Anime is dead


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>it’s real

What a normalfag trashy medium anime has become.


beat it nigger

Yea that stings



Normalfags progressively take everything I value away from me.

fucking normalfag shitters infesting my medium



gas the normies
meme war now

atleast check front page for predicting.

>muh doomsday
Is this some gay discord raid?
Don't bump the thread retard. Use sage.

trash attracts human trash, nothing new

Off yourself first.



Stop posting this you fucking e-celeb cocksucking Sup Forumsedditor

wow a/ is worse that reddit.

I'm out of touch of the lastest meme or what? Am I supposed to know who is this?

This. One attention whoring “celebrity” (give or take a few more “normalfags”) praising something she didn’t bother looking up doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. Misery sure loves company.

Don't let women into you're hobbies


what is she saying?
Actually, who is this

Doesn't look to bad.

>The time will soon come when all normies watch anime
>Anons here will end up being a Chad in the near future because of their extensive knowledge of animu
>They will still however deny any sort of female attention due to devotion to 2d love
The more things change, the more they stay the same

>waah muh secret club

Given the amount of gatekeeping, misery, and stagnation, I say you’re on par.


damn mutts with their shenanigans



>Kanye is probably watching DITF
>Kim probably feeling cucked decided to become 02

Nice meme.

You guys sure are acting like it is, though.

cosplaying as 02 fucking when

Is this the female equivalent of the Naruto run?

Fuck off faggot.

But is she buying the BDs?

i am so happy that "garbage in the trashxx" has reached more cancerous state than before. feels good despising them from day one

>02 is so Chad she even cucks 3D women

Don't post disgusting 3d shit on Sup Forums you cretin.

002 confirmed worst girl.


Dumb strawberryfag

Bueno memes.

Kim confirmed for Crunchyroll shill

i wanna fuck herrrr

Good one

Based Kanye


Onion Knight!


Reminder to sage, report, and ignore.

Anime was killed when it made it to the West.

can some BASED user shop kayne and kim's face here?

wtf I like Kim kardashian now

>mad shitxx fag
imagine being you

Do people find the kardashians attractive?
They're some of the fucking trashiest women in the world.

weebs btfo

She's going to make Darling in the Franxx so mainstream immediately that it 1) results in a divided AND/OR cringy fanbase (look at DDLC and Fortnite, for example), and 2) gets it almost immediate hate from anybody who isnt a fan (Undertale and FNAF are great examples, Call of Duty too).

I’m not very worried at all since making something mainstream doesn’t change what the product is (unless Trigger and A-1 take advantage of that, which they won’t), so as long as the show exists I’m fine. Not to mention that yes, Kim K is very popular, but unless she keeps posting this stuff and tries to make it popular, nothing will come of it. ;_;


Dark Knight

I actually don't know who that is, but I get the feeling using that and it is the correct choice of words

What if it convinces hordes of normalfags to buy into Abe's nuclear family propaganda?

I win.

Give cowtits

based steph acting like she isn't a sub culture bitch herself

god FUCK normalfags stay the fuck out of this medium die die die

This is the answer. At least, until the pedophile elite actually start trying to normalize their fetishes

Time to get into yugioh now that anime is kill

The amount of people who are fooled into thinking this creature is an actual XX female is depressing

>it's another episode of user playing pretend or being at least 12 years too young to post on this site



>Hipster fucking over videogame with their leftist faggotry.
>Anituber fucking over anime with their leftist faggotry.
>Tokusatsu will never be fuck over because most normalfag will just watch Power Ranger instead.

Thanks for saving me the time of watching Franxx. Don't want to be associated with normalshitters. I knew it.

i want to congratulate you

>posting 3D sluts
Anime isn't dead but Sup Forums sure is.

She's a beautiful hobbit you fucking h8rs.

>Person dies
Pffft who cares.
fajoijfdp that's the worst thing imaginable.
Fucking murricans

This is what happens when you let Netflix fiddle around with chinese cartoons.

Oh well, nothing a dicking can’t fix.

That's why i am moving over to eroge world completely. Fuck normalfags why do they have to ruin everything.


>>Anituber fucking over anime with their leftist faggotry.
>some literal faggots making youtube shit on america somehow affects the quality of anime made in japan (korea)
What the fuck? Are you memeing?
>inb4 "t-that's why everything is shit now!!"

Great job as always mods.

>Fucking murricans
This content is coming from the spammers

gas yourself freak. darling is for CHADS only

How to stop being a normalfag!

Stop watching anime
Stop browsing Sup Forums
End your sentences with an exclamation mark!
Delete all the anime related content from your computer
Listen to touhou OSTs
Start worshipping ZUN
Learn to program
Bookmark /jp/, /bant/, /qa/


Trashy people like trashy women.

Imagine a world without filthy fucking niggers.

Nice meme.

You can like something without caring what others think. Someone else enjoying or commenting on a series doesn't directly affect you at all.

Why are the spammers trying so hard to seem like Sup Forums

Normalfag crossboarders get out. No one cares what some reality show whore posted.

i swear if normies ask me for recommendations i going to slit

/jp/ is way more normalfag than Sup Forums now.


God I love lolis

>trigger is becoming the new ghibli, the one japanimation studio that normalfags know about

i bet Miyazaki is rolling cigarettes on his desk right now.