Hunter x Hunter

What are Belereinte's true intentions?

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But why Pitou is so perfect?

2nd for cutie Salkov, who will save Theta from Tse!


Reminder that getting caught was only the first step of her master plan

Poor Theta surrounded by brainlets.

He was too late.

Salkov has a big ass head.

just whipped this up, did I miss anything major?

I'm just randomly plopping in the convo, but: Cammy's willing to kill children because they are in her way to become King: that's just the nature of the life she was born into: a fight for the fittest to reign supreme. That's different from being a serial killer who kills for fun. Cammy doesn't get enjoyment out of killing people: she gets enjoyment out of people listening to her and giving her what she wants. She's far from a psychopath. She's just extremely bitchy and vindictive if you don't listen to her and was born into a position of power over others and no one has ever stopped her from abusing it. Yes, that means she is a pretty emotional, shitty and selfish person, but let's not act like it's on the same level of evil as someone who's a serial killer who gets hard-ons from killing people and who's entire existence hinges upon killing. Compared to the type of people where killing gives their life meaning: Cammy looks like the lesser of two evils. You legitimately just need to not get in her way and give her what she wants and you're fine. Even if you're in her way she still gives you a choice to join her just in case (RIP Owlguy-kun). For a serial killer, doesn't matter how much you plead and beg: in fact they'd probably like it more.

Yeah, the torture and kill your family thing is pretty bad, but that's actually pretty common for totalitarian governments in order to ensure submission and given she's probably been raised getting everything she's ever wanted, I'm sure she's used that threat plenty of times in order to scare someone into obeying her. If that guy would have been like "holy shit my bad, I didn't know please don't kill my family I'll listen to you from here on out," she probably would be happy that he finally came around and realized he should just obey her. Though he did break her arm so there's probably no changing her mind on that. Yes, that's bad but it's not evil for the sake of evil. It's evil for the sake of obedience.

Does any nice user please have the viz 375 chapter in higher quality? We already have it in low res version.

Why so many references in this arc?

oh I forgot Tse's beast's tongue. Togashi really loves Alien huh?

Togashi has too much time on his hands.

>single handedly BTFO's Benjamin and his speshul forces private army with only a half empty 9mm
>humiliates them in court
>gets away with murder
The state of Benfags!

Not really quite sure but I like it. Silent Majority is one of Togashi's best designs in a long time

Is there a specific place that Viz rips are posted?

Reminder that we still have:

>"chrollo" using a fishing line (which is machi's ability, who was coincidentally in HA immediately after the fight)
>someone who looks suspiciously like the meteor elder in the crowd (which would also be a much more plausible explanation for why S&M behaved the way it did)
>chrollo making an absurd amount of puppets (the real user of GF was coincidentally in HA immediately after the fight)
>chrollo talking to someone on the phone in the middle of the fight (black voice was always controlled via buttons when Shalnark used it, the only time it was spoke into was when it was functioning as a regular cell phone)

If you really don't think Chrollo cheated you're just deluded.

Bro, thats a 2016 Chrollo vs Hisoka pasta. Its out of place here.

Every year until chrollofags admit their fuccboi is a cheating nigger

What killed the hype?

Is this the "casca enjoyed it" of HxH threads? Hisocucks will be saying this 20 years from now

Cammy is PERFECT.

One of yours is loose in bnha thread

Obviously a bnha false-flagging in his own thread.

Togashi should just drop the manga and write a light novel

Go back.

Ready for their arc lads?

>yfw you get away with double murder and attempted manslaughter

Ain't gonna happen.

Reminder that Leorio won't do anything until Fake DC.

I have the 376 viz now but in low res you okay with it? P.s. I'm no viz user

Yes but hasn't been updated.

Sure, user, better than nothing.

dump it now and we will figure out the rest.

there is no such thing as "cheating" in a fight to the death

Because he has introduced like 20 new abilities since the arc started and pop culture is a well of inspiration that he can easily draw from for imagery and names.

Moreover, it also makes ability names easier to remember and understand. Example: Rihan's ability alludes to Alien and there was an indication of something growing inside him. Now everyone understands the ability.

No! Fuck off both of you for your piss poor quality ambitions. I like to live on the edge...

he loves Alien so much
>see this post

post it bro

Dumping now kay

I'm a Hisokafag, but come on man. How do you explain Chrollo litterally using the abilities right in front of Hisoka? How could the elder or Kortopi use their Hatsu when Chrollo blatantly showed them off himself?

>Togashi really loves Alien huh?
He said it's his favorite movie in an interview.
Can't recall which one, though.


It would be the most amazing switch if the DC arc (like in the actual DC) is from Leorio's perspective.

Leorio will take over once we reach the Fake DC and becomes the Vice Chairman. He's really our only option for MC of the Dark Continent



it's still surreal that Gon and Kurapika aren't on this ride, but everyone else is

The quality is fine lol. It's not perfect, but it's not distracting

Is VVIP, Very, Very Important Person?


I want cammy to have some interaction with kurapika, i would love to see how he handle a conversation with her.

You mean Killua? He could get involved because Nanika is from the DC. There is no hope for Gon though.



Oito always worried makes me sad.

So why exactly was Benjamin acting like some hot shit when his being aspiration in life is to literally jerk off to his sister?



Didn't they talk on the phone when Cammy refused to send guards?

I just can't imagine Gon fitting in well with this arc. Can you imagine how many times he'd blow?

Kinda increased the sharpness at least.



I wish Belerainte borrowed me for ten minutes


Can you blame him?


W-whoa... saved! Filename: "average Chrollo fan.png"


Kacho is smart!

Cammy should be VVVIP!



My wife Kacho is going to survive this war!

Zhang's beast ability makes much more sense now


Seeing this makes me think that this is a death flag and a lot more deaths are going to follow at the banquet. Everything has been progressing slowly and only 1 of the 13 princes died as of yet. Shit will go down at the banquet and it won't be pretty. With Hisoka,the spiders and the zodiacs on one side and the princes & bodyguards I think a lot of deaths are incoming. Our favourites wont be save

>wednesday late night
viz fucked it up too


Niggastream really botched the colors on these.

Can anyone beat Zhang?


There's time for 4 more banquets. Some shit will go down, but if you think half of the cast is going to drop out on week 1, you're going to be very disappointed.

Chart fag here, does anyone have the picture of that interview where Togashi says his favorite thing in movies is when people get picked off one by one? Forgot that too


Just close him in a room and place the key in a high shelf.


He doesn't even know the conditions.


Lastly, the author's comment.

Thanks a lot, user !

Thanks user

Based Togashi

That's what moon says.

Paneling does make it seem like Tserri is reading her mind.

Honestly I can't wait for someone to kick this guy's ass. The whole specialist thing probably only feeds into his narcissism.

Shouldn't it be early morning? Or the 4th day already passed and we are on the 5th?