I think everyone can agree that onifags have gone too far this time. This is too much, anime is ruined...

I think everyone can agree that onifags have gone too far this time. This is too much, anime is ruined. The only thing that can stop them now is Ichigo getting daleen in the end, so we must shitpost it into reality. There is no other choice, or else our anime will be ruined forever.

What's daleen?

your shit's all retarded

>The fans ruined it!!!
>Come on, Sup Forums! Meme magic!!!
You're a mongoloid, OP

i'm not talking about meme magic, just make oni so revolting to normies that they will leave us alone.

>oni revolting
she already has retarded makeup and skin like she went through chemotherapy, this is her fate


This is your fault OP.

no this is because she is a roastie whore
she doesn't even know who she is
but I bet she was the typical girl (not saying its not normal) to make fun of anime, etc and people who watch them

>Zero Two is a thot just like you.


>yfw fans start sketching oni wearing outfits that KK wore
>yfw the millions of her followers start watching and it becomes hugely popular and goes from a 24 ep series into a massive 700+ shonen

>It's real.
How the hell would she have come across Darling in the Franxx in the first place.

>A Hussein destroys another American symbol

>Anime is so shit that even Kim likes it

Kanye is a weeb.

I thought blacks only liked battle shonen

Kanye has better taste than most of Sup Forums

Weeb husband.
Franxx combines sci fi elements, stylish anime designs and a lot of good ass shots.
It might be his AOTS and he showed it to her.

everyone in here is a faggot, you guys are what is wrong with Sup Forums today

>Sup Forums

>thinking Sup Forums is a good place
you are whats wrong

>Facebook shit
>caring about 3D
>Dude let's kill this girl because muh normies like her xD
Why is this thread still up?
This is the demographic that hates this show and shitposts about it.
Can you fucking cancerous fuckers just piss off back to your containment board?
I wish mods would rangeban you faggots.

I feel like I can't like 02 any more because she's no longer obscure. Time to revert to the fallback waifu.

>thinking Sup Forums is a good place
who are you quoting

>Franxx wil flo-

>fallback waifu
Kill yourself.

>seasonal waifus
I fucking hate you newfaggots.

who said anything about killing her?


Read the OP.
They want to ruin her so the evil "normies" don't like her.
I almost threw up reading this embarrassing thread.

I thought you meant Kim Kardashian, lol
In my opinion 02 is not very realistic, but isn't that bad of a character, even tho I prefer Ichigo
It's just the way nips displayed this show with a love triangle that I hate and always fuck things up

She's very realistic for a half dino oni child soldier.
What are you talking about.

Realistic like how in reality a girl jumps on your typical boring Hiro mc cock?

>02 is not very realistic
How did you come to that conclusion?
Do you have 300 IQ?

You'd do the same if your hambeast ass was near the guy.

> Revolting to normies
But that archetype already exists. Femburgers loooooooooooove the loud&proud demon girls.

Did she, dare i say it, start the fire?

ah, yes, now I definitely understand

ichigo is fucking shit


What's a boring MC to you is clearly a refreshing, unique and highly desirable man to her. How can you call her unrealistic if you don't even understand her point of view.

>refreshing, unique and highly desirable man

Can someone translate this?

I think I do, too.

You fat bitch with tiny tits.

You all right? You ought to drink a nice hot tea, you seem cold inside

>Zero Two is a thot just like you

From her perspective that's what Hiro is.
She's made it abundantly clear over and over.

I cannot bring myself to find anime behaviour realistic, sorry

I have a feeling that Kanye lurks here sometimes

Ichigo's so sexy when mad.

>ywn take a shower with Ichigo and kiss her passionately

Do you even know what a waifu is?

>tfw actual show discussion is only during the time the episode airs live, up to five minutes after, then it becomes shitposting central