Netflix is killing Anime!!!

Too much Edgy ONAs!


Well they are killing it by bringing more edge.

this is kind of what happened in 80's with VHS tho

How does Sup Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far higher than other boards.

Based Netflix

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It wouldn't be a bad thing if the only effect they have is to bring back the type of anime that died with the OVAs

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I enjoy trying out anime legally on Netflix. Yáll leechers and poorfags are just jealous.


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I'm waiting till they make CGDCT anime, but seeing their quality in Devilman, that pink Indian one, maybe it's better they would never touch that great comfy genre.

That's an absolute classic you shut your mouth

Devil Man Crybaby
>glorifies nigger culture
>pro mixing
>even goes out to point out that Japan are wrong to hate mixed people
Japs got so pissed that they just made the worst things happen to the white dad

What is that?

Download, watch ep 1, drop. Rinse and repeat.

The Kujira one was great though.

It's not nigger culture but cultural appropriation.
Yuasa is a hack!

You cannot tell me this is not edgy

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Cute girls doing cute things.



Ojou best grill.

Japan sexualizes the shit out of haafus


How come netflix hasnt bought crunchyroll and monopolized anime localization yet?


Thank you based Netflix for bringing edgy clusterfuck OVAs (now as ONAs) back.

And hates them too. The series was probably told by Netflix to point out that something is wrong with that


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Because they're only interested in stuff they have worldwide rights to. CR always left Asia out of their deals. The only things they do have there is shonen-shit that was produced by TV Tokyo.


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They hate them too. There's a good documentary on hafus on youtube, japs are usually racist against them and they all suffered from bullying.
Also remember the shitstorm that happened when a half black half jap girl got some beauty contest

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Same shit with newhalfs. Porn sites are brimming with that.

Is Wolfenstein 3D edgy?

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>Edgy gorey anime is coming back.
>Experimental social commentary anime is coming back

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It must be less with half-whites because everybody loves Anri

Are they unable to obtain worldwide rights if they buy crunchyroll?

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Yep, it was really nice, not flawless, but i still think it was underrated.

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No, but definitely buying CR (following their worldwide rights or nothing) wouldn't monopolize anime localization. So, why the hell they would want CR?


Not Mhu Anime!!!

Thank goodness the jews are making such enjoyable anime.

I'm guessing the browner you are the harder it gets

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>nigger culture
>pro mixing

That's a rule for everyone.

>I'm guessing the browner you are the harder it gets
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Galko isn't a slut...


CR is a recgonizable brand and they have a large chunk of the licenses. They can wrestle a lot away from funimation.

>Spending money on anime

That's not their business, also, CR licenses (except with the things they co-produced) are going to expire, Netflix buys perpetual streaming rights. Also, Netflix doesn't buy home video rights, those are retained by someone of the production committe; that's the reason Netflix anime stuff are released by several companies in USA (Viz/BLAME!, Sentai/Ajin, FUNi/DeadlySins).



why did the only quality anime (castlevania) that netflix produced only got 4 episodes?


There can never be enough edgy ONAs.

Thanks abib!

Assuming you're not baiting, Castlevania was just a pilot mini-series and has already been confirmed to be getting a full fledged sequel soon.