Killing bites

Where you at, furry bros?

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Are German TLs over? What chapter/volume did they stop at?

Best girl.

Himenospia 2nd volume is somehow out three months after 1st

spoiler for Destroyale.

And now Nomoto's an Orgin, just like Hitomi

is that just an edit or are there actual doujins?
i can't find anything on sad panda

But why is it called killing bites?

It's bunny after meeting civet

it's not an edit, and it's not a doujin.

I want to fuck that bunny when she's in heat.

Why would you think its an edit if you got to this point?

I find hilarious how gorilla knowing how strong the bald dude was, tried to kill him instead of running away.

So MC is a furryformer now too?


End of the latest volume

Wsnt hitomi the main character '

Please bw a Chinchilla.


Only in Destroyale
Destival belongs to Beagle-chan

Why are beagles so cute.

anybody got the killing bites ad pic?

Why is Hitomi being such a bitch after the timeskip, she doesn't seem reluctantly at all at having to kill Nomoto again

>beagle is cute as fuck
>then it tells you to kill

beagle chan deduces that both Nomoto and Hitomi have the hots for each other; and concludes that he's there to free her from Shidou's clutches.


It was pretty obvious that Nomoto would have never survived with conventional treatment.
Now I wonder what kind of animal he got, hopefully not some stupid shit.

They're the cutest of the hounds:


Definitely horse.

Nice, I called it a while back. Is the volume up for download anywhere yet.

Oh, now I see some scales above his eyes.
I hope he isn't a fish or some meek random reptile.

Watch him be an insect, aka the most broken motherfuckers around if the Author's other work Arachnid is any indication.

Why a Chinchilla?

Sucks we're never going to get anything more between them if Cheeto is getting shipped off with the Gecko and Taz as consolation prizes.

use the damned spoiler tag
Shidou owns the gene therapy treatment, and the one who ordered Nomoto's death. The only conclusion we could get out of this is that he's an Origin like Hitomi.



>Gecko and Taz
>not The indestructible Newt

I love this series more than I should lads.

What happened to the guy who wanted to translate chapter 30+?

also fuck you, how about using that spoiler tag?

He's biding his time until raptor scans finish releasing their scanlated chapters.


so i can huge a human sized one

they do have similar hairstyle.

Good idea.


I have a Beagle, can confirm

So what will Nomoto do? Hug Hitomi to death?

maybe,but there wasnt any bird hybrids before Oshie isnt one anyway

good time for a big reveal then
>Hug Hitomi to death?
i know i would

lhscans has the individual chapters, but this image was on the end of the chapter posted today, so I assume its actually a volume scan.

We saw a few in the background during the Destival arc; this might be the first one we get to see up close.

>Oshie isnt one anyway
She's unqualified for gene therapy anyways.

She's a big girl

like i said maybe,bird hybrid is actuallu not a good idea .Most birds are useless on land ,exept if he is Emu hybrid wich will be an overkill

>shamelessly spoilering again
fuck you, you fucking faggots

>inb4 some apologetic bullshit
go fuck yourself

All of you are wrong. It's obvious he's going to be the apex predator.

>Man has evolved into Wo-man

he will shoot the feathers or some retarded shit like that, it will work somehow

a kick in the balls can fix that

rough translation
>What is it you always say?
>The one with the strongest fangs wins?
>Where's he going with this?
>Thus Killing Bites
>That's what it is?

What about a cassowary or a penguin

Boring choice : Bear
Fun choice : Kangaroo
MANkind choice : Joseph

>mfw this nigga is actually a white guy that can turn into a nigger Therianthrope.

Are we about to get a fight? Translator user where are you? Can you explain why Hitomi approached him? Is she going to try to kill him again?

Sloths aren't nearly as good at running

Nice pants Hitomi

Thing is we talking about land battles with human-animal hybrid,MC cant be some lame wombat
Land birds main strange is speed and strong beak,imagine a hybrid who tries use a beak in battle....

Yes obviously, because she failed to do so before.
And Shidou just got to know that Nomoto was still alive.

Meant the first guy from the left.

I want to lick her belly button.

damn my english .
Land bird main advantage is that they can either kick or use beak
And they posses no fangs.Thus no killing bites material

>Ripped and thick

Dem abs tho.

Nice abs, Hitomi chan

Is the mangaka taking cues from the anime now?

So Hitomi is going villian now?


she always was

>no killing bites material
literally noone has been killed by a bite so far
I wonder if there'll be amphibious or aerial brutes

Bunbun is a precious treasure that must be protected!

No, she's just Shidou's most loyal lacky.

I really want to breed with this rabbit.

I love MC's new personality. He went from a wimpy beta to a smug keikaku man.

that eyegrow ridge growth looks very reptile like but please be a bird, big fucking majestic dangerous bird like bearded vulture or something

>Eagle training a Beagle

Pls don't be reptile

gonna be a dino or a shark
he will have the sharpest fangs

Who saved Nomoto by the way?
It wasn't Ishida that's for sure.

>gonna be a dino
This is so stupid but if it happens I'll fucking love it.

>you will never be sandwiched between these two tummies
Why even live lads?

Someone please translate this whole conversation, it's just a few pages long.

Probably miss Son.

I'd really like that, it's not like this series takes itself serious.

>Probably miss Son.
Too predictable. If he's a reptile it was Sumitomo.

He was more or less forced to change.
Either that or die for certain.

You don't say...


But miss Son is the only one not surprised of him being alive. She must know something

That hair though

Yeah, not the biggest fan of that dorky hairstyle lol. But i think it suits the contrast between her hard body and her sweet personality.

When did this happen? I don't remember them meeting.

Uzaki Nodoka

Is she related to Hitomi?

It's on volume 7

Wait how does he just become an Origin?

Speaking of monster girls, anyone of you saw this already?