Wtf I hate anime now!

wtf I hate anime now!

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fuck you mutts, why do you keep ruining everything

>normalfags like my shitty normalfag anime abloo bloo bloo

Based normalchads

Sup Forums was a huge mistake
You're like furries, always pushing your mental illness on everyone else no matter what the context

Just because part of the modteam got nuked doesn't mean you can post e-celeb shit on Sup Forums.

t. mutt

little mutt is angry lol

Stop making these threads.

Sup Forums is 50% american. It's not the board that's the problem, it's the normalfags. Sup Forums used to be based

This is irrelevant because she is not going to buy BDs like us anime connoisseurs

He's spamming it all over the board

>muh secret club

This. Holy fuck the zimzam threads were the best.

virgin saleslets BTFO

This isn't a normalfag anime though. This is aimed to Japanese shut-in nerds. Who knows, maybe that's normalfag on America. Not the first time weeaboos like a Japanese anime more than the Japaneses, see Cowboy Bebop, Ninja Scroll and many more. Hell, MD Geist got a sequel because the weeaboo market

(((America vs Europe memes)))

Memes will all be propaganda soon


>oh sekrit klub!11!!11!!!

Darlifra is for underage and stupid people. If you need some celebrity to spell it out for you, you have a problem.

hey /r/anime


I too like making threads with my IRC buddies then shitposting in it.

Sage, report, and ignore.

Just because someone calls you fags out doesn’t make your “rebuttals” better than theirs.

>LMFAO [insert scripted one liner]


so now that anime is ruined what are we supposed to watch instead? turkish cartoons?

gas yourself normie

>being a 02fag

Not that I don't agree with you but
>Strong culture
>unique place
That's some severe form of autism

Why do the spammers continue pretending to be Sup Forums

Wait, what happened?

Breaking news, normalfag has shit taste.

Crossboarders get out. No one cares what some “reality” show whore posted.

Kill yourself.

What happened? Today's pretty bad, there are at least 7-8 shitposting threads. Also, check them.

t. mutt

Crossboard spammers leave. We know who you are because of your trash Sup Forums memes like

Sup Forums is too expensive to run so hiroshima is firing unpaid workers to cut expenses

these threads were getting deleted instantly yesterday, the fuck is happening

>Sup Forums
It's Sup Forums you uncultured mutt

>Sup Forums was a huge mistake

Amerimutt is an Sup Forums meme

Why is Sup Forums suddenly being flooded with crossboarders?

you should know Kanye likes anime, at least if you've been on Sup Forums, and he's dicking Kim so it stands to reason that she might get into anime too

wow it's fucking nothing

Retards from some discord channel, probably. But more importantly, check them.

Kanye was already a confirmed to watch anime so I'm not surprised.


Also the music video for Stronger was a reference to Akira and possibly ghost in the shell

Post rare mutt

back to reddít


She ruined my fucking waifu



kanye cant dick himself unfortunately