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Let us all discuss Berserk, the manga, In all of its flaws and strengths.

Post what you think will happen next or where the story will go from here, or its sudden rise in popularity.

Also remember to shitpost because the Hiatus has driven us all mad.

What do you guys think is going to happen to Caska?

>We return to the mainland to fight Griffith

Sounds good, Makes sense as well, Caska will want to fight Griffith, she will have her moon child,

Guts will want to make the world normal again for him and his crew

Isidro is the worst. He takes up so much screen time

Yes I can agree he made Puck a side character, and if not for that one thing I would not mind him at all.

Guts has a few more minor gods to kill before killing griffith, We always forget he slayed the sea god. A creature with apostle like powers, almost god hand level.

I honestly we wish we got a bit more of his backstory, so we could relate to him more.


I hope she gets raped again so we can get another 20 years of doing nothing.

Good shit post boyo

Exactly, what a perfect strategy. lol

How is the rest of the party going to help against god hands? Power wise they should die immediately.

when will the best girl win?

Fuck off.

who is worst antagonist and why is it midland king dressed as a pirate?

This series has gone to complete shit.

i checked how many chapters came out since i last read it a year ago and there were 3

Fuck I hated reading his dialogue.

>who is worst antagonist

Griffith is a top tier antagonist, you knave

>top tier antagonist

I'm going to miss retarded Casca lads

Is it? Did his journey start when he met Guts?

Hard to be the antagonist when you've literally done nothing wrong

Well the story hasn't gone anywhere for 10 years so who knows?

that's when the shit hit the fan, senpai

>entire boat arc to establish that Guts is now setting revenge aside in order to protect his beloved Casca from getting raped again
>hurr let's fight Griffith

You've been singing the same tune over the last 15 years. Do you really think we're actually going to fight Griffith now? If so then I think the hiatus has driven you crazy.

Not him, but how is it a shitpost? What have we gotten ever since Guts stepped on that boat?


>read through these chapters third time over
>get to work and start buying the volumes to support Miura
>the books actually show her breasts
Damn those shitty scans I used to read. I only need 10 more books to complete my collection now! The actual pages look so much better than any scans I've seen even if blown up.

Nice one miura, ain't falling for that shit.

I think it would be cool if "the curse in her heart" from the eclipse was that she regained her sanity but was similar to Guts in early Berserk. ie: obsessed with revenge to the detriment of everything else, with the dramatic irony being that its a demon Guts has mostly if not entirely moved past at this point. It would add an interesting dynamic back to the otherwise idyllic RPG part.

We already know they're going to fight at some point, since that's the point of the whole hawk of light/darkness prophecy. Whether it's a battle for revenge or for some other purpose remains to be seen, though.

Also Elf Island is absolutely on a crash course to get rekt by Griffith. It's already been established that he sees magic users as a threat and is willing to kill them as a result.

the last thing griffith did directly towards guts was
>"remember when I killed all of our comrades? lol i didn't feel shit bro"
nigga didn't even attack guts when guts tried to confront him, he just had is lap dog Zodd do it instead

So? Are you a dumdum? He went there to make sure he would insist on his path. And I don't see how this is supposed to convince me that Guts' departure is Griffith's origin.

okay buddy whatever you say. I'll probably see you in 10 years saying the same shit

>And I don't see how this is supposed to convince me that Guts' departure is Griffith's origin.
that's part of it tho. and I wasn't talking about his origin for sake, but to say that Griffith sucks donkey dick at being a good antagonist, especially when all he had done directly to griffith was give him a micro-aggression. Griffith was more of an antagonist to that tall fucker who turned into a tree

>since that's the point of the whole hawk of light/darkness prophecy
You're getting your shit mixed up
>The revelations say that when the sun dies five times, a red lake will appear to the west of the city with a name both new and old. [...] It is proof that the fifth angel will alight. The angel is the Falcon of Darkness. The master of the sinful black sheep, the king of the blind white sheep. The one who shall call upon the world an age of darkness.
Griffith doesn't have to consider Guts a threat or valid enemy, if that's what you mean.

Casca is going to come to and just start screaming inconsolably for a while and try to fight everyone. She'll basically be picking up exactly at the moment during the eclipse when she went all potato from being raped by Griffith. She'll have no recollection of the past story arcs when she was being looked after, likewise no idea who anyone (except Guts) is.

I can see her getting a behelite that Guts has been carrying around. It's probably supposed to have belonged to her all along. She becomes an apostle after sacrificing her womb, completely forgoing having a human future with Guts in quest for vengeance. She literally has nothing else to sacrifice. She joins the group with her sword skills and apostle form at her disposal.

That or Guts will undertake an apostle form after sacrificing Casca. She'll say it's alright, that she wants to die. That she'd rather be dead than live the life of someone branded. Probably not though.

>Then it's back on the fucking boat, boys! See you in ten years!

We'll probably be switching to Rickert's story progression with the super assassins before we get any satisfying resolution/continuance of Guts and company. Time has marched on outside of Elfhelm. The world probably got worse. Rickert prob hit dat pussy and made some cool shit in the meantime. He joins the group as inventor extraordinaire. Would be crazy if Silat and his bruisers accompany Guts' party on the road to curb stomping Griffith.

yooo i fucking like this idea
>sacrifices her womb and becomes an apostle
>she's some kind of demonic fertility deity that gives birth to tiny abominations with tendrils for limps

He's never going to kill Griffith is he? Berserk is literally as old as I am and it's still going with no end in sight

>He's never going to kill Griffith is he
Griffith will rape femto and make him climax by putting his arm cannon all the way through femto's large intestines and blow him to bits

Not really. Just another emotionless fag who wants power.

>the book actually shows her breast
I don't believe you for one second!

Great apostle or greatest apostle?

They'll get back on the boat for another decade.

I don't this he has any backstory

Who here miss edgelord Guts?

Daddy so boring/tame in comparison.

Some of Miura's worst writing.

Don't worry, he's developing bonds so they can be ripped from him and he then goes full angry edge

I beg to differ.

Guts can't sacrifice Casca since she's already branded. That's why that one dude couldn't sacrifice guts in the black swordsman arc.

I mean...

Caska's mind has been unraped

so really, it's setting up for everything to go wrong.

rate my bf.


Zodd, I hate you, you generic nigger. You were cool fifteen years ago, but you've overstayed your welcome.

I do miss the edge and gore of early Berserk, but I like daddy Guts. I'd prefer there to still be edge in other characters, situations, and setting.

In the abstract, I kind of like him. He was ridiculous and sort of fun. In the situation, he was the worst thing I'd ever seen.

Unfortunately never.

True. Even the merrow is a better character, and I'm half convinced I mistakenly read her in a fanfic story.

10% pretty ripped

Reminder to post your face.

>another boat arc
>more pirates

I'm going to miss this cutietard

Was the new berserk anime really that bad?



How are you going to feel when Casca goes back to Griffith's cock?

I'm sorry user but I haven't watched it.
Haven't even watched the 90's berserk anime

Imagine the worst animation you can conceive, and then pay Koreans ten cents a day to half-ass even that.

If anyone ever criticizes Berserk and talks about Miura's new art and the kips, give them this page. He's always done it.

Man, we could have captured the Game of Thrones audience if they did it properly.


I like manga duck lips

The way Miura draws lips and noses pisses me off for some reason.

So the animation is so shit that letting DEEN animate it would be a massive improvement?

What's wrong with his noses?

I'm saying if a sprite comic made of jpegs that you have to manually click through to simulate animation is a 10, the Berserk animation is a 2.

That sounds really bad.
So how badly did they fuck up the Conviction arc?


Reminder Griffith is the Anti-christ and also did everything wrong.

>did they fuck u-
Yes. Though at places the animation was proper 2d and in those it looked gorgeous. But half of them were half covered by the closing titles. Including Serpico's confrontation with Guts after rapehorse

Berserk then:

Berserk Now:
What went wrong?


daddy guts isnt boring per se, it's the fucking berserker armor

Edge Guts has always been bad in my opinion. The manga's a chore to reread when he's being an insufferable cunt.

Miura turned from shotacon to lolicon


Pretty goddamned astronomically bad. If you want to feel what Casca felt during the rape, watch a single episode. Seeing really is believing.

If you watch it thinking it's a comedy and you're really drunk/stoned it's good, that's how terrible it was.

but she enjoyed it user.


griffith face a best

Make room, plebs

For the last time, there's not a single shred of evidence that Casca was raped


Miura even draws the little cunt.

> Miura a GOD.

when was the last time we saw non chestnut puck?

This desu


In any long thread, the original OP question is forgotten. Generals aren't a bad thing, although they really should have made /ag/ like four years ago.

Where in the manga is this?

go and stay go