Golden Kamuy anime dates + chapter 150 leaks

Golden Kamuy anime will start broadcasting on 9 April 2018

TOKYO MX every Monday 23:00
Yomiuri TV 25:59
Sapporo TV 25:44
BS11 25:00
FOD 23:30

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Theme song info

Chapter 150 leaks



whoa, did he hit Maeyama?
Not cool

At least give him a hug you bastard.

who gives a shit about that fat ugly fuck

Loving how Sugimoto looks in this poster. Hype increased.

he seems like a sweet person you goddamn animal

> Do you really think learning Russian was enough to get you off death row?
is this where he tells him whose dick he had to suck to make him swear allegiance?

Neither of these bands seem to fit the tone or atmosphere of Golden Kamuy at all desu


What music do you think does?

Holy fucking shit

>siding with tsurumi

That man doesn't accept sweet people into his entourage, you fool.

who the fuck are Tsukishima nd Tanigaki then

Nice. what about streaming?

>the prophecy came true

This was Tanigaki AFTER a couple of weeks of healing away from the army.

Dude was a monster like the rest of them before he managed to recover, that's the point of his arc.

And Tsukishima shot a dude in the head because he said he was going to report Tsurumi.

vol13 cover came out too
I'm gonna be honest here lads, I would

>And Tsukishima shot a dude in the head because he said he was going to report Tsurumi.
Wada told him to shoot Tsurumi, not report him, was he supposed to ask him nicely not to?
you need to lower your sweetness standards in this manga

I'm just saying, calling him sweet is stupid. Tsurumi eroded that out of him long ago.

he smiled at a granpa once

This is what Hibana's going to sound like:

Is Noda hardcore enough to have them fuck? He's been slowly amping up the bara angle, but that's another level.

shitty translation incoming

>tsurumi: It's because you accepted the death sentence
>tsurumi at others: leave us alone
>tsurumi: thinking Igogusa is alive made you regret the capital punishment
>tsurumi: you didn't deserve to die because of your father, I just wanted to help

>tsurumi: you're a better soldier than anybody else and a trustworthy subordinate
>tsurumi: and this is my battlefield...
>tsukishima: THAT GIRL...
>tsurumi: Listen to the whole story.
>tsurumi: Tsukishima... do you really think Russian alone has allowed you to escape death penalty?

>tsurumi: we will be throwing ourselves into the hell of Abashiri (? I think)
>tsurumi: you're the only one I can trust Tsukishima
>tsurumi: despite doubting me, you risked your life protecting me
>tsukishima: you saved my life, so I'll use the rest of it for you


I want Tsukishima to escape him more than ever.

How much will the anime cover? Can we meme 2 cours into existence?

He's got a point, Tsukishima would've just hanged for killing his shitty dad otherwise.

It'd have to, we're getting at least to Muder Hotel and I don't know how they'd cram this into 12 eps.

What makes you say we'll get that far? At what chapter did hotel end?

Because Ienega's VA is going to be revealed next

It depends a lot on how much time they spend of the early worldbuilding/documentary chapters
If they adapt everything we won't even reach murder hotel

If that's the case then I think the anime will go into Nihei's ar fairly quickly

Tsukishima chose to die and Tsurumi conned him out of it. Now Tsurumi makes him commit atrocities for his goals.

Tsukishima's life isn't exactly a bed of flowers.

>Now Tsurumi makes him commit atrocities for his goals.
He's a soldier user, it's what he does.

Jesus christ dude. No, most soldiers don't have to murder 700+ people on the downlow because their crazy boss is plotting a rebellion.

They have to murder a designated group of people because their boss is following some other boss's orders for war?
Abashiri was pretty gruesome, but I don't know why you're pretending he's some sort of a wilting flower instead of a hardened war vet like the rest of them.

worried about the fact that they casted a no name as the Sugimoto, the main fucking character.

Am I on the fucking office? No, most soldiers don't have to kill hundreds of civilians at a time you strange little weirdo.

I'm cringing if you think I'm calling Tsukishima a wilting flower because I said he's obviously not enthused about mass murder unlike the rest of Tsurumi's thot squad.

Well, he sounds fine in the PV. You gotta believe in the best outcome.小林親弘
Yeah he doesn't have an impressive resume but at least he has experience in voice acting from dubbing dramas and isn't a total rookie like Balck Clover's VA.

Right? Tsurumi might have saved his life but it’s still manipulation of the highest order. Can you people please admit that you like Tsurumi because he’s a charismatic asshole. Don’t justify every action he makes.

You're really making a lot of noise about me saying he's not better of dead.

They must've found him amazing in the try-outs probably, I have hope.

Oh dang, I thought he was some sort of total rookie with no credits? Where the hell was I getting my shitty info from lol.

The same happened with Hinamatsuri, but I don’t see a problem.

Fucking finally. I don't know what it is about Tsurumi that makes his fans so hyper defensive, but I'm willing to blame the "no problematic favs allowed uwu" movement.

His credits aren't anything impressive, it's mostly support roles. I guess you looked in anime sites and he's a rookie in anime voice acting.

>wow why are you reacting to me saying that?

Are you obtuse, or just pretending to be in an attempt to save face?

His lack of experience with anime voices and that he dubs give me hope.

I'm saying his's dub roles aren't impressive either. He has been a VA since 2007 and that's all the work he has done.

Tsurumifags are really dense, I find the character fun but trying to justify him being an asshole is stupid, the point is Tsurumi is a charismatic scumbag.

He sounds fine, at least in the samples. Also, I prefer they trying someone new than relying on the same bunch of VAs.

You'll see when you get flat delivery that happens a lot with the rookie female idol VAs when all they need to do is sound cute.Not saying the VA for Nitta will suck for sure but inexperience isn't a good thing.

Today I saw someone "jokingly" point out that white poppies represent pacifism, instead of making the obvious connection that they're opium poppies and I full body cringed

UwU movement has be destroyed for good. Especially for series like GK. Is this an North American phenomenon? Or an imitation of the jpn kawaii culture?

I always assumed it was coming out of burgerland because of their obnoxious moral puritanism.

If you think they hired him without him giving a convincting "I AM SUGIMOTO THE IMMORTAL" in the try-outs then you're mistaken

Black Clover's ear torture is not the seiyuu's fault

Ah yes the burgerfilled righteousness but back in the forum and LJ days nobody seemed to speak like that. Sure there was more XDDD obnoxious people but I’d take that instead uwu he/she is problematic culture today.

I wasn't taking about Sugimoto's VA, at least he has experience, unimpressive or not. Nitta's VA on another hand is pretty new but not as rookie as Black Clover's VA.

Thoughts? This could imply 2 cours

>Man with a mission OP.

How gay is this? I heard it was pretty gay

Those tits are magical

There's manserivce if you like muscle dudes.

Starts out with no gay in sight, gets gay later.

It's pretty funny.



It could be 2 cours, but they would have to skip a whole lot to reach Koito even with that many episodes. Considering Ogata's appearance in promo material, I'm thinking they will reach maybe around volume 5. Still a of material lot though, this series is so packed.

I'm not trying to be delusional, but I've been wondering if we'll maybe get the ever-rarer 50 eps, either in one shot or two cours. It just seems like they plan to adapt so much material; even making it to murder hotel would be an extremely tight squeeze with only 26 eps.

The series is packed but a lot of it is worldbuilding/filler. I can see them cutting out a bunch of the innawoods survivalist stuff to get to the action.

But the innawoods stuff is such a charm point.

One of the reason the Japanese love gk so much is because this is their first time learning about Ainu culture. It's a curiosity to them. To cut out one of the pillars of gk's success seems like a really bad idea.

I'm not saying it would be a good idea, or that that is what I'd do, obviously the Discovery Channel vibes are part of what makes it great.. But if something needs to be cut, you can guess what's going to go.

They call it gay
I call it manly

I can see they adding but shortening the scenes and then having a chibi skit after the ending explaining everything.


That'd be a good compromise.

Why is GK so popular with tumblr?

Twitter. No one of note uses tumblr anymore.

You can try to guess

It looks like Ogata knows something about the original Ainu massacre.

Someone knows how much of the story will be adapted?

Tsukishima's gonna die, I think. They're making him too sympathetic + he seems noticeably more competent than the others in Tsurumi's gang.

SHut the fuck up, no bully

Just a bunch of lads doing manly shit, not gay.

>I can see them cutting out a bunch of the innawoods survivalist stuff to get to the action.

He's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in this thing user, it just feels like he's getting tons of death flags too though. Noda's surprised me (and everyone else seemingly) plenty of times before though so maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe he'll end up like Tanigaki, just without the sugar mommy beefing him up.

Really hope they don't cut lots of the earlier stuff out just to get to the main plotline. Personally feel like the earlier parts of the series (back when it was mainly just Sugimoto/Asirpa/Shiraishi with the occasional cut to one of the other factions) was the best part of the series (and the part that won this series all of it's awards), not that I'm disliking how the series is nowadays either.

We've been introduced to so many recurring characters i'm wondering when they will start dying off

I hope Usami goes first. Flat character, adds nothing.

I don't understand why there's so much art of him on pixiv. How is the yandere trope THIS insanely popular?





Just because all of you post here doesn’t make any of you better than the dumb twitter users you complain about. Stop dragging this shit into the discussion threads here or make a discord for it like the YoI fujo.