Mahoutsukai no Yome

What is Sup Forums's opinion of this show?

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Elias fucked up in the latest episode.

Chisel a cute

The music really ties the whole thing together. With a bad soundtrack it wouldn't be good at all. But it's so good that it elevates the whole show from "very slow burn, edging into boring" to "comfy as fuck, mysterious kino"

Anime twilight with good music and cute critters.

that's the kind of situation that even if he succedded Chise would probably never forgive him and leave

Isn't it more of a beauty and the beast story than twilight? Or am I being retarded and just reading your post wrong?

my opinion is that no one on Sup Forums watches it, but is quick to judge it

Everyone and their mother has read the manga. The anime doesn't add anything to it, and takes away quite a lot of the atmosphere created by the paneling.
Same deal with the Takagi-san anime really

It's boring and I can't stand the main characters, but the magical stuff keeps me slightly interested.

I hated the moments of fake intensity. Like when she starts getting drowned and the ice sheep.
It was obvious she wasn't actually in danger and Elias was close by so it seemed pointless for things to get so intense, especially with the music forcing it.

It's pretty good. Manga is much better, but I really enjoy seeing all my favorite chapters animated.

It used to be comfy but the plot is going nowhere , chise is becoming very unlikable and the antagonist is balls

I like the old Chise who would follow her master as long as he needed her. That Chise was better than emo about her past Chise and full human Chise

I have not read the manga

I think they are both good in their own ways

It's hetbait.

finally a thread to dump this webm, sasuga Sup Forums

This is kino

I like how Chise is so useless that need Elias-sama fix their problems every day

It's solid. Enjoying it more than any other anime airing this season.

What's not to like? Pleasing visual atmosphere. Decent character development. Good soundtrack.

Havn't been this into a fantasy genre since like 2015. I rate it comfy/10

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idk why Sup Forums doesn't talk about it more. Maybe I'm not up with the times.

I enjoy the show but for the life of me I can't understand Chise at all
I have never been more confused by a characters actions in any book, movie, normal show or anime


>idk why Sup Forums doesn't talk about it more.

Sup Forums has been converted to have the attention span of a hamster and deny anything that is not a single-cour quickie.
At least in my opinion. I know I have problems keeping up with longer series with all the new hot shit coming out all the time.

Chise and Silky are cute.

Have we gotten to coloring her eyes yet?

i like the cute slice of life magic stuff

i hate everything to do with the creepy """"""romance""""""" between chise and elias


I really like it.

Pretty much this. The worldbuilding and mythology aspect is great, the relationship part is gross.

I hate every character.

I'm pretty sure their relationship not being particularly healthy is intentional.


Is there a kind mangafag that would explain a few things to me? So I read around 10 chapters of this way back and I stopped reading it because the lack magic use in our magic apprentice MC was giving me that all to common feeling that the mangaka has no concrete idea where the narrative should go in order to make a meaningful story. Any changes on that front?

Chise uses magic pretty frequently now. There was no "story" so to speak as its mostly just an easygoing, worldbuilding story of the week kind of thing. There's an overarching story with the Jew and Chise's curse but honestly nobody really cares about it.

chestlets, when will they learn?

>Chise's curse
Nobody is taking the using your power will shorten your life span cliche seriously I see. Thanks anyway, I'll probably give the manga another chance then. It's sad that the adaptation turned out so bland tho.

I like the cute slice of life magic stuff.

I hate everything to do with the author trying to write any form of drama, reeks of female writer fetishes on top of clumsy, immature and amateurish execution.

I want to go back.

Decent show, but the first opening is by far the best part of it.



Don't trust The Jew

Peaked mid show but has been getting worse last four or so episodes and I'm having trouble understanding why.

>I'm having trouble understanding why.
They are going through chapters a lot more quickly.