UQ Holder

All the Negima cocksucking really brought this series down.

It really did.

What happened to Negi’s mom?

Did no one told the author that was a bad idea?

>Brought this series down
I'm sorry but there is no other reason to watch this trash except for Evangeline and her feet.

How much did they show of Negima? isn't this supposed to be the scene when Negi applied to be Eva's apprentice?

The connection to Negima was the only reason I even started reading it.

Once I saw the 'alternate universe' ending, I dropped it since there was nothing more to see.

Why is Negima so highly regarded? The beginning and end are garbage. There are 100 or so chapters in the middle that are pretty good, but for the most part it is shit. Is it just nostalgiafags giving it undeserved praise because it was there first manga?

>Is it just nostalgiafags giving it undeserved praise because it was there first manga?
Pretty much. Negima isn't really that bad, but it's definitely not as great as everyone makes it out to be.

no, it was the marry sue MC who could preform magica elebra(or what ever that op spell was called) just because.

True, the inverse mars arc and the tournament arc were good but there was a lot of crap in between. UQ Holder for what it's worth removed a lot of the garbage mundane arcs from Negima and was faster paced. Akamatsu should have maintained UQ Holder vaguely referencing Negima rather than flat out becoming it's sequel. It was more exciting when we looked forward to what old character would make a cameo. I remember getting pretty excited when Mana appeared again hoping she would play a bigger role in this manga since she and Zasi were shafted in Negima. Instead Akamatsu went full retard with Negimafagging and turned the focus into saving Negi.

It did for me. I was ok with a character popping up here and there, then suddenly the whole fucking old cast showed up and took over for an arc. Killed any momentum the new cast had built up till then.

What was the reason for cramming the Negima cast down our throats? Was it just Akamatsu trying to boost sales? Were sales affected at all by the Negima cast returning?

UQ Holder is worse than Negima in every way

Cramming Negi into it didn't improve it. I'd say it made it worse.

>Why is Negima so highly regarded?
I read it recently and enjoyed it. I assume for a lot of people they have nostalgia about the fight scenes from when they read it as kids, but I don't give a fuck about that. The girls were incredibly high quality for a shounen harem. In particular, Chachamaru, Nodoka and Yue were fantastic.

A big part of what kept it popular back in the day was waifu war faggotry. Everyone trying to "decode" who Negi ends up with from so called hints and circlejerk analysis. In hindsight it's hilarious that the Narusegawa clone won, because it make all the speculation back then seem all the more foolish.

Kumeta did.

Retconned out of existence.

Also is the chapter up yet?

Anime was trash

Let's not pretend the source material is much better.