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What's she embarrassed about?


Yes but I like that

>Nino cover girl
if you're going to make a 5toubun thread shouldn't you put the title in the first post?

New chapter translation fucking wheeen


Nino is rubbish.

Miku a cute, A CUTE!!

You mean an easy, dere girl in heat. What is her personality outside of autism and thirst?

is it okay to post my doujin here? from the last thread

no one will ever see it

This. She should be harder to get and less horny for the F like Ichika.

>her feet

I get what he's doing with the covers and all but Nino doesn't actually do much in this volume does she?

are you going to share it?

When i remmber that one girl well win it hurt me to read cause i know till now at least two well be hurt cause at least 3 love him

He is going in orders,
Mike is next.

sure i said i was gonna deliver. But i think i should post it when the translator's here so mikufags would rage.

Do people actually read this shitty Bokuben knock-off?

Hopefully chapters 6 and 7 get released in the next few hours or days. I checked the Trello page, and I saw that both are in the QC process.

Despite the similar set-up it has a very different compared from Bokuben. Comparing the two side-by-side is actually pretty refreshing.


It's older than Bokuben

>Nino cover
Time to buy volume 3.

lets not get ahead of ourselves shall we

I don't get it? Miku as an actual nurse is a horrifying prospect.
Sister Nino would take better care of you.

Is no one translating the gookscans?

I thought she have horns from the thumbnails.

No. Check back when the raws are posted.


If no one translating, then just close the thread and come back at wednesday.


Is this a stealth Go Toubun no Hanayome thread?

Nigga, put the name of the series in the title so I don't have to sift through the catalog next time

>no one translating the gookscans

>Is no one translating the gookscans?
Nope, thus making this thread pointless.

Translation where? Also, you should probably at least title the OP after the series until the most recent chapter has been translated.

>expecting anything from ninofags

No, it was just a retard. And you are one too for not saging.

They should have start the numbering with 0.

God damn their eye color really is the same, the other color spreads all the eye colors are very different shades of blue.
But on covers they're the same


In unrelated news, chapters 6 and 7 have been re-released by Sup Forums

Who should I thank?

Do we know which chapters this volume covers?

well volume 2 did up to ch14 so probably as far as ch21?


Where did you learn that from?

You pulling that out of your ass or do you have sources / calculation to back that up? (because mangadex needs updating if so. That fucking site needs a manual sort option.)

Huh. What do you know. What a blue-baller for the people who only the tanks

It does mean that volume 4 can start off with the arc instead of a transition chapter though, which is nice. There isn't really any great place to put 22/23 in a tank.

I need some TLs or the raw. I want to know if Ichika is really into Fuutarou and not screwing around.

When it's ready.

Do you have no self control? Go do something else and come back Wednesday.

Should the chapters be dumped here?

I have self control, I just want it. It's a fucking mystery and I want to see it solved.

no one will stop you.

I hope someone does dump it here, before we have another mess.

Dumping Chapter 6.




Please understand, delinquent cock is to strong.




I thought the LH version of this chapter was actually pretty decent considering their usual work, but this version is so much more charming.

she's been waiting for him for five years cut her some slack







this was the chapter that sold me on Nono
the ice would melt eventually



Me too. Glad to see they made Nino so cute for her cover too.





Why is she so cute?

Reading the two versions side by side is half the fun!

Chapter 7 coming up. I'll leave the color pages to the end of the chapter.

I recommend leaving the next chapter for another thread (after this week's chapter)



>Nino in a tracksuit

Is Nino the true Slavgirl?

I really want to see how the courtroom drama plays out the being locked in the shed thing, and who will be the defendant. Miku will probably tell him to commit sudoku again.

Negi must be at least reasonably fluent in english

I believe it's more preferable to dump them both as they were released at the same time. Also, it reserves Wednesday's thread just for 28.


They're all cute, they were designed to be cute, it's 120% intentional meant to make your dick happy.