Cardcaptor Sakura

How do you guys handle the other 6 days of the week that CCS is not airing?

How do you cope with the withdrawals?

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The very state of Sup Forums

the best girl doesn't even speak

so is the spiral card spiral power?
if not, what does it actually do

Seems to be able to make things spin and similar things. Considering what Record was shown to do in the latest chapter though, I think these cards can do pretty much whatever Sakura wants them to do. Which makes sense if she's the one creating them.

wonder if we'll get to see some creative uses of the cards in future episodes. latest episode was good with that, especially with how she uses gravitation.





Sadly, while an okay show it's really mediocre and bland. It doesn't hold a candle to the original. I watch it because it airs before Colors.

>I think these cards can do pretty much whatever Sakura wants them to do. Which makes sense if she's the one creating them.
Yeah, the Clow cards were more straightforward and when Sakura used them they did the same things they did when she captured them, the Clear cards seem really unpredictable and they can manifest in unexpected ways.

Friendly reminder:

Now that's what I'd call development

Sakura got rid of all of the plushes, except for Syaoran's bear, the Sakura doll from Tomoyo and Kero.

So if sakura is 13 now, does she get her monthly visit already?

You mean the tooth fairy? All her baby teeth should be gone by now.

I don't get the sense of time in this show. I mean, first you got smartphones, and then laptops and cordless mice. Did time really freeze in that place or what?

>mfw this didn't just look like the elevator scene in episode 57

You have shit taste.

Chapter 1-13:

Chapter 14:

Chapter 15:

Chapter 16: Card Arc

Chapter 17:

Chapter 18:

Chapter 19: Card Chapter

Chapter 20 Card Arc chapter

To be fair there were laptops and cellphones in the original too, they just got upgraded to keep up with current times

I really love how she uses Gravitation to approximate Jump

>No Tomoyo or Syaoran next episode
What's the point?

But you get more Akiho! And maybe even Chiharu and Naoko!
And maybe all three of them will fawn over food or how perfect she is.

I can see that, but the late 90's to early 2000's atmosphere is ruined. And they even got a drone in there! A motherfucking drone!

Sounds comfy.

Sakura is cute, please love her as so.

Meiling's va is listed though

>the late 90's to early 2000's atmosphere is ruined
It's not set in that time period, so I don't see why it should have that atmosphere.
>they even got a drone in there
That's a cute gag.

But please, love her as a daughter, not waifu, for she is the eternal daughterfu.

Tomoyo's parents own a toy company, she's always had the latest tech for capturing Sakura.

very cute

She knew sakura was gonna be her daughter-in-law, didn't she?

>Tomoyo's parents
You mean her mother owns the company, who knows about her father. He seems to be totally out of the picture.

He has to be still around since Sonomi still is named Daidouji, but I can't remember a single mention. Maybe he's working overseas? Sonomi spends too much time working, it wouldn't be surprising if her husband did too.

I'm pretty sure it's the grandfather.

>tfw she sent him to Japan to meet Sakura and used the Clow cards as an excuse to convince him to go
Best mom ever

>Syaoran still glaring daggers at Touya
What the fuck, shouldn't he be over this phase already?

Sakura says Tomoyo doesn't like to talk about him. Pretty sure they are separated/divorced, CLAMP doesn't say it because it's a kids anime

>CLAMP doesn't say it because it's a kids anime
yet they drew a teacher giving an engagement ring to a 11yo girl

And yet girl love is ok

At least they cut the teacher out of clear card, since they recast Rika and she was on a manga cover, she still seems to be in the story.

...go on.

Touya is the best, I like how he's getting prominence as of late.

It's more like Touya was glaring daggers at him and he was just responding in kind. But I'm still convinced they're both involved with Eriol in the same side plot.

If he didn't people would complain he's not tsundere anymore. He hasn't interacted with Toya at all in the manga.


Sonomi only tells her development team to make new tech to make Tomoyo happy, she seems like an old fashioned type of person.

That episode where Tomoyo lost her voice changed my opinion of Sonomi, she seems like a good mom, she just works a lot and is obsessed with her cousin

Fujitaka works a lot too but he is a good dad, it's mostly the obsession with Nadeshiko that's weird but she has that in common with great granpa

sakura is cute

I thought they cut Rika in clear card out of respect for the death of her VA.

Everyone else did too but they went out of their way in the Gravitation episode to have Sakura talk to her on the phone so she should have the same role she has in the manga and might show up more. There'd be no reason to recast her just for a phone call that could have been easily avoided.

She was in chapter 21 manga cover with both Naoko and Chiharu, there will probably be a class reunion in the manga too.

They removed her from the clear card arc to avoid controversy, times are different now.

I'm just saying they had a legitimate reason for writing her out of the anime and it wouldn't really affect anything. But they went out of their way to have her talk on the phone, showing that she hasn't been written out of the anime.

She's in the manga and will be in the anime too.

That controversy was only in the manga, in the anime there's no engagement and they justify Rika having a crush on her teacher because of her daddy issues.

>tfw CLAMP got rid of one controversy and made another one that's not as extreme at least


I decided to rewatch the elevator episode since everyone mentioned it last thread. It was so wholesome, even better than I remember
>A very perceptive Yukito and Tomoyo
>Eriol playing matchmaker
>Syaoran jealous of Eriol
>Syaoran listening to Sakura's voice mail again
>Lots of blushing, denial, but realization
>That song
How can they be so pure?

I thought it was interesting how he just went straight to calling her Sakura with no honorific while she still kept (and still does say it) the -kun at the end.

Not to mention all of those amazing autumn drawings, that episode is truly a gem.

Mweh, I liked the Dream one more. It had a similar theme and the movie scene was great.

Can't be helped. Women are into lolicon more than men

I don't think he uses honorifics for anyone and Meiling said that before Sakura he only called by first name his four sisters and her. Though I wonder if Sakura will ever drop the - kun, but considering her own father uses honorifics for her I don't think it will happen.

I think he calls Tomoyo Daidoji-san but that's the only time I can remember him using an honorific and I might even be remembering that wrong. Might be because he's Chinese. Can't remember if Meiling uses honorifics either.

He calls Tomoyo just Daidouji, Meiling is the one that uses - san.

I was about to say that. The reason why he doesn't uses any honorific is because he's not used to, Sakura always uses them though

Doesn't he call her 'Daidouji'?

Yes, people were also surprised that in the last episode he was calling Kero "Keroberos" but that's what he said in the original when he didn't call him a plush toy.

Cat costume > Space Cadet > *

This costume that's from the same chapter as the cat costume is even better

>tfw one month until chapter 21
>it's going to be filler

Chapter 21 just came out. And how would you even know what the next chapter would be about?

I want a real Kero.

Rewatched/read all of SZS and am currently watching Lucky Star again.

Should probably work on my actual backlog instead of rewatching stuff for the third time but oh well.

This is just from some doujin r-right?

Some people think that if she doesn't catch a card the chapter is considered filler

There's been chapters in the past with no card captures too I'm pretty sure. And Clamp's art is on point at the moment. Legit beautiful. And it's funny complaining about filler when the last episode was literally a nostalgia pandering near-remake of an original episode.

Me too but there's no way he would fit on a desk

I know it was pretty similar but it was still one of the best episodes for me

I agree. This was probably one of the best episodes not just for the nostalgia factor but it was a perfect combination of a little of everything + shipping.

I play piano, work and write my CCS fanfic.

Post it please, I really want more good CCS fanfics

Plot twist: Tomoyo is a retro causated Sakura creation in her death bed.

Bloom everywhere.
Is the newer show trying to be for babies?

It was always a show for kids.

CCS is and always was for little girls, user.

>those heart motifs
Araki would be proud.

Its not ready yet. I will publish when I finish writing it enterly.
And I don't think you will like it. Its an AU to begin.

>mfw I used to read CCS fics on 10 years ago and now I want to start again
Not that user but I remember that some of the CCS AUs were really good, my favourite one was one with ghost!Syaoran, so don't worry user keep up with your fic.

Good, good. As long it's in character I'll take anything, my only problem is when they don't even respect the characters' personalities, and sadly that almost every CCS fanfic>again
Will you post it in ao3? I'll be waiting for it user, I'm sure that you'll do a great work

Sorry, I didn't meant to quote. My hand slipped

>Tomoyo is a retro causated Sakura creation in her death bed
This could only happen to Clow

Sakura is stronger than Clow though. And there's already some legitimate evidence that Sakura might be doing something unconsciously that's bad for reality.

>Sakura is dreaming and reality is getting confused which one is real
I still want this outcome so bad.

Being stronger than Clow actually means that she can control the power that Clow had, which is not a bad thing. The clear cards might be created by her but she was probably triggered by the "resonance" or losing the other cards and I'm pretty sure Sakura didn't make that happen on her own.

I kind of don't want it to be a "it was all a dream" story but maybe it can be done well. I also don't really want any alternate reality stuff either though and would prefer dream stuff. It wouldn't be as bad if dreams were involved but not all of Clear Card being a dream.