)
Dragon Ball Future(with F. Trunks)

Which one would you like?

>shades break
>shades heal themselves next panel

only in the dub

This is a recurring sight gag throughout Dragon Ball.

Unless this was a change in the (probably impossible to find) censored version that aired on CN, this isn't true. Unless you're talking about some non-english dub.

I paused right when the boobs showed and fapped

>ywn cum on teen bulmas tits

I remember when DB manga released here. The "excessive force underage nudity" (direct quote) caused the publisher to pull first four volumes off the shelf, and they actually remained banned for few years. They also had to censor every other instance of nudity that appeared later.

And I'm still salty it took me several years to see this particular page uncensored.

Is there a Goku El Blanco edit of pic related? I know there's one of Jiren

it was a change in the censored english version

where do you live?

remember the episode where Krilin was fighting that smelly and ugly guy and Goku told he that he doesn't have a nose.



Remember the episode where Krillin lost to a vampire who then lost to fucking Upa?

remember when goku and jackie chun started singing on stage

Remember the episode where they introduced Yajirobe as capable fighter but then did fucking nothing with him after it?

It's like his editor told him he sucks and it isn't polite to eat Lunch in his office, so he should just fuck off with Yajirobe and his lunch.

Remember when Goku slapped Chichi on her vagina and she blushed and wanted to marry him because of it?

I'm pretty sure that Toriyama just thought of him as a temporary krillin replacement. He even pointed out in the manga that Yajirobe sounds exactly like Krillin so Krillin's VA still had work to do on the show.

Remember the episode when Goku told that his grandpa allowed him to sleep on his balls


The whole point of Yajirobe’s character is that he was a lazy piece of shit coward. He was a foil to the rest of the cast, and his character culminated when he defeated Oozaro Vegeta simply by hiding while everyone else got killed.

Remember when Goku asked a dolphin for directions to Kamesennin’s house and it actually gave them to him?


Other than Cooler himself, the Cooler movies weren't very good.

You ever noticed how in the op of DBZ as Kid Gohan runs towards the front of shenrun he is going through Goku's path as a kid, and when he reaches yajirobe, he is running backwards away from where the adventure calls
kinda cool

Young Bulma was so fine.