Netflix threads

>Netflix threads
>CR threads
>Fucking kardashian threads
What the hell is wrong with you faggots today? Stop kicking this dead board already.

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You talking about it is also breaking the rules
Go bitch on /qa/

Drink bleach

I hope Netflix Americanizes your shitty anime just to upset crybabies like you.
Report and hide, it's always the end of the world with Sup Forums.

This is just trolling and crossboarders. Just wait until actual globalist shills start getting their fingers into Sup Forums. It's over, guys. It was nice while it lasted but we serfs aren't allowed to have nice things.

Oh no
Netflix is funding originals and classic manga adaptations instead of my favourite isekai LN anime
Why is this allowed??



We need our own mods

>meta threads


>for free

Which will be the first to go - this meta thread or the Sup Forums, Instagram, CR and Netflix threads? Taking bets.

Sup Forums thread is dead already.

That's not what /qa/ is for though

Are we going to need to have another nipple war?

Which one was that?

>shitposters crying about Franxx for weeks because apparently only crossboarders watch it
>normalfag celeb posts about it and suddenly Sup Forums is flooded with unfiltered cancer and crossboarders complaining about the show
Is this divine punishment?

this board has been absolute trash since a long time ago already.
Lelouch S3 took too long to save us and now we're past the saving point.

if anything that was the final proof needed to show you fags are babby's first anime tier.

This is it, this is the way the board ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

Well you got what you wanted. That Facebook shit has been spammed by crossboarders and cancer and Sup Forums has been unusable all day.


Well, if anime is dying, we might as well have fun on the way down.

>An attention whore posted about an anime that she wouldn’t bother looking up
>Netflix and CR are funding anime, not involved in the production
Big fucking whoop. Misery sure loves company.

I'm just taking shelter in threads I know normalfags absolutely despise until this blows over. which I ain't gonna mention here.

How in the ever loving fuck did that stay up for so long?

Did somebody kill all the mods again?

Normalfags are a fate worse than death.

Fuck if I know. Mods were absolutely fucking terrible today.

Am I the only one who hates posts like this? defeatism is so pathetic.
I went to bed 2 hours after the first or second thread about that 3d whore was posted, and when I woke up they were still reposting it. I'm glad it take too long for them to get deleted in the beginning but the response in the last hour or so was slow.


Trigger is fucking cancer and now we have proof, go fuck yourself.


Because we got one mod who flat out doesn't watch anime and in facts seems to hate us moderating this place. Guess who it is