Anime is gonna go mainstream

Now that vocal artists such as Kim kardashian,xxx,lil uzi vert and micheal B Jordan are into anime more artists will get into it for more attention and then their followers or fans will do the same making anime to mainstream and getting normified for higher appeal ratings and profit so shits gonna get pretty gay, which since more people talk about it I'm gonna be less gay but it makes me feel less gay for people who don't have taste for shit getting into anime watching probably very mainstream anime that tries to appeal to everyone and is shit , and I'll try to recommend alternatives be called even more of a loser for not liking what they liek with reasoning

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Should've probably proof read that since auto correct exists

Just because people have seen a picture of these weird Japanese cartoons doesn’t mean you need to get a new fedora

Netflix already done that.

Anime has been a thing for ober 20 years now

Anime has been mainstream for years now, who fucking cares?

crunchyjew and jewflix have already made anime mainstream

You should probably get around to charging your shitty iphone.

That's paranoid thinking, OP. Anime has been mainstream for the past 20 years anyway, who cares?


The report function works I think, mind testing it out?

Call me when they start talking about moe and CGDCT shows.

>>yfw Kanye rides a bike woman in his next music video

It ought to have been seen ages ago.
It is animated film made in japan.
Japan happened to be really, really good at it.
Good, let the world see good things.

I know your reticence, that anything which comes into the fore will inevitably degrade.
Well, music can be seen in the same way.

Everyone everywhere love music.
But actually good music is still being made despite this.
Anime will be the say way. A lot of shlock to appease the drones, and the proper experiences that are longed for will appear on the outskirts, inevitably.

Not until some nigga makes an anime centered music. Preferably rap

well looks like it's time to jump ship.

It's been nice knowing ya'll NOT

They watch normalfag dubbed shonenshit shit just like you. Retarded phoneposter.

Anime is mainstream, Kanye's song Stronger came out 11 years ago which reference Akira, not to mention the Daft Punk song he sampled came out 17 years ago which the entire album was literally an Anime.

Every celebrity under 30 has probably grown up watching Toonami. ?

The absolute state of Sup Forums. Yikes.

>Japan happened to be really, really good at it

disney's been kicking japan's shit in when it comes to animation for decades.

It's just a meme to the mainstream. It'll pass like fidget spinners.

It went mainstream years ago, you cock sucking slut.

Blacks love anime, that's nothing new.

>Anime is gonna go mainstream
It's been like this for at least 4/5 years
fuck off

iirc wasn't there even a micheal jackson video that featured Akira?

It's weird how 10 years ago I wished anime was mainstream and now that it's becoming so I dread it. I really hope this rise in popularity is a fad that will pass.

when's the last time disney did a 2D movie?

What the fuck kinda logic is that, just enjoy the cartoons you like, you don't have to recommend shit to anyone.

It has been mainstream for years. It will only get worse and worse.

and it's about a loli looking girl on top of it. I thought the dude was going to get skewered by people when he released that video. Guess you can get away with anything if you are famous enough.

>I wished anime was mainstream
Why would you? If anything the more you are into this shit, the more degenerate you'll become

normies are never going to like any of the good anime so who cares?

If you watch the kind of trash that appeals to the normies then that's your problem. And even if some of the more enjoyable normie friendly shows go mainstream, like Attack on Titan or Hero Academy did, who really cares, honestly? You can always read the manga to maintain your weeb superiority status if it matters that much to you.


>Kim kardashian,xxx,lil uzi vert
literally who

>oh no, southerners can be weebs too
kys >>>>>reddit

>new meme anime isn't DitF video

Be careful what you wish for

Is this any funny to you? Can you let the mods take a break? Nobody is interested in your celeb shit Sup Forumsedditor/ircfag so stop posting this shit.