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Sudou, who had started acting in his capacity as leader, had the students assemble on the next day and began coaching them. It appears Sudou's job on his first day as leader is to teach them to get the hang of tug of war. I watched from a slight distance.
"You're pointlessly straining too much. There's no strength at all behind your tug. At this rate you won't win what can be won".
Saying that, perhaps he intends on giving a practical demonstration, Sudou gripped in his hands a short rope. Facing him were two people, Ike and Yamauchi. It appears he intends on taking them on alone.

The two of them must surely have expected to win but when the match began, Sudou pulled on the rope with overwhelming strength. Not too long after, the two of them fell before Sudou and sat down on the ground.
"See? You're not putting any strength into it".
"I don't get it.....hey Sudou. Is there a trick or something behind this?".
"Power is also vital but in cases like this it's not just your arm but rather you use your hips, you know, hips".

Even as he spoke roughly, Sudou was giving each and every student complete and thorough instructions.
"Hey, Sudou-kun. Can you have a look here later? The horseman isn't going too well".
"Wait a minute. I'll be right there".
There were more than a few students who aren't especially good at sports and so there were quite a lot of voices calling out to ask for Sudou's opinion. Surprisingly enough, I honestly didn't expect that even the girls would ask him for his opinion.

(Continued. This is part 3 of chapter 3 of volume 5)

"He surprisingly appears to be doing it seriously".
"It's the first time his surroundings have relied on him after all. The role of leader may yet surprisingly befit him, don't you think?".
In theory, having people rely on you would make just about anyone feel good. It's especially true for students like Sudou who have lived in solitude.
"As for me, if it weren't for 'that', I wouldn't mind praising him though......".
'That'? As I was about to ask her about that, an angry voice rang out.
"I'm telling you that's not it!".

Kicking the dirt on the ground, he blew up a dust cloud towards Ike and the others.
"Dowa! Peh, peh! Please stop!".
Seeing that, Horikita sighed. Certainly, him being quick to get physical is a problem. A leader must have proper awareness that the people they interact with are fundamentally different from them. On the other hand, the leader who always employs kind teaching methods is Hirata. Underneath the girl waiting for Sudou's instructions, he was checking their positions in order to ensure a comfortable posture and to establish a foundation in preparation for the cavalry battle.

"Yeah, I think this is fine. But don't you feel a bit cramped?".
"That's shoulders hurt a bit, I guess".
"Let's try changing positions a bit, shall we? I think just by moving a few centimeters it'll be different".
"Ohh---you're right, it feels rather comfortable now. Thank you, Hirata-kun".
"Please help out here a bit too, Hirata".
Yet another cavalry group asked for help and Hirata responded with a smile.

"How about you teach the girls too?".
Horikita too, within her class, is top class as far as athleticism goes. She has quite a lot of potential as a leader.


"I have no intention of teaching them. In the first place, I doubt there's anyone who wants to be taught by me".
Boldly saying something that she shouldn't be proud of, she begins warming up on her own.
"I have my hands full with making sure I can produce results. Can you afford to be laid-back? If you're confident you can win no matter who you fight against, then that's fine though".

"I have no such confidence".
"Sounds about right. Your results are always mediocre after all. You're neither fast nor are you slow, inconspicuous results".
"You knew?".
"For the record, I intend on ascertaining the abilities of my classmates".
It appears even in physical education classes, she's been closely observing me.
"I'll ask you this once any chance would you happen to be holding back like you did with your test scores?".
"Do you think I'd do something that pointless?".

"I'd say it's 50/50. So, what about it?".
"I apologize for partly betraying your expectations but my usual results are my ability".
"In other words, you're neither good nor bad. Meaning I shouldn't expect good results from you, then?".
"That's how it is".
"Then you'd better endeavor to practice right away".
"It wouldn't be a problem if I could improve by practicing in this short period of time. Unlike studies, last-minute cramming is impossible for this".
One's physical ability will only improve through daily accumulation of experience.

"I think it'll be a different story if you focus on contests that can be supplemented with technique though? The way you grip the rope or the way you form the horseman. Just by learning those you should be able to add to our manpower".
I had tried to slack off but she's done a good job besieging me. It can't be helped then, I think I'll practice for the Recommended Only Participation events I ended up becoming a participant in.



Having been urged to do so, I was about to move when Horikita once again called out to me.
"What's going to decide victory or defeat in the sports festival is the physical ability of each class. That is correct, is it not?".
"It is a sports festival. You do realize that physical ability is the key here, don't you?".
"That's right.....but that way of thinking is limited to times when I fight alone. If I focus on my own results, then I'm confident I can leave behind a good outcome. But recently I no longer quite understand. That just by elevating one's own abilities, perhaps you might not be able to reach Class A".

It was an uncharacteristically timid remark. It's likely proof that all her mistakes in the exams leading up to now are causing her to respond like this to this extent.
"Then let me ask this. What needs to be done in order to produce results in this sports festival? To climb up to Class A?".
As I replied with a question, Horikita closed her mouth right away. She only sends me a gaze that seems to be telling me she's asking me that precisely because she doesn't know.
"Isn't it that you'll win if you enjoyed it? This is the long-awaited sports festival, you know. Forgetting that this is an exam and amusing ourselves is also an option".

I said that as though avoiding the topic.
"You promised me you'd cooperate, right? That you'd help me climb up to Class A".
"I'm doing it now, aren't I?".
I spread out my hands lightly as if to show my body.
"I will participate in the sports festival. That is cooperation".
"...are you serious?".

"You said so yourself, right? That what will decide victory or defeat in the sports festival is physical ability. That is correct".
"But.....what I wanted to say is about elements other than that".


In other words, something other than physical ability capable of influencing the outcome.
"If so, on the day of the sports festival, shall we give the guys from Class C and Class B stomach aches and have them be absent? If we do that then we'll be completely victorious. It'll be our victory by an overwhelmingly wide margin".
"Don't joke around".

"The answer you're hoping for from me is something like that right? This sports festival is a task that should be challenged up front. Clumsy tricks will backfire, each and every person should elevate their abilities and triumph in the contests".
What the school side is looking for also undoubtedly leans strongly towards that aspect.
"It's just if I have to strongly add onto your way of thinking then even if your physical ability is high, it would mean it's still impossible".
" other words? Is something else necessary?".
"It would seem you'll understand the answer soon".

I turned my gaze towards the person walking towards us.
"Horikita-san, for the three-legged race practice, the next one up is you, Horikita-san".
"I understand".
Having been called, Horikita heads over. Apparently the one who will be pairing up with Horikita is Onodera. Onodera is a girl who belongs to the swimming club but according to rumors, she's also quite a sprinter.
For the sports festival, the important things are: your individual ability and cooperation with your classmate.

I wonder if Horikita will be able to make it go well. Horikita and Onodera mutually tie the string and the girls start in their battle formation. If we're only talking about coordination then the Horikita/Onodera pair would be number one. However, the result is something yet unknown. It was by no means slow but neither can the result be called fast, they came in at 3rd place.
By the way, the slowest ones were the unathletic Sakura/Inogashira pair. Decisively slow.


The Horikita/Onodera pair who shouldered the expectations of the class, in response to their dissatisfactory results, challenged it again and again but their time did not improve.
"They're rather slow, those two".

From the high levels of attention they were receiving, Sudou unexpectedly uttered that from an outsider's perspective.
"That's true".
Having returned after their sprint, the two of them immediately untied the string and faced each other.
"Hey, Horikita-san, would you mind keeping pace with me a bit more?".
Onodera, slightly annoyed, said that.
"Indeed our rhythms are mismatched. But it's not my fault. Rather it's because you're slow".
"Isn't it natural to keep pace with the rhythm of the faster one? To bother slowing down just to compromise would be strange after all".

The development I had feared will soon be at hand it seems. It's no easy matter to keep pace with Horikita, who's running at her maximum pace selfishly.
"Then shall we have a go at it too, Ayanokouji-kun?".
I have no time to either help out or laugh at the quarreling Horikita. Three-legged racing is a first for me too.
"For now let's try running and then fix our shortcomings, shall we?".
Nodding and following Hirata's instructions I tied our legs together.

It was far tighter than I had imagined or rather, it felt like I was deprived of my freedom. Besides, even though we're both males, if we're this close to each other it's slightly embarrassing. More so if it's Hirata, who garners attention from the girls.
"Then, let's go. Let's try using our tied feet for the first step".
I nodded and waited for Hirata's foot to move and then stepped forth to match it. And with the same rhythm, this time, I moved my free foot on the outside.
"...feels terribly uncomfortable".
"Right? But as you run you'll get used to it, I guess. I'm going to start running a bit then".

Hirata said that as he picked up the pace and I too, started running to match him.

Well, I say run but it was only at the speed of a trot though.
"Yep, that's it, you're doing great".
It was probably a speed almost anyone can keep up with but being praised like that made it easier. And then as I got used to it, I realized it was something surprisingly simple to do.
To properly understand your partner's pace. Then if your partner, too, grasps your pace, the next step will come smoothly.
"As expected of Hirata-kun! So fast!".

Shrill cheers came flying from the girls. We ran a small lap and then returned, untying the string.
"It's extremely easy to do if Ayanokouji-kun's my partner. Let's practice countless times then work hard at the actual event, shall we?".
Yes, he sure is invigorating. Furthermore, even after finishing practice, without resting, he headed over to advise the other students. This is probably the daily life of Hirata, a man capable of doing this.

(Part 3 of chapter 3 of volume 5 is now complete. Starting the dump for part 4 of chapter 3. This is the last part for chapter 3 of volume 5. Continued)

Mid September. Two weeks closer to the sports festival. Horikita, Sudou and the others were putting effort into their daily training in preparation for the actual event. Sudou, who utterly fails at studies, was steadily, laboriously and repeatedly practicing when it came to sports. Having trained his spirit habitually as part of the basketball club, he proved to be tenacious. There were students among them who held back but Sudou, without being prideful about it, devoted himself to his ability and thoroughly did what he could do.

This is probably the bare minimum requirement demanded by the sports festival. Especially for contests like the cavalry battle and tug of war, it's a direct showdown with your opponents. The outcome can be greatly influenced with just a strategy or a formation alone. Of course, it's not like Hirata had forgotten about our cooperative relationship with Class A either.
He periodically holds meetings with Katsuragi, discussing how to best fight in the actual event. For Class D that's been in hot water many times until now, this is a situation that's far too good. Seeing that fact as part of the bigger picture, I could also see the remaining two issues similarly.

One is the existence known as Horikita Suzune, who will become an indispensable existence to this class in the future. Ever since the first day, Horikita has changed her partner many times over and challenged the three-legged race but each and every time she ends up quarreling with her partners and ending their partnership.
Eventually in the end, she decided to challenge the actual event with the girl who she had gotten the best time with but even that time is still a worrisome one.
But now she's no longer practicing and instead silently spent her time alone.
"Do you have a moment?".
"What's the matter?".

(This is now part 4 of chapter 3 of volume 5. Continued)

Perhaps it's the fault of the stress she accumulated from the three-legged race but she's slightly thornier than usual.
"I think it'll do you good if you remember to compromise a bit".
I've been keeping an eye on her recent practice but I couldn't see any signs of improvement at all. It was clearly obvious that Horikita's overwhelming personality was getting in her way.
".....I've been told that by many people".
Maybe a great many came to mind as she said that while holding her forehead.

"I'm simply not allowing any compromise for the sake of getting the best time. Is that not a good thing? A three-legged race is different from running normally. Even a person who's slow to a certain extent should be able to keep up theoretically".
"In other words, you mean to say you have no intention of yielding?".
"Yes. I have no intention of matching with slow people".
"But as a result, it has become that no one is willing to practice with you anymore, right?".
During practice for the three-legged race, Horikita was left out of the class circle.

She can hardly hope to improve her time if she approaches the actual event in this state.
"I don't understand. Even if I were to yield, it'll have to be after my partner puts in effort. I cannot match up with someone who's abandoned effort from the start".
Well, I do understand what Horikita wants to say. Indeed the girls she partnered up with all suggested dissolving their partnership as soon as their times didn't end up matching.
However, that is only because there is a fundamental reason behind it.
"Step up a bit".

".....what do you mean?".


"Please partner up with me once for a three-legged race".
"Why with you?".
"There's also the mixed gender three-legged race. Isn't it fine to check our compatibility as partners?".
"Do you intend on matching me with your speed? It's a hindrance".
"According to your theory, one's slowness has nothing to do with it, right?".

"....very well. I'll tie it".
As though saying 'don't touch me', Horikita crouches down and ties the string between her own leg and mine.
Since our surroundings were engrossed in practice mood, even if we run a three-legged race we won't attract attention. Sudou, who seems like he'd be the one to get angry, also happens to be busy in the middle of a simulated match with another group too.
"Well then, let's go---".

For the first one or two steps, I sensed and matched Horikita as I stepped forth. However, as we picked up speed, rather than go at Horikita's pace, I started going at my own pace.
In response to the panicking Horikita, I mercilessly sped up my pace. Horikita earnestly tries to come to grips with it but as her base stamina and physical strength is far below that of a boy's, she could not keep the initiative.
"According to you, keeping pace with your partner isn't all too difficult right?".
"That's.....I know that.....!".

She's stubborn after all. Horikita, without yielding, desperately tried to keep up. If so, I'll shift up a gear. I understand now after I've tried it, but as far as the three-legged race is concerned, just being fast alone won't cut it. The important thing is the tempo that both runners feel is best and from there the search for the best pace begins.


If you only demand speed here then inevitably it'll end up as a backassward run.
Eventually, no longer able to keep up with my pace, Horikita almost collapses.

I grabbed her shoulders and stopped her fall, then I came to a stop too. Horikita took a slightly sharp breath.
"Before you consider things like fast or slow, it ended up like this because you're not looking at your partner".
I crouched down and without saying anything, I untied the string around Horikita's leg.
"The important thing is to look at your partner, to let them take the lead, is it not?".
It's precisely because she's athletic that she must discern her partner's ability and control herself.
"All that's left now is for you to think about it yourself".

I don't know whether Horikita will realize this and mature but I've shown her one possibility. The rest is up to her. And the other issue is the existence of Kushida Kikyo.
Perhaps I should call her a power lurking out of sight, as she's hidden behind the existence of Hirata and Karuizawa yet as far as closeness with a lot of classmates go, she far surpasses even those two. Even now, surrounded by boys and girls, she's happily working on practicing.


In addition to that phenomenal communication skill of hers, she also possesses high academic and athletic abilities as well as a blessed figure. Truly, she can be said to be a faultless student.
In a sense, she's a student whose assignment to Class D in the first place is a mystery. However, I know a little of the darkness of sorts she possesses. That is to say, not too long after enrollment, I saw her ranting on an isolated rooftop and her face when she threatened me. And I don't know of the reason but it is a fact that Kushida hates Horikita considerably.

But it's clear that Horikita and Kushida are both issues vital in the improvement of Class D. And also, in order to resolve these issues, there's probably no other way for them to confront one another.

(This finishes off chapter 3 of volume 5 entirely. Tomorrow I will translate the next chapter of volume 5 but this'll be it for tonight. Pic related is the student card shown for the end of this chapter.

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Hello YouJitsu Community, here is the Kamuro's Part TL from v7 (Chapter 1 Part 7), if someone could proofread it case something is misconveyed.

She gently looked up and pretended to just notice me.
I took a few steps forward and sat down on a single chair beside Kamuro.
A tense atmosphere filled in between us two.
“Recently you were following me, what business do you have with me?”
“What? What did you say?”
“Yesterday in the way to the dorms after school. Two days ago in Keyaki Mall. 4 days ago in Keyaki Mall too. 6 days ago on the road after school. 7 days ago on the road after school. That really is a coincidence, huh.”
I turned my phone toward Kamuro and quickly flipped the photos.
“When is this….”
I secretly photographed her when she was following me.
“As a follower, you can not stare at me when I look in your direction and I took advantage of this gap to take a picture of you with my cellphone, so it is normal that you were unable detect me.”
“What if I follow you? Is there any problem?”
“No there isn’t, after all, I have not been directly hurt, nor do I intend to stop you.”
“I think there isn’t either, after all, it is a mere coincidence.”
“Just, what if your superior knew about this current situation?”
“Superior? What did you say? Did you watch too many movies?”
“Then I will go to Sakayanagi and report that your following is really not good.”
As I caught the armrest to stand up, Kamuro called out to me.

From this attitude alone, I knew she did not like the actual situation.
“You are infatuated with Sakayanagi. You were asked to follow me every day for a long time and you did it meticulously. The two of you must have a good relationship.”
“No kidding. How could I want to obey that person?”
“There is no need to lie about that. In fact, only the students who trust and honor Sakayanagi are willing to waste their precious time on boring tracking.”
“That is absolutely impossible. I can not wait to cut off my relationship with her.”
Kamuro said impatiently, as if to vent off something.
“Then why did you obey Sakayanagi’s instructions?”
“It does not matter.”
“If it is not of goodwill, then maybe she used your weakness.” (TL note: blackmail material)
“…What else do you want to say?”
“I will tell Sakayanagi about your negligence, this way, your lack of ability, as her subordinate, will be exposed. Thus it will have an effect on your obedience toward her orders.”
“Is this a threat? You’re threatening me too.”

‘Too’ ? Since she obeys Sakayanagi, then the latter must have caught her weakness.
I only induced a few words, I did not expect that she’ll catch the bait.
“You too, what exactly does it mean, why is Sakayanagi pointing her attention to you?”
“Who knows, I totally have no idea.”
It seems that even Kamuro does not know what’s going on in Sakayanagi’s mind, that’s the only deductible think.
“You must be the student in D-Class that Ryuuen is looking for, I can’t think of anyone else.”
“So what?”
I deliberately did not deny.
After all, since Sakayanagi knows my past, then it makes no sense to cover it up.
“It looks like you’re threatening me, but you know, if I want to, I can also tell it to Ryuuen.”
“I wanted to threaten you, but I was threatened by you… so that’s it”
I made a suggestion to Kamuro.
“From now on, you are free to follow me, and I will not ask or tell Sakayanagi. On the other hand, I also hope you can keep my status confidential to other people, except Sakayanagi.”
“Are you negotiating with me?”
“I think this deal is not bad.”
“…That is true. I have no interest in Ryuuen.”
It seems that Kamuro agreed, since she nodded and stood up.
“I’m going back today, I’m exhausted.”
Saying that, Kamuro went straight to the exit of Keyaki Mall.
“It seems that that person’s weakness has been caught too, huh.”
As a result, she can not interfere arbitrarily.
Anyway, this is not bad.
It seems that the hidden danger, I being unexpectedly exposed to Ryuuen, has been ruled out.


>I'd say it's 50/50

>"It's extremely easy to do if Ayanokouji-kun's my partner. Let's practice countless times then work hard at the actual event, shall we?"
Suppleness is not your strength, eh, Hirata?

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Main manga. That's Yu-Yu's art. But as nice as his art is he's sadly chosen to make Kiyotaka into a literal beta in the manga where he does overexaggerated actions and acts all shy and flustered with a full blush on his face whenever girls do anything remotely intimate with him. Hell even anime Kiyotaka is better than the manga one.

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thanks based user. I don't speak nip but I'll comment on the tl'd chunk if you don't mind
>As a follower, you can not stare at me when I look in your direction
>>As a follower
"Follower" can't mean "tail", or "shadow", although one can understand the intended meaning correctly from context.
>“You are infatuated with Sakayanagi.
Does he really say "infatuated" here? Is he teasing her here?
>Thus it will have an effect on your obedience toward her orders.
I can't make out the meaning of this sentence in the context so maybe it's tl'd wrong? Did you perhaps mean to say that Sakayanagi might interpret it as Kamuro being disobedient?
>It seems that even Kamuro does not know what’s going on in Sakayanagi’s mind, that’s the only deductible think.
>>that’s the only deductible think.
>I deliberately did not deny.
(should just add "it" after "deny")
>It seems that the hidden danger, I being unexpectedly exposed to Ryuuen, has been ruled out.
>>I being unexpectedly exposed to Ryuuen
Overall I'd say the correct meaning is almost always conveyed but in many occurences the word choice could be better, for example:
>“What if I follow you? Is there any problem?”
So what if I am (following you)? Is there a problem?
>“I wanted to threaten you, but I was threatened by you…
I wanted to threaten you, but was threatened by you instead...
>“It seems that that person’s weakness has been caught too, huh.”
To "catch" a weakness doesn't sound right. I think it'd be better to say Sakayanagi "found" or "uncovered" Kamuro's weakness (and is threatening her with it / using it to manipulate her).
Note that as I said, I can only judge the meaning and phrases in English as I don't speak nip at all. And whether or not it's a perfect translation, I still enjoy it quite a bit, so thank you

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This girl's betrayal in her blind dash attempt to get Ayanokouji will unsettle Airi and leave her without any female friends since her only one figuratively backstabbed her. Then she might confess to Ayanokouji in a desperate attempt which will inevitably end in her rejection and later she might find out that Ayanokouji's intimate with Kei. This (depending on how mature Airi is by then) could totally break Airi and if Nagumo isn't gone by then you add two and two together and you have the Nagumo x Airi meme. Of course I doubt it'll happen but if the exact sequence of events I described were to happen, it's a possibility.

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>"It's extremely easy to do if Ayanokouji-kun's my partner. Let's practice countless times then work hard at the actual event, shall we?".
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Yes exactly, I translated it from Chinese raws, so some things might seem off.
>Follower, or maybe tail is better.
>infatuated, it's the feeling i caught by reading that part.
>Thus it will have an effect on your obedience toward her orders.
not disobedient, but incapable, thus dismissing her.
>“It seems that that person’s weakness has been caught too, huh.”
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She's started to change in that she recognizes his ability and has undefined doubts about her own ability that she can't and doesn't yet admit to herself and this makes her feel uneasy. On his side, we know that he's hiding stuff from her and is trying to let her see her shortcomings herself. To that end, situations where her weaknesses are revealed are necessary but they are rather uncomfortable for her.

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>The one tailing has to avoid the gaze when I look in her direction
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Thank you guys for your feedbacks, i still have some free time for TL some parts from V6 or V7 while TL user is taking care of V5, so if there is some part you want, just tell. I'll do my best to make it as accurate as possible.

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I'm thinking of two things I'd like to read
1. hiyori and ayanon having lunch together (the part when they're in library has already been translated)
2. the part where ayanokouji group comes across ichinose and sakayanagi
these are both in chapter 2: ~Notice of reunion and parting~ of vol 7

the Koenji part from vol 7 would be awsome !


that's an entire chapter you know
any scene with the ayanokouji group would be neat, because in all translations so far there hasn't been any of that. for example in vol 6 when the 4 of them meet up in the cafe for the first time to decide how they'll study and Hasebe starts to drill Ayanokouji with questions. From when they enter the cafe until yukimura requests the test sheets from hasebe and miyake so he can figurate how to teach them


>But it's clear that Horikita and Kushida are both issues vital in the improvement of Class D. And also, in order to resolve these issues, there's probably no other way for them to confront one another.
Confirmed. Kushida won't be expelled.

Ahhh I see, then can you translate just the part that Ryuuen is talking to him outside of the classroom?

That part that Koenji asks him to hold his mirror.

I'll probably start with the group formation, then go to koenji's parts

Not really. That was before he found out what she did in middle school. Her getting expelled is likely.

Okay user, thanks a lot!

Is this an actual series? It's not everyday that you see an old man fucking a young girl, even in manhwa.

A full excerpt where Horikita tried to persuade Ayanokouji to leave the Kiyo group would be much appreciated.

Thanks again TL-user!

He didn't plan to expel her just because of that. Kushida will attack and betray again, therefore she must be dealt with. But it's very likely Kushida will be given a chance to turn over a new leaf for good. She's just too valuable to have her removed from the story.