Slow Start

Is this true?

It's true for normal panties, but edible panties do exist.

Yes, pantsu are not edible

No. This is complete and utter fucking lie. I refuse to accept that my daily diet wouldn't be called food.

What are the tastiest of all the pantsu?

Tama a shit. Eiko best girl.

Don't use Eiko to try and start shit you little nigger.

That can't be right. What have I been eating this entire time then?

Shimapan. Literally the chocomint of pantsu.

Watch your language. This is a racism free board.

Why are you more upset about Eiko being used to start shit, than Tama being the target? Who could hate someone literal perfection?

That's why Sensei flipped Eiko's skirt!

tama is a lewd fat old man

Is this true?

So, what is wrong with it? It's been stuck all day.

Rude. She is a very slim and sexy old man.

Why is Kamu so lewd?

How should I know? I'm not flexible enough.

>he doesn't know

Sexually frustrated after got NTR'd.

How not to draw mouths.jpg


I'm glad I live in a country where teachers would be persecuted if they tried doing this to their students.

Then I'll eat her shorts instead.

You can't eat that which does not exist.

Imouto pantsu are the world's greatest delicacy. They're especially great when cooked with her eggs and milk.

You probably got it from Nyaa and it doesn't have the trackers that are seeded.

You open your door and see this, what do?

damn, wrong apartment again. sorry, i just moved into this building.

Does Kanami wear shimapan?

its probably still to cold for bikinis

That is perfection.

Hana is so cute holy shit

I love Tama-chan so fucking much.

Turn 360 degrees and get the heck outta there.

There's something wrong with this girl

See this? This is what I believe in.

Here's Hana's one as well.

She's too cute for her own good.

she cant swim

Tamachan's voice acting is crazy good this episode holy shit.
>perverted otaku act
>chest envy

This noobie seiyuu is quite promising.

Unzip dick

She isn't a panty bandit for nothing.

god i love my wife

I want to spread her ass

But she poops from there.

we know, hana

cute anime girls dont do that

Tama is personification of Sup Forums, a weeb and a loli/

How can you say you love her if you can't even accept her poop?

i want to have sex with Sup Forums

how do you accept something she doesn't do?

Does that mean you can't take panties on a school trip?

That's the best part though

Only if you take the kitchen sink.

>scroll of inferior material

Explain how Kamu have bigger boobs than Tama, with all your science.

Tamale is genetically defective and does not have any breast tissue at all.

Are bananas a snack?

>genetically defective
Genetically superior.

What's her defect?

The weak should fear the strong.


Sciencing is pointless, just imagine how fun it would be to stick your hand in that sideboob gap and grope Kamuri's boobs until she kamus.

>Turn 360 degrees
Then you would be facing the same direction, bucko. Attached image is what I would do.

Only if you cover it in toothpaste.

Tama and Hana are girlfriends

They make a good comedy duo

No Teacher in one-piece black swimsuit during the pool arc.

I'm disappointed.

>not knowing the 360 degree meme


spotted the newfag

Breast envy, best envy

How heavy are they?

>He never had panty inspection day in Sup Forums elementary.

30 kilos each.

Tama-chan is the best kind of slut.

Tama is pure, she has yet to experience her first kiss. I want it to take its time, because rushed love is not true love.

Do you think Tama-chan experiments with Hana?

When will Eiko fuck sensei?

Eiko will be the one to get fucked.

Sensei will fuck Eiko.


I'd sure like to rub some white gooey liquid all over Eiko-chan, too.


At least Kamu understands.

God I love sensei's outfit

Anyone else think the indoor swimsuit thing is much more erotic than just wearing them at the beach?

How do girls fuck each other?


Jesus Christ.


That looks like a great snack.

Yuzu go rub down Yukari or some shit.

Yes, every night with no exceptions.

Hai Hai! Pure sluts are the absolute best.

Made for breeding.


Yes, and that's a bad thing, Tama-chan.

Their face when they see your dick

Nah, Hana should be freaking out.